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Seems like every year this time, when the weather gets warm, I get that itch in my pants. I dig out the Beach Boys cds, dust off the golf clubs, and mope.

See, it doesn't truly get Sping like here for another couple weeks, but the sun is out now, and it's warming up. It's all a tease, see? Damn New England weather. 

Anyway, Sara and I went for a walk today, try and blow the cobwebs out of my mind. Helped a bit, actually. So many things about my life are changing right now, some in good ways, some in bad ways, some in just...ways. Tough to explain, but I'm glad I've got Sara to work it through with me. 

I hope the weather stays good, supposed to be sixty+ next weekend, which would be really, really nice. I can't wait to get out on the course again. I haven't played golf in ages, but I have GOT to find a way to exercise that I enjoy, and I enjoy golf. If lugging the clubs around helps me get rid of this freakin tire I've got around my mid-section, then I'm all for it. I've put on so much weight since graduating high school...but then, I'm not in marching band anymore either. I'd love to drop a few pounds before going on the reunion tour in April. 

Anyway, I'm just finishing up a review packet for my World HIstory kids, and I'm off to spend more time with my loverly wife. Just thought I'd swing by with a drive by post. Later all.


Feb. 11th, 2007 12:53 am
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Let’s see. My first week went okay. There were a few bumps in the road here and there.

I’m feeling lazy, so I’ll make a list.


  1. My seventh period class is the class from hell. They’re little froshies, feeling their high school oats for the first time. You’d think it would be out of their system by now, but I’m guessing that the week of substitutes between when Mrs. L went out and I came in, they got used to pretty much having things the way they wanted. They don’t like this “new sherrif in town” bit at all, and they’re digging their heels in.  Fortunetely, I have the support of the Assistant Principal, and he says just keep tossing them out to his office until they get a clue.
  2. I have two periods of “Basic” Geography, which in essanace is Geography for struggling readers. All well and good, yes. They’re small classes, so I get to do a lot of one on one. However, when they said struggling readers, I didn’t realize they also meant, by the way, one of the students in your first period class doesn’t speak much English. Period. So the first two days I lectured, slowly, and highlighted material on the board, and generally used good strategies for reading problem folks, poor A didn’t understand a word. He’s from Russia, you see. I had to find this one out on my own. Thanks, Administration. Glad you had my back on that one.
  3. My world history kids are AWESOME. They’re 11th Graders, and they all desire to be college bound. (It’s an upper level class). We’re going to have a lot of fun. I’m putting together a really cool assignment for them for this coming week’s block days.
  4. Yeah, that’s the other thing. They have a modified block at LHS, which, if you ask me, is kinda stupid. Either go Block or go home (haha). I see everybody Monday, Tuesday and Friday. On Wednesday, I see Period 1, 2,4 and 6. Period 1 is a short period, the rest are long. On Thursday, I see Period 1 again, 3,5,7. The blocks are too long, for starters. And I hate not having people every day. It makes it hard to hold continuity.
  5. The commute is rough, especially by Friday morning, when the early euphoria of having a job wore off. Friday was rough because it was snowing in the mountains between here and Laconia, and was a little slick. Tired+Slick Roads=BAD. I had to take five in a gas station parking lot just to recharge the batteries a little.
  6. This is my last full weekend at the theater until summertime, probably. I’m so very excited. We’re having friends up next weekend for the first time in…well…forever. I feel like Pinocchio. “I’m a real boy now!” 
  7. My books came in for my grad program. And the bill. Fortunately, financial aid came in too. It’s loans, but it’ll have to do for now.
  8. I promised Kit some Beth/AJ drabble. Not sure I’m going to get there this weekend Kit, sorry.


I think that’s it. Sara is off having a sleep-over with our now 12 year old neice, doing the SUPER-UBER-COOL-AWESOME Auntie Sara routine and watching tennybopper movies like High School Musical and Newsies. So I'm here alone...*sigh*. Have a good weekend everyone!

First Day

Feb. 5th, 2007 08:19 pm
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I got in early this morning. Early like woah...I was the first freaking car in the staff lot. Tomorrow, I guess I don't need to get up right at four am, but I was pretty much too keyed up to sleep. 

1st Period, Basic Geography  is okay, small group, mainly comatose, so i don't a have too many problems to deal with. Second period is a Study Hall. Quiet study, it's like a prep period where I can't leave the room. Third Period is the first of my two world history groups, and they're good kids. Fourth period is my second Basic Geo. They're a little rowdier, but we'll get along okay. Fifth period is my prep, and lunch, six is my other World History, and Seventh is my Class from Hell. It's Regular Geography, and Ive got about 25 kids who want to be anywhere but at school. You'll be hearing from this group a lot, methinks.

Anyway, I've got a TON of work to do, so this is short.  [profile] katieay, I was going to use your Icon, but LJ ate it. *follows [personal profile] aggiebell90's example and sporks LJ*. 

My wife totally rocks. She made me steak for dinner, AND a cake. 

The next chapter of DTR is off to the beta (It went to the prebeta before all heck broke lose in my life, and is now finally getting around to the beta)

And did I mention my fablously fantastic wife bought me an X-box as a Valentine's Day/OMG you got a teaching job present? :D:D:D:D:D:D Too bad I'm too busy to use it. 

And [profile] kit_the_brave, I blame you, because a Beth/AJ plotbunny was gnawing on my ankles last night as I was trying to sleep. ;-) 'S all good. I might even write it this weekned, if the opportunity comes up

Later y'all, I'm off to write overheads.

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"Our long national nightmare is over..." among the more famous quotes of Gerald R. Ford, 38th President of the United States. He helped the country heal when we were at our worst. Rest in peace, and Godspeed Mr. President. 

Sara and I have arrived safely in Virginia. Presidents seem to pass away when I'm in Virginia. I was a junior, just packing up to leave Lexington when Reagan passed away. I'm looking into the possibility of stopping in DC on the way home since he'll be resting in state at the Capitol. I really wanted to go for Reagan but I was leaving before he arrived in DC. 

Anyway.  We're here, and looking forward to C&Q's wedding. I'll post more later. For now, off to the Green Leafe for food.
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Sara is off to Germany. According to the flight tracker I'm using, she's about half and hour from Paris, and then she has an hour in Paris, and then it's on another plane for Berlin.

I'm spending the night at my 'Rent's house, and heading back to Leb tomorrow. I'm debating staying up till I know she's on the ground in Germany, but I don't think that's a really good idea.

I'm off to try and get some sleep. Sara hopes to be emailing me around 6 am our time, if all goes well she should be arrived and settled in her quarters in Berlin by then.

Prayers folks, for me and her.

I realize of course, that really, I don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to being upset that we're apart, because people do it for much longer periods, (and here I'm thinking of you, DADAGinny and you do it, I don't know, but you have my respect, and my sympathy) but this still sucks. Three weeks from our first anniversary too. :-(
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Well, it's been a couple days, so a quick update for y'all.

1.) Sara leaves for Germany on the 6th. All good thoughts and prayers in her direction please. To say I'm nervous about seeing my wife off for a week and a half would be an understatement. I haven't slept alone since last December, and I'm sure I'm not going to enjoy it.

2.) No word yet on my MPA application, but seeing as my boss still hasn't done my recomendation, I'm not holding my breath yet. I am, however, going to hit him with something hard until he fills it out.

3.) Had the police at the theater the other night. An employee walked out in the middle of his shift, leaving a drawer that was 70 dollars short. Had to fill out forms and give statements, etc. Not fun.

4.) I need to shop for Christmas. Please, oh wonderful F-list of mine, do not let me procrastinate. I've shopped before on the day before Christmas, it's not fun. Don't let me forget to shop.

5.) Sunday I go off to Plymouth for the Grafton County Republican caucus, where I may be elected to serve on the State Committee. I'm really hoping I get elected.

I think that's about it for now. Until next time...


Nov. 1st, 2006 10:09 am
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Well, November is here. We're into the home stretch of the year. I celebrated the arrival of November at midnight last night by puting on Vince Vance and Valiant's All I Want For Christmas is you (mainly because it get so overplayed on the radio it drives my wife every so slightly nuts, and I like to tease her.)

I know that some people think it's early for Christmas music, but so much of it is so very good, it deserves more than one month for playing time. I won't put up decorations until after Thanksgiving, so at least let me have my music.

Halloween was cool. We saw so many cute little kids. There are more in our neighborhood this year, I think. Our friends came by with their little one, all dressed up as a puppy, she was adorable. I want one.

Don't tell Sara I said that.

A week to go to election day. I'm hoping and staying positive, but also realizing that the chances of me winning are about as good as me winning the lottery.

Oh, I'm having so much fun at Kit's virtual Halloween party! Even if no one knows who I came as...doesn't anyone beside me read Jack Higgins? ;-)

Anyway, back to work on DTR 25.

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Oookay. Things I learned today:

1. When enjoying your day off, the day after you put in a 12 hour shift at the store, unloading two differant semi trucks full of merchandise, climbing on your bicycle for the first time in God Knows, might not be the worlds best idea.

2. Riding a bicycle with two flat tires is difficult. It becomes even more difficult going up and down hills.

3. Never expect a gas station air pump to be functioning when you need it to be.

4. The first time you ride a bike in years, your trip should probably NOT consist of very steep hills.

5. You can be sore in places you didn't know you had muscles.

It is a beautiful day today, and I did ride my bike up to the Dartmouth green and met Sara for lunch, but now I hurt. Even more than I did when I woke up. And I'm really annoyed about the whole non-functioning air compresser thing. I don't own a bicycle pump, so I don't know where I can get air for my tires now.

Anyway, I'm sore, and sleepy and this chair is really comfortable. Maybe I'll take a nap.
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Hey all.

No time for a real update. Just wanted to highlight two important things.

1. I'm coming to you from my graduation present. That's right, my parents and I finally got together on my college graduation gift, and I'm now the proud owner of a ThinkPad Z60m. This should books writing productivity, actually. I get more done when I can get away from my desk for a while. So, I'm very excited.

2. Six years ago today, I asked a girl to go on a date with me. Now that girl is my wife. And I'm thankful every moment of every day for her. I love you Sara!


Mar. 22nd, 2006 10:14 pm
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I'm not sure where to begin.

My interview today went okay, I guess. I feel like I didn't throw the haymaker, I wish I could have a couple questions again. I badly fumbled at least one answer by getting totally tounge tied.

But I do know that I was one of only six people called back for the interview. And with the death of Bobby Rhoades, I have a two in six chance of getting a job. Adam Pagliluro, the Humanaties Director, told me that maybe I'd hear something next week. So...*crosses fingers*

My parents also finally ordered my college graduation present. My new laptop should be here in a couple weeks. HORAY! Now I can stop stealing Sara's.

Speaking of Sara, she got her grades today for last term, and she did great, so be sure to drop on over to her lj. ([ profile] arasnaem) And tell her how awesome she is.

On the bad side, there was a minor change in the New England Patriots roster that I'm kinda upset about, but I'll get over it.

So...overall, it was a good day. But I'm really anxious about this job now.
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" question please?"

"Mr. Campbell, can you tell us where you've been the last several weeks?"

"Well, I can tell you that I've been very busy. This is a very busy time of year for me, with job listings being posted. I had a job fair interview last week."

"How did it go?"

"It went very well. It was for a position at my old high school, so I'm hoping I have a good chance of getting called back for a second interview. I aslo have an interview lined up at Woodsville High School at the end of the month."

"What about substituting, how is that going?"

"No comment. Next question, please."

"How is Sears?"

"Sears is going fine. We've just completed a major store realighnment, and I spent several days moving the paint department. The result of moving all those gallons of paint has me sore in places I forgot I had."

"How about your personal life, Mr. Campbell?"

"In general it's good. I entertained my sister and my parents at my house this past week, and both visits were very sucessfully."

"The important part, Mr. Campbell, your writing. Your readers want to know when you're going to be back."

"I'm currently working on two projects right now, the next chapter of Redefining and the next chapter of DTR. I hope to have both finished before the end of the week."

"So, in general, you'd say things are going well."

"I think that about sums it up. No more questions, please."
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Well, it’s been a long time since I updated. Here’s a brief summary: I’m really busy.

Sears goes well, I guess. I’m still doing computer training, which is about as exciting as watching cement cure. (Not the quick dry stuff, either, the real, slow cure McCoy). I’ll be finished soon, though, and then I can get out on the floor and get to the real stuff. I’m still really nervous about how I’ll do as a salesman. They really push those “consumer protection plans,” which I like to think of as selling snake oil. Who wants to oil a snake anyway? But I digress. I haven’t got a set schedule yet, but it will likely include weekends. We’ll see how it goes.

Teaching…substituting remains blah. I’ve got some security in the sense that Mascoma Valley will take me every day, but that’s for mainly SPED work, which I find really frustrating. The other downside is that Mascoma isn’t going to have any Social Studies openings this year, so I’m getting popular in the wrong place. I really need a job next year. I can’t do this another year, I’ll go nuts. One bright note, I got my NH license in the mail the other day. Yah! I’m licensed to teach! Have books, will travel.

Speaking of next year, Sara and I are having housing issues. I think I may have mentioned that Dartmouth is tearing down our building at the close of this school year. Well, the new buildings that are going to be available for us to move into are twice the monthly rent. We’re not sure we can afford that, so we’ve been looking into other options. I’d REALLY like to buy a house/condo, because mortgage payments would be cheaper than rent, in many cases. But we probably wouldn’t be able to get a loan if I don’t have a full time teaching job. It’s like a vicious circle.

I’m really slacking of my online life. I haven’t responded to my reviews on PS yet, and I haven’t posted on the message boards in ages. I feel so detached. I’m getting ready to put up a new batch of pictures on Two Roads, which is about the only online productive thing I’ve done lately. Sara and I are going to try to submit to the PS Valentines Day challenge. I’ve started the next chapter of Redefining, and I’m tinkering with Summer in MacPherson’s Valley again. I really want to finish that last, because then I can publish it and be a multimillionaire and devote all my time to writing.

I haven’t had time to transfer the registration on the car yet. Dad’s after me to do that. Had to drive to Salem on Monday to straighten around an issue with Sara’s cell phone. It zapped out for unknown reasons. That was a pain in the proverbial neck. Getting Sara’s name changed is an endless process. Assuming all the rights, duties, and responsibilities of married life is a harder process than one might think. Sometimes, it still feels like we’re only playing.

Other than the above mentioned “bummer” things, married life goes well. I enjoy coming home to Sara, even if it isn’t until 9 pm on nights I work at Sears. I realize of course, all things are relative, and that some people have it a lot worse, so I’m counting my blessings.

Till the next time, my dear friends.

This is it

Dec. 21st, 2005 11:15 pm
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Sara and I started dating "offically" on a Monday night in April, nearly 6 years ago. Unoffically we'd been going out for an extra day, as the previous night, before the opening curtin of the high school musical, Brigadoon, our best friend Erin called us together, linked our hands and say "Just go on with it." It wasn't until the next evening, on the phone, when Sara reminded me that I hadn't actually asked her to go out with me. So I did. (Corny, yes, but we were juniors in high school, and prone to that kind of high drama). She ran the spotlight in that show, (I was the lead actor) and she was also the captain of the varsity math team, widely considered to be one of the brightest girls in the school. That was one of the reasons I had scouted her so heavily for the varsity quiz bowl team. She had a wit sharper than most razors, and when you got her going, she had a creative streak a mile wide.

I asked her to marry me two years ago this past November, standing halfway between Washington Hall and Lee Chapel on a cold, starlit night, dressed in our formal wear after leaving the W&L Presidential Gala. It was the culmination of a tumultous night. We *had* a dinner reseveration that evening, and everything was seeminlg timed perfectly, but when Sara got to her car that afternoon to drive from Williamsburg to Lexington, she discovered one of her front tires was flat. She spent the next several hours getting the car towed, tire replaced, and then finally on the road. Meanwhile, we were missing our dinner reservation at the Southern Inn, and I'm wearing a hole in room 201 of the Sigma Nu House, frantic, because I had been planning this evening for nearly 4 months. She finally gets to Lex Vegas, and she has time to throw on her dress, and we mingle and munch down cocktail crackers and cheese at the house reception, before heading over to the Gala. We stay for a while, dance a bit, and finally she says, "Bernie, I'm tired, I'm hungry, I have a headache and I'm grumpy, can we please go home and get a pizza?"
So plan A, which was a romantic walk by Woods Creek in the moonlight went out the window, and I settled for plan B, which was walking the long way home. When I finally managed to stammer out the question, all thoughts of flat tires and missed dinner reservations were forgotton and we raced home to call friends and family. And yes, we ate Domino's pizza on the floor of my room, in our formal wear.

And on Friday, we will be married at the same alter that at least 6 generations of my family have been married at. I have no reservations, no regreats. People have been asking, "Nervous?". Hell no. As long as we've been together, if I'm still not sure about this, there would be something very wrong. Nervous about things getting screwed up, like slipping on ice and breaking an ankle? Or the church burning down (HAD A NIGHTMARE ABOUT THAT!)? Yes. Nervous about marrying Sara? No way. She is the best thing about me. The greatest gift ever given me.

The guests began arriving today, and we have a wonderful time re-connecting with Corey and Emily, Anderson and Johanna, and Jake. Tomorrow the bulk of the folks show up, barring any craziness (like a general transport stike in sympathy with the NY transit workers (Also something my nightmares are made of)), and the rehersal is tomorrow at 6. It's all come down to the next 48 hours. Wow.

I want to thank everyone who has put up with rants about planning, gripes about in-laws, and total sapiness on both our parts. I only wish that you could be here to share in it with us, because you've all been a big part of it, at least from my perspective. Thank you so much.

We'll have wedding pictures and pictures from the cruise when we get back in January, and we'll be happy to share.

Merry Christmas everyone. Happy Chanunakah, and a Happy New Year.


Nov. 27th, 2005 04:31 pm
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Well, now, I've had an exciting day.

My birthday technically started yesterday, when my family celebrated and gave me all my presents. I got a couple of nice DVDs and some new books. My subscription to Sports Illustrated was also renewed for another year, yah!

My sister flew back to Philly today, which was why we celebrated early. Sara and I drove up here (Sara's soon-to-be-ours apartment up in West Leb.) I sat down last night, and shortly after midnight this morning, I completed my NaNo quest! The story itself is NO WHERE NEAR finished, but I got 50k words, which means I can now take a break and head back to my fics over on PS. I've been rereading what I've written so far to get my head back in the game. I've also been roped into doing a join fic with Sara for someone's birthday coming up...shhh....and I couldn't resist the Alphatbet challange over on [Bad username or site: @].

It's good to be back in the fandom!

And of course, it's my birthday today, which means the birthday wishes have been coming in from several quarters. Thanks to all who have sent me good wishes this day, you all rock!

Sara's panfrying a steak for dinner, with a cream sauce made with Irish Whiskey. One of my favorite dishes. Highly recomended, and we have the recipie if anyone wants it.

That's about all for today.

Days till Wedding: 26
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Good morning everyone,

It was with a great deal of delight that I arose this morning to discover that the Earth had been blanketed in a layer of white snow, making the whole thing look very much like a Courier and Ives Print. It's still snowing a bit now, I'm not sure how long it's going to go on. It's quite beautiful however, and I've no wish to see it change to rain and get turned into mush.

And now, in honor of Thanksgiving, a list of things I am thankful for.

What else is there to say? I'm marrying the girl in less than a month. For six years now, she's been a constant presence in my life, a counterpart, a balance. Someone who loves me unconditionally and without question. How can you not be thankful for that? How on earth do you express that thanks? I'm not sure, but I'm trying.

My Family
Despite some of the issues I've had with them over the last several months, particually Mum, the truth is that they have been incredibly supportive of everything this fall. They're funding a good portion of the wedding, and they've been nothing but sympathetic to my attempt to find steady employment. My Dad has done me some incredible honors this fall, particually allowing me to join the SHS football TV broadcasts, a dream I'd been harboring since childhood. And I couldn't ask for a better sibling in my sister, who loves both me, and Sara, to death.

My Job
Yes, I hate subbing. But the fact is, without it, I'd really be broke, so I'm thankful for every day that sucks.

My Friends
(You knew I was going to get there eventually, didn't you?) I'm thankful for all my friends, both the live and in person friends, like Erin (who is working 9 to 9 on Black Friday. We're meeting her at 9:30 to take her our for a drink), and Justin, and Kern (who's going to come up for a visit next winter!), and all the rest. And of course, there's all my PS, friends, and my f-list friends. You folks have been remarkable in putting up with my ranting over the course of the last couple of months, and you've helped keep Sara and I sane. I also want to thank all of you folks who have made writing for PS such a joy in my life. I can't wait to get back to it once NaNo is over.

There are many other things, I'm thankful for, I'm sure, but this is the highlight reel. I hope all my American friends have an excellent Thanksgiving, and those of you abroad, I hope you have a good weekend.

Rejoice and Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!


Nov. 19th, 2005 10:37 pm
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Well, the Praxis test this morning was a bit rocky. The sections on Econ, Sociology, Psych, and Anthropology kind of tripped me up. Here's hoping I did well enough in the history sections to make up for that.

And my Beloved Blue Devils continued their long tradition of impotenance against the Pinkerton Acadamy Astros today, losing 7-0 in the NH Division One Superbowl. Salem's record all time against Pinkerton is now 3-18. (A dismal .143 percentage)
*large sigh*

For a day that got of to such a rocky begining, it ended on a relative high note. Hugs go out to [ profile] dancinginmagic for cheering me up when I got home from the game. After I sought out food, as I was ordered too, my better half showed up here to give me a back rub and snuggles. I love my Sara! After that, we went out to dinner with our friend Erin, who needed a night out after her own lousy day working at Sprawlmart.

Bedtime. Night all.
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Came up to see Sara this weekend. It rained most of the weekend, and because it rained today, and there's no school (no possibility of subsituting today), I played hooky from the golf course and stayed up the extra day. I'm going to head home sometime this afternoon. Sara's off at class now. I think she's turned a corner in terms of her classes, and while I won't necessarily be all down hill, it at least won't be the tough sledding that the last week was.

We did a bit of exploring in downtown Hanover Saturday inspite of the rain. Found a nice used book store where we found a couple of books. Notre Dame had the weekend off, so there was no afternoon football that we were interested in. Penn State was on at 7:45, and we got back in time to watch the Nittney Lions knock off the Buckeyes. Whohoo! I love JoePa. Penn State is BACK! Next weekend, should be interesting week. Penn State and Michigan, and Notre Dame against USC. That game in South Bend will be one of the biggest of the year, I think. Let's go Notre Dame!

Sunday we checked out St. Dennis's, the local Catholic parish. It was nice service. Lots of kids, which made Sara coo and awww. Then the Patriots made it far too exciting against the Falcons. I love Adam Vinitieri, but it would be nice once or twice to not need him to kick last second field goals for a change. The defense needs serious help. Got to get some people healthy on the D, or things will be tough sledding.

All the good football this weekend has made me almost forget that the White Sox swept out the Red Sox. *sigh*. I can't complain too much after last year's series, so I guess it's See You In April for the Beantown boys. Football is the main course from now forward.

Sara's shower is next weekend, and here's hoping that everything is all set and going okay.
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On my way to work, but I can't go without posting a little note.


Happy Birthday Sara!

The most important person in my life. <3

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Oh so many things to talk about.

“Patriots )

“Saturday” )

“Mother-Out-Law” )


Sep. 6th, 2005 07:28 pm
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I love my fiancee.

Well, I suppose that's obvious, but...I love my fiancee.

She entered a raffle at work.

And came home with

Patriots tickets.

For Thursday night. The home opener. On national TV.



Words fail me.


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