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So, job front. 

It's not a teaching job, however, it's something I'm really interested in. Dartmouth College is looking for an Operations Manager for Hanover Country Club/Dartmouth Skiway. No idea what the pay is, but I applied anyway. We'll see what hapens. It's full time, year round. And it would help me get some golf course experiance outside of cutting grass.

I'm really feeling good about this one. 

Wish me luck.


Apr. 22nd, 2007 08:52 pm
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Been a while since I updated, so I figure I'll give it a try.

Lebanon doesn't want me, they sent me a nice little form letter saying they have reviewed my application, and they're not interested at this time. Kind of ruined last weekend. Screw em.

Still looking for teaching job. Still looking for what the hell I'm doing with my life. People tell me I'm still young enough to figure that bills say otherwise. I've got options, certainly, but I'm still waiting for that one door to open. Maybe it won't ever, who the hell knows? Time will tell.

Let see, things that aren't depressing. SPRING has at long last, at long, finally, last, broken out over much of New England. Which is good, because we were begining to resemble Seattle.  I could never live there. I need sunshine. We lost some school because of flooding.

Mother-in-law's basement flooded in recent deluge, made a nice mess. There is so much accumulated junk down there that is now ruined, we think we're going to need a dumpster to get rid of it all. The sooner the better in my book. It's becoming a health hazard, probably. 

Anyway...things are good. I'm singing again, in Faculty Chorus at School and in church choir. Faculty chorus bring so much more satisfaction, which isn't to say choir isn't fun, but everybody in choir except me is over 70, and their voices aren't what they used to be. The organist is the same age, and probably arthritic. Nothing has any zip, and I like zip in my music. They don't have much in terms of music selection either. I'm trying to figure out what I can do to help in that department. I may try to import some music, easy music, but something more peppy.

In terms of writing, I'm enjoying writing new stuff, but I'm desperatly trying to discipline myself to finish Redefining and Defining the Relationship. DTR may actually go straight to Epilogue from where it sits now, but there's still a couple chapters left to run in RE. I need somebody to stand over me with a whip and force me to write it. I need to finish this, even if I'm not feeling like it. Because I know I won't finish post July, mainly because anything JKR writes about the post-war era is better than anything I can come upwith and my stuff will pale in comparison.

But for now, I'm screaming obscenities at the television, watching the Sox lose to the Yanks (at present), and trying to put off work and other things I should be doing. At least it's vacation, and I've got the week off. Going to visit my sister this week, very much looking forward to that. (Manny just jacked one over the Monster, whohoo!) Philly should be fun. (JD Drew just went yard, as well, back to back for the Sox! Got it within 1 now. Finally getting to this whippersnapper nobody the Yanks got on the mound) HOLY SH** LOWELL JUST PUT IT ONTO LANDSDOWN STREET, GAME TIED! OMFG, THERE GOES TEK! BACK TO BACK TO BACK TO BACK...Hmmm...there's action in the Yankees bullpen, wonder why?...Pena just struck out to end the inning...but holy mother of God what an inning...I'm glad I got to see that live and not just on sportscenter. 

And now for some random memage before I go back to the game. 

Comment to this post and I will:
1. Tell you why I friended you. Assuming I can remember
2. Associate you with something. A fandom, a song, a color, a piece of fruit. SOMETHING.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character or pairing.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you. (Or else I'll just ask a random question)
7. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
8. In return, you must spread this disease in your LJ.



Jan. 31st, 2007 03:40 pm
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Well, it seems almost anti-climactic at this point. 

I start Monday at Laconia High School.


Aug. 10th, 2006 02:43 pm
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The heat finally broke up here, and the last several days have been wonderfully pleasant. I've been getting out of the house more, getting that all important sunshine quotient.

Our friend Justin has been visiting the past few days too, which has been a lot of fun.

My inspiration and my muse have been starting to creep back towards me. The next chapter of DTR is in validation as we speak, and will probably be available online soon. That makes me excited. Those reviews should help push me over the hill I'm stuck on.

Job goes well. We're busy. My GM suspended the other ASM last week, for a number of very valid reasons. It's been nice not having to deal with him, and this weekend, we're getting a new Part time ASM who will work only weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. This is really nice because it means the GM and I might actually get to take some weekends off! Time off at the same time as Sara! w00t!

Other than that, the car discussion has stalled out (no pun intended), partially because none of the teaching jobs I was looking at are panning out, and we're looking at another at least half year of local driving vs. highway commuting. The need is not as urgent.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to go take this thing outside into the backyard where it's sunny, and I can type there!

Oy vey

Aug. 2nd, 2006 10:37 am
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So...I got away for two whole days. The nice thing about the theater is that our GM tries to schedule us with a "weekend"...two days off in a row, even though they don't necessarily fall on Saturday and Sunday. 

Monday, we visted E and wished her a happy birthday. We went out to TGI Fridays, and she flirted with the waiter, eventually leaving her number on a napkin. 

Spent the night at my parents house, all by ourselves, since they were on vacation, and Tuesday we were able to go up to Camp and join them for an afternoon. My sister was there too, and we had a great afternoon splashing in the brook, and playing horseshoes. And then we all got ready to head out to dinner...

and my sister backed into my car. 

In all honest, Sara and I were fooling with the radio and distracted her, and my car hadn't been there all week, so she wasn't expecting it to be there, and, well...yeah. My parents were already pulling out the driveway, and we all get out of the car and look at the damage, and my parents keep driving because they don't know what's happened....all in all the damage wasn't bad, but it was my sister's first time hitting somebody else, and she got a little upset, so I had to go chasing after my folks in my car and bring them back to the house.

Everything turned out all right in the end, and we did make it to dinner.  Now I just have to have a tensy bit of body work done my jeep. Slightly more on my sister's car is required. 

After dinner, Sara and I came back (we were loathe to leave. I wanted to stay all week)...and I got a phone message from Hillboro-Deering. They went with the other guy :-(

Despite it all, it was still a nice couple days off.
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Good evening!

Life has been crazy this summer. The degree to which I miss my usual summer is scary. And by usual, I mean, being on vacation from school and having a "summer" job, rather than a "psudo-real" job. I call it a "psuedo-real" because I still call this mythical thing called a "teaching job" my "real" job. Someday.

Changing "psudo-real" jobs made the summer even worse, because then I had to train, and for a while I was working two jobs.

I love my new job. The theater is a lot of fun, and the people are nice. The technial aspects of the job appeal to me, and if I had to do this for another year, I wouldn't mind too much. The only catch is the ownership of the chain is notoriously tight with a buck. There are things that the GM and I would like to do to improve things, but we can't get the owners to sign off on it.

However, I still miss the mental stimulation of academic work. I realized the other day that I haven't had a serious converstion about history in nearly a year. That makes me sad.

I had an interview at Hillsboro-Deering High School, I might hear something back this week. Keep your fingers crossed.

The next chapter of DTR is at my beta, as I'm sure all of you who care will be happy to know.

That brings me to my next point. I don't know what it is, but my muse has been AWOL most of the summer. Sure, I've been doing bits and peices of other things here and there, but the DTR muse has vansihed into the night. My intrest level has also dropped. I don't know why. I'm not taking pleasure in things like I used to, and I don't know if that's a summer thing, of what. Tante, if you're reading this, I'm trying but I can't seem to stay motivated on the radio thing. I wouldn't blame you if you went and replaced me. I'm just....BLAH...this summer.

So many things come one after another, it seems as if I can't keep up with them lately. I need a break, vacation, or something, but I can't afford to take one, because I've just switched job, etc...I'd love to take some time to get away, recharge the batteries, something. Lately, I feel like I've been running on the raggedy edge of empty for weeks on end.

As the musicans would say, something's gotta give.

Howdy all!

Jun. 18th, 2006 08:18 pm
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Yep. Me again. Bruised battered, and really tired, but Sears inventory is over for this year. 

It went down on Wednesday, and went pretty smoothly. 

If you discount the part where I grabbed the inventory control seal on our delivery truck and slit my finger open, requiring two stitches. 

I hurt still. But aside from that. We had a wonderful weekend, just kicking around, hiding in the air conditioning of our bedroom...(it's BLOODY HOT UP HERE), and watching some TV.
We have discovered Firefly, and man, why didn't they make more shows??? This is a great series. We don't want to wait inbetween Netflix discs, so we ordered the whole shebang, including the movie Serenity, from Amazon, and we're anxiously awaiting it's arrival. 

Other than that, I'm having trouble with fanfiction motivation, hopefully an issue that will be resolved this week now that inventory is over. 

But life is good, I guess. We're moved in and settled. 

I'm still looking for a real job for the fall. Something...anything, other than staying in retail through the holidays. 

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

I am pleased to announce that Sara and I have a place to live next year. It's campus housing, it's much more expensive but we won't be out on the street.

In other news, I'm seriously considering leaving Sears. The whole place feels like a rapidly sinking ship. It's a bad sign when two Asistant Store Managers leave in the same week. There are changes in the works, and I'm no longer having fun at work. Before, I was having fun. But now, I dread going to work. There's a lot of pressure on the Leads to somehow turn the employee situation around. My old manager, Frank, was made to sign a paper saying that he'd hire two new people by the 15th or he'd get written up. That's absurd. Like it's his fault no one's applying. If they come to me with something like that, I really don't know what I'll do. It's totally unethical, really. I feel bad, because I've only been in the Lead position for less than a month, but the fact is, the place is really going downhill in a rush.

I'm considering Borders...anyone ever work there? Hear anything about how they treat their employees?

I'm still waiting to hear back from Plymouth High School, but I expect that will be sometime in the next three business days. If I get the Plymouth gig, I might just go find summer work at a golf course. Obviously, if I don't get a teaching job, I'm going to need to be employed through the fall...hence Borders.

It's been a stressful couple of weeks, obviously. I haven't been sleeping well, which has contributed to my stress level. Uncertainty in our housing wasn't helping either. Maybe things will clear up, I don't know. I just feel really tired. Worn down. Burned out. All of the above. Hopefully, things will get better.

Babies galore, lately. Our friends Jon and Angela had a daughter, Sabrina over the weekend and  [personal profile] aggiebell90and  [profile] wamfofhad Birddogette today. Congrats to all!

(I want a hypothetical sort of way. Our lives are way too stressed right now to even consider the real thing.) 

(And the Red Sox win! And the Red Sox win! 2 of 3 from the damnyankees.)

Job News

Apr. 18th, 2006 11:14 am
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Two tidbits of Job news for you.

1. I have an interview at Plymouth High School on 3 May. They called me, before I even got a chance to call to confirm my resume had arrived. Promising sign.

2. I bit the bullet and accepted the promotion at Sears, after much heming and hawing. I go live as Receiving Manager on the 23rd. I'm excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. I'm going to be in charge of people who have been at the store a lot longer than me, as well as older than me. And the department is in a shambles. It's like I've been made manager of the Kansas City Royals and tasked with making them a World Series Team. So wish me lots of luck.

Off to go to manager training!
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…somebody goofed. It snowed here today. Not, much, I’ll grant you, but snow nonetheless, and there are actually several inches…INCHES…in the forecast for tonight. Where did Spring go?

My life has been a mess of confusion lately.

Job Situation #1: Salem has reposted the vacancy I applied for. Now, I was told this was going to happen, so that in itself didn’t mean anything. I spoke with the Humanities Director, who said, and I’m quoting roughly “We have one candidate from the first batch we’re interesting in moving on with, and the rest are going back into the pool and as we get new people we’ll be setting up second interviews for some people when the time comes.” And THAT delightful piece of bureaucratic double-talk was in response to the questions “So when will I hear something definite?” Tell me, did he answer my question? Didn’t think so. Sara has taken to calling this particular administrator, “Mr. Poopypants” for his inability/unwillingness to communicate clearly. Personally, knowing him as I do, I’m leaning towards inability. It seems to me he’s probably thinking he IS being helpful, rather than deliberately obtuse. So, we’re in a wait and see mode. I’m also trying to figure out what I can find out “unofficially” through my contacts in the district so I can find out WTF is going on down there.
I wish I knew what was going on, really, because if I’m not going to get the job, I want to call up or visit one of the teachers who was on the interview committee and find out what I did wrong, or how I can get better at interviewing. He’s an old friend and I really think he could help. But I don’t want to contact him while I’m still pending, you know?

Job Situation #2: The Woodsville High School interview went well. I like the people in the department I’d be working with (all two of them). They’re both young, and excited. The school itself is much smaller than I anticipated (total enrolment: 300 students). But I think I could like it there. Even if a part of me feels like I’m being exiled to the back of the beyond because I’m not good enough for the big leagues yet. (Sorry, kid, you’re being sent down.) They told me they expect to hire in mid-April, so THEY at least gave me a time frame.

Job Situation #3: My boss at Sears told me they’ve got a Lead position opening up at the end of April, and he wants me to go for it. Half of me wants to laugh in his face, half of me is slightly intrigued. Half of me says, I didn’t waste four years of American History and Education studies to be the Receiving Manager at the West Lebanon Sears. The other half wonders if God’s trying to open a window for me, or something. I just don’t know.

In other news, the Sox opened the season with a win for the first time in like…forever. I’ve been missing my favourite baseball buddy, Doc Merchant. I should give him a buzz, or something.

Timothy Zahn’s new book, “Outbound Flight” is out in stores. I’ve already finished it, it was very good. I hesitate to say spectacular, but definitely very good. [ profile] kadath, you need to read it, it gives some very good background on our favourite Grand Admiral. [ profile] jedione you will enjoy it also, if you’re reading this.

I’ve purchase the complete three volume set of “Lee’s Lieutenant’s” by Douglas Southall Freeman. Finding them fascinating. Yeah, I’m that much a history nerd.

That’s about it, I guess. My frustration level with the Salem School District is high, but I’m trying not to lose hope. Really, really, trying.


Mar. 22nd, 2006 10:14 pm
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I'm not sure where to begin.

My interview today went okay, I guess. I feel like I didn't throw the haymaker, I wish I could have a couple questions again. I badly fumbled at least one answer by getting totally tounge tied.

But I do know that I was one of only six people called back for the interview. And with the death of Bobby Rhoades, I have a two in six chance of getting a job. Adam Pagliluro, the Humanaties Director, told me that maybe I'd hear something next week. So...*crosses fingers*

My parents also finally ordered my college graduation present. My new laptop should be here in a couple weeks. HORAY! Now I can stop stealing Sara's.

Speaking of Sara, she got her grades today for last term, and she did great, so be sure to drop on over to her lj. ([ profile] arasnaem) And tell her how awesome she is.

On the bad side, there was a minor change in the New England Patriots roster that I'm kinda upset about, but I'll get over it.

So...overall, it was a good day. But I'm really anxious about this job now.
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That's right folks, in exactly four months, Sara and I will become Mr. and Mrs. Campbell. I can't wait! :)

Okay, a moderate amount to talk about.

Sara's Car: Apparently, the mechanic has finally decided what's wrong. The problem is, he's not sure how much it's going to cost us to get the car back, seeing as he's been working on it for a week. He did say, though, that he can't see justfying some of that time, since he didn't know what the hell was wrong. Both fuel pumps are gone, apparently, for those wondering what *was* wrong.

Wedding: Four months to go! That's the good news. The iffy news is we don't have a photographer, still. The worse news is some our bills are going to start coming due soon, which brings us to...

Job: Something I still don't have. I'm applying today for a position teaching community college classes. The ad says they want someone who has a Masters, but it can't hurt to apply. Right? And, it's not like I'd been incapable of teaching a community college class on the Civil War...please, don't make me laugh.

Other intersting notes: I was suprised by the mixed reaction to the latest chapter of DTR over at PS. I mean, I suppose I knew that some people don't like having song lyrics in stories, but doesn't it add something? I mean, don't you read a story and imagine the soundtrack? Maybe they would have prefered to think of their own song, but I thought the one I used was perfect. Well, to each their own, I suppose.

I'm still plinking at that Semi-autobiographical work, Summer in MacPherson's Valley. Sara had a look at it the other day for the first time, and thinks I should drop everything and finish it, because she sees it as publishable, and pictured it on somebody's AP Lit reading list someday. I think she's biased. ;-) Then again, who knows?

Work was a rough day today. We were aerating the greens, and I got stuck using the walkbehind aerator. I must have walked 10 miles today. My feet are killing me. But I did put in a nine hour day.

More required pre-marital counselling tonight for Sara and I. Tonight we're going over the answers to the quiz we took last time. Should be an interesitng evening...

All right. Gotta get this applicaiton in the mail. Later all.

Calmer Now

Aug. 18th, 2005 04:41 pm
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Still no job, but I've decided I'm doing everything I can to get one, and I just have to trust the good Lord to do the rest. That, and asking my former Middle School pricipal/High school principal/district superintendant to put in a good word for me in a couple places can't hurt either.

Sara's car is still a mystery. This guy has spend 50+ years working on Benzs...he still can't figure out what's wrong. THis is a problem. We're starting to look at backup options.

I've worked at the golf course for 10 years now, and today was the first time I've ever been hit with a golf ball. Ricocheted right of the steel toe of my boot. Thank the Lord for small favors. Tomorrow, I might actually get to mow fairways, something I've always wanted to do. It helps that I'm like the last person from the summer crew to leave. Probably going to quit around Labor day weekend.

I've decided that if I don't get a job, I'm going to put my name in and subsitute teach in every district within driving distance. It's a good resume builder, and it gets me out of the golf course before the weather goes bad.

I'm getting positive responses to Defining the Relationship over at PS. My beta, Arnel, says that the next chapter coming out is possibly my best yet. I can't wait to see the reviews. It should be up tommorow sometime, so go have a peak if you get a chance.

Patriots on TV again tonight. They're looking solid so far, and we've got high hopes for the season. Sox are looking iffy all of a sudden. I'm concened that the pitching will fall apart down the stretch. I don't care if we don't win the Series again, just please stay ahead of those damnyankees.

Anywhoo, I'm feeling better.


Aug. 15th, 2005 12:31 pm
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It's raining.

I am dry now. I was not previously.

Had to work this morning, in the rain. Not terribly fun.

But enough about that.

I'm now the proud owner of a used lazyboy, which, of course, I will have to fight my fiancee for the right to sit in during football season.

Wedding bands are in, and they're gorgous. I've picked out tuxes for my side of the bridal party. We're doing tails and white gloves. Nice and classy.

My Kingmaker game arrived, I'm very excited about it. Now I just have to teach Sara to play.

Oh yeah...still no job.

Okay, I was worried before, and now, I've moved onto minor panic. Give me another 5 days, and I'll be into full blown panic. It's August. I don't have a job. We're broke. Sara's car has been in the shop for days and we still don't know what's wrong with it. We have wedding expenses yet to cover, and as of September 1, Sara's gotta pay utilities, food and rent.

Oh, and I called to confirm that my application arrived at one of the places advertising for a social studies teacher. The position has been filled.

Trying not to scream. Trying not to scream.

Hoping for a window to open, wishing my blessings didn't always come in disguise.
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Well, I've been busy enough so as not to update as regularly as I would like.

Job= Not Yet
Wedding=Not enough progress

Fair enough?

Anyway, had a big fight with Ma over wedding stuff. Not good. She caught me on an off day, (tired, headache, stomach acid), and I snapped at her to quit nagging. Turned into a really rousing shouting match before I stormed off. I'd walked all the way to the Junkyard near my house before my sister picked me up off the side of the road. Things better now.

Work has been brutal in the heat we've been having. I've mostly been replacing irrigation heads, but today I got to weedwack for 8 hours, with sand and grit kicking up in my face, and little peices of grass sticking to me in my sweat...I need a teaching job. I love working at the golf course for summers, but this is not the way I want to earn my living. Oh, and I got a raise. A whole .23 cents. Whopdie freaking do. I hate my aunt. You would think that the fact that we own the place might mean something. I think my aunt hates me...and my cousins.

Vacation next week. It's time for one. I need a battery recharge.

Anyway, off to bed, so I can sweat some more tomorrow. Later all.
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That's today, right?

Anywhoo. Tommorrow is the big day. My hair is now Weasley Red. Seriously, someone should have marketed a temp color in that name during the run up to this. Make a fortune. Everything is go for fun tommorow night at the local Barnes and Noble.

Work has been painful. Physcially, I mean. The course just turned 10 years old, and most of our irrigation heads have been in the ground that long. Consequently, they're starting to go. This summer's major project is to replace as many of them as we can. I've done two this week.

I didn't really doubt it before, but this week removed any doubt as to why New Hampshire is called the Granite State. I've dug through packed clay and rock for three days. Today I dug a hole as long as me, as wide as golf cart, and as deep as my waist, through riverbottom clay and rock. The areas immediately around the mainline and the head were sandy, which wasn't so bad, but there surface around this head had sunk down so deep, we needed to dig a wide area around the head to raise it back up. I'm going to feel it in the morning, for sure. On the plus side, I had resolved to get more exercise and try to loose a little weight this summer. Mission very much being accomplished. Oh, my aching arms and back.

Reports from the Front:

Job Front: Nothing yet, but I'm considering another back up option, and that is to try and get into radio broadcasting, possibly, since I enjoyed it so much at the College radio station. The market is starting to pick up a little. The volume of new postings is increasing everyday, even if there's nothing in my field yet.

Wedding Front: Some what stalled, althought I'd call it more of a regroup and refuel stop, rather than a bogging down. I was *supposed* to try and book a photog this week, but for a variety of reasons I haven't had the time in the afternoons to do any research. Tomorrow maybe I'll do some looking, and hopefully get that sorted around by the middle of next week. I did put the deposit down on the Honeymoon, so that is some progress, I guess. And the wedding invitation proof should be in by the begining of next week too. So, as I said, we stoped the column to regroup, refuel and plan the assult on the next target, just like the good little Field Marshalls we are.
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Life is motoring along smoothly, at least on the Wedding Front. Invitation ordering is on the agenda for this afternoon, for anyone keeping score at home.

However, the Job Front is not going as well. The Front is bogged down and is now bearing more of a resemblance to the Battle of the Marne than anything else. While expecting it to be Blitzkrieg might have been overly optimistic, I'm still dissapointed in how things are going. I never heard a word from half the places I tried to apply to online, and I've been rejected everywhere else, and nothing new has popped up in my target area yet. Paitence I know, is a virtue, but I'm starting to get to the point where I'm going to be loosing sleep over this.

I mean, I don't even know what I'd do if I didn't get a job. I suppose I could keep working at the golf course until November closing, but that doesn't pay out quite the way I had in mind. 8.67 an hour is not exactly a living wage for those confronting marrige. Substitute teaching is also a posibilty, but it's a little more hit or miss than I would prefer. I'm really at a loss here. And yes, yes, I'm quite familiar with the concept of closing doors and opening windows, and I do beleive that, but sometimes it's hard not to get worried. I mean, one of the reasons I got the teaching certificate was so that I'd be immediatly employable. So far, not employed. I'm not even sure if I have any marketable skills beyond teaching. Somebody suggested trying my hand at journalism, and its got it's attractions, I suppose, but I'm not sure where, or how to go about getting into that feild. [ profile] tante_in_hp suggested writing professionally, and while certainly attractive, I need to put some money in the bank before the length of time it would take to churn out something worth publishing professionally. For now, I guess it's just back to cruising websites and making phone calls for openings, and hoping for the best.

Speaking of hoping for the best, I hope everybody's battened down the hatches on the Gulf Coast, especially you [ profile] kermi3. Hope this isn't a harbinger of another nasty hurricane season.
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Progress on the Wedding Front.

Accomplished to date:
Booked Hall- 12/04
Booked Church - 12/04
Ordered Wedding Gown and Bridesmaides Dressed - 6/05
*NEW* Booked DJ - 7/6/05
*NEW* Ordered Wedding Bands - 7/6/05

Still to come:
Invitations- Tentative order date, 7/8/05
Photographer- Next week?
Limo- Who knows, soon?
Tuxes (me and groomsmen)- Sometime before the end of July.
Flowers - Who knows?

Am I missing anything?

Anyway, the wedding bands are pretty. I'm glad we were able to agree on them quickly. After all, it's only the one peice of jewlery we'll both wear for the rest of our natural lives... When they come in, we'll see about taking a digital picture and making the view available for interested parties.

Work sucks this week, because it's going to do nothing but rain. Stupid tropical storms.

Got my actual teaching license in the mail this week. It came the same day as a rejection letter from one of the jobs I applied to. Go figure. I'm pretty much back to square one as far as the job hunt goes. Anybody know what a history major does besides teach?

Umm...I think that's it for now. Catch y'all later.

Holy Cow!

Jun. 14th, 2005 06:41 pm
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Okay...job interview...went OK. I think they're going to end up hiring someone who has more Special Ed experiance, given what they told me about the job, but it was good to have an interview experiance under my belt.

Heat wave...was drowning in my own sweat this week, up until this morning when the heat finally broke. Except for the clouds, today was nice. Work has been rough the past couple of days, being in the sun and all. All I've wanted to do for the past several days is sit in air conditioning and sleep.

Defining the Relationship is underway, finally. Reviews are starting to trickle in, and I'm pleased. Other than that, I'm concerned by the loss of the chatbox over at PhonenixSong. I really enjoyed it. It's too bad a few people had to spoil it for the rest of us. Not mentioning any names, but I have a pretty good idea of who those people might be.

Been fighting with comptuers all day. First Sara's brand new laptop has issues, spend part of the afternoon on the phone with Gateway, and then the REST of the afternoon on the phone with Dell concerning my sister's laptop, which gives her the blue screen of death whenever she tries to unplug the A/C adapter when the thing's turned on. Talk about stupid. Anyway, trying to figure that out. Still no answers from Dell. They suck.

And finally, to the heart of the matter. Sara scored Red Sox tickets in a raffle at work! Whohoo! Third base line, box seats. These are $80 seats! Game's tomorrow, against the Reds. It's a little dissapointing that it's interleauge, but hey, we're going, right? And the Reds have the worst ERA in baseball, so there's a good chance we'll win. I'm so freakin psyched!

Dinner time! Peace!


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