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So, job front. 

It's not a teaching job, however, it's something I'm really interested in. Dartmouth College is looking for an Operations Manager for Hanover Country Club/Dartmouth Skiway. No idea what the pay is, but I applied anyway. We'll see what hapens. It's full time, year round. And it would help me get some golf course experiance outside of cutting grass.

I'm really feeling good about this one. 

Wish me luck.


Aug. 22nd, 2006 08:23 pm
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I promised a proper update a few days ago when I didn't have much time.

Things are good here. Perhaps better than in a while. I'm feeling better. Getting outside more. Spending less free time staring at the computer, which, no offense to all you online peoples, is not good for my mental health. Trying to get in a routine to go bicycling at least once a day with Sara. So far, it's hard to start a new habit, but we're working at it.

Meeting neighbors also helps. I went over and bailed out a couple of biz school grad students who don't know one end of the hammer from the other and put together their enterianment cabinet for them. Growin up a farm boy and knowing what a cordless drill is for has it's advantages. They're talking about getting a poker game together, which would be great.

Work still keeping me busy, the new assistant manager we're training is currently near the top of my all time "blonde" list, but hopefully we'll straighten her out.

Muse comes and goes. Problems again with Sara's laptop (GRRR), and it's limited my writing time.

Anyway, hope everybody's doing good!
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Howdy all,

Couple things going on in my life right now.

Primarily, my internet acess has been limited. Sara's already gone over the reason's Dartmouth is disconinuing wireless internet acess in our apartment complex, but on top of that, due to the continue construction there, most of the acress points have already been torn down. So...we're without reliable internet. Until next Wendnesday or so, when supposedly, Verizon claims our DSL line will be provisioned and I can plug in the equipment...which hasn't arrived yet...and we'll be good to go. (Right now, I'm over on Datmouth campus, hiding in Sara's office mooching offical use internet.)

Secondly, I'm now full time at the theater, and I'm loving it. I've always enjoyed enterainment, been secretly fascinated by Hollywood (the production side, not the actors), and people at the theater seem to have a hell of a lot more fun than the folks at Sears. Maybe it's because the folks at Sears know they're all in dead end jobs with no hope of advancement. Most of the folk at the movie theater, at least now, are high school and college kids on break, who are looking forward to going back to school and getting an education, and eventually looking back on this as a fun summer job that got them free movies and gas money. I don't know exactly who will be left working for me in a month, but I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Due to above mentioned internet problems, the next chapter of DTR is delayed somewhat...(more than it has been already). It is DRAFTED, which is a damn sight improvment from a week ago. I have to sit down with Sara and do the first round of pre-beta, but due to the above mentioned JOB, (where I leave before she gets home in the evening, and get home after she's asleep), that hasn't happened yet. When it does (Saturday), I'm sending it off to Dancinginmagic for Brit picking.

On the teaching job front, no news yet. I'm still searching. That is all.
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Oookay. Things I learned today:

1. When enjoying your day off, the day after you put in a 12 hour shift at the store, unloading two differant semi trucks full of merchandise, climbing on your bicycle for the first time in God Knows, might not be the worlds best idea.

2. Riding a bicycle with two flat tires is difficult. It becomes even more difficult going up and down hills.

3. Never expect a gas station air pump to be functioning when you need it to be.

4. The first time you ride a bike in years, your trip should probably NOT consist of very steep hills.

5. You can be sore in places you didn't know you had muscles.

It is a beautiful day today, and I did ride my bike up to the Dartmouth green and met Sara for lunch, but now I hurt. Even more than I did when I woke up. And I'm really annoyed about the whole non-functioning air compresser thing. I don't own a bicycle pump, so I don't know where I can get air for my tires now.

Anyway, I'm sore, and sleepy and this chair is really comfortable. Maybe I'll take a nap.


Jan. 29th, 2006 08:59 pm
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Okay, so for those of you who don't know, Dartmouth College has pretty much given Sara and I the old bartender saying "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here". The building in which we currently reside is scheduled for demolition in June. We have several options open to us.

1. Dartmouth has other rental properties. The new units are essentially condo units. 2 Bedrooms, 1 bath. $1100 a month, with heat, water, sewer, trash, and Internet (campus wireless) included. The thought was, even with the included amenities, the price was a bit steep. Dartmouth has older units, but their availability is more limted, and they've got less space.

2. Rental with a 3rd Party. For a 2 bedroom unit (We want one for office space), we're looking at anything from 750 and up, with various amenities included depending on the unit.

3. We've talked about buying a house/condo. I'd prefer a house myself, but that may be impractical. We'd have to pay taxes, insurance, and for all our amenities, (unless we had well water and septic rather than public water and sewar.) But we'd be building up equity. And we'd have a yard I could mow. (Is that an irrational desire?)

So...I'm looking for advice. My 'rents have already suggested that purchase might not be our best option, but I'm not so sure. It just seems like it would actually be cheaper per month to pay a mortgage rather than a landlord. What would you pay monthly if you owned that you wouldn't pay renting? It seems to me it would be a wash.

I don't know. I'm really frustrated with the housing situation, especially because we're probably going to have to give a solid yea or nea to Dartmouth concerning next year before I've even had a chance to check into vacancies for next fall. If we get housing now, it limits my flexability in location to a certain degree.

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Well, it’s been a long time since I updated. Here’s a brief summary: I’m really busy.

Sears goes well, I guess. I’m still doing computer training, which is about as exciting as watching cement cure. (Not the quick dry stuff, either, the real, slow cure McCoy). I’ll be finished soon, though, and then I can get out on the floor and get to the real stuff. I’m still really nervous about how I’ll do as a salesman. They really push those “consumer protection plans,” which I like to think of as selling snake oil. Who wants to oil a snake anyway? But I digress. I haven’t got a set schedule yet, but it will likely include weekends. We’ll see how it goes.

Teaching…substituting remains blah. I’ve got some security in the sense that Mascoma Valley will take me every day, but that’s for mainly SPED work, which I find really frustrating. The other downside is that Mascoma isn’t going to have any Social Studies openings this year, so I’m getting popular in the wrong place. I really need a job next year. I can’t do this another year, I’ll go nuts. One bright note, I got my NH license in the mail the other day. Yah! I’m licensed to teach! Have books, will travel.

Speaking of next year, Sara and I are having housing issues. I think I may have mentioned that Dartmouth is tearing down our building at the close of this school year. Well, the new buildings that are going to be available for us to move into are twice the monthly rent. We’re not sure we can afford that, so we’ve been looking into other options. I’d REALLY like to buy a house/condo, because mortgage payments would be cheaper than rent, in many cases. But we probably wouldn’t be able to get a loan if I don’t have a full time teaching job. It’s like a vicious circle.

I’m really slacking of my online life. I haven’t responded to my reviews on PS yet, and I haven’t posted on the message boards in ages. I feel so detached. I’m getting ready to put up a new batch of pictures on Two Roads, which is about the only online productive thing I’ve done lately. Sara and I are going to try to submit to the PS Valentines Day challenge. I’ve started the next chapter of Redefining, and I’m tinkering with Summer in MacPherson’s Valley again. I really want to finish that last, because then I can publish it and be a multimillionaire and devote all my time to writing.

I haven’t had time to transfer the registration on the car yet. Dad’s after me to do that. Had to drive to Salem on Monday to straighten around an issue with Sara’s cell phone. It zapped out for unknown reasons. That was a pain in the proverbial neck. Getting Sara’s name changed is an endless process. Assuming all the rights, duties, and responsibilities of married life is a harder process than one might think. Sometimes, it still feels like we’re only playing.

Other than the above mentioned “bummer” things, married life goes well. I enjoy coming home to Sara, even if it isn’t until 9 pm on nights I work at Sears. I realize of course, all things are relative, and that some people have it a lot worse, so I’m counting my blessings.

Till the next time, my dear friends.
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Came up to see Sara this weekend. It rained most of the weekend, and because it rained today, and there's no school (no possibility of subsituting today), I played hooky from the golf course and stayed up the extra day. I'm going to head home sometime this afternoon. Sara's off at class now. I think she's turned a corner in terms of her classes, and while I won't necessarily be all down hill, it at least won't be the tough sledding that the last week was.

We did a bit of exploring in downtown Hanover Saturday inspite of the rain. Found a nice used book store where we found a couple of books. Notre Dame had the weekend off, so there was no afternoon football that we were interested in. Penn State was on at 7:45, and we got back in time to watch the Nittney Lions knock off the Buckeyes. Whohoo! I love JoePa. Penn State is BACK! Next weekend, should be interesting week. Penn State and Michigan, and Notre Dame against USC. That game in South Bend will be one of the biggest of the year, I think. Let's go Notre Dame!

Sunday we checked out St. Dennis's, the local Catholic parish. It was nice service. Lots of kids, which made Sara coo and awww. Then the Patriots made it far too exciting against the Falcons. I love Adam Vinitieri, but it would be nice once or twice to not need him to kick last second field goals for a change. The defense needs serious help. Got to get some people healthy on the D, or things will be tough sledding.

All the good football this weekend has made me almost forget that the White Sox swept out the Red Sox. *sigh*. I can't complain too much after last year's series, so I guess it's See You In April for the Beantown boys. Football is the main course from now forward.

Sara's shower is next weekend, and here's hoping that everything is all set and going okay.


Sep. 29th, 2005 09:48 pm
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For reasons that are too complicated to get into, I think the countdown for the wedding just went from, "wow, the time is flying by" to "oh God, has it only been another day?"

Sara's in tears, on her birthday no less, she's in Hanover, I'm in Salem. I want nothing more than to drive up there and give her the hug she deserves, but I can't, because I'm working in the morning.

In-laws and out-laws of every shape, kind and color tonight. Anyone want to trade?

Seriously, Sara is just starting grad school, struggling with her first set of assignments, trying to find a new group of friends, is up there all alone, and she didn't need *this* on top of all that, on her birthday no less. She's on the phone with me, sobbing, uncontrollably. The only intelligible word is elope.

Oh, I wish.
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Hey all, I'm back. It's been an eventful weekend, I suppose.

Click Here for The Big Move )

A Tale of Two Uncles )

Moving Day

Sep. 2nd, 2005 08:43 am
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That's actually tomorrow. Today would more appropriately be refered to as "loading day'. Loading what, you ask?

A large, commerical Chevy pickup, currently loaded with: Washer, Dryer, Queen size matress and box spring, bed rails, two end tables, coffee table, four kitchen table chairs and the wheeled dolly to unload same.

A HUGE-A$$ white trailer that's wider than the pickup by a signifigant factor and just as long, currently loaded with: sofa, loveseat, kitchen table, recliner, rocking chair, desk chair, large TV, DVD/VCR, componant stereo, several lamps, fans, boxes upon boxes of books, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, posters, pictures, games.

Left to pack: Desk, A/C units (2x), computer supplies, Sara's clothes, more boxes of books, more kitchen supplies, more pictures, TV, and other assorted sundries in packing boxes.

Did I mention that I get to drive this behemoth? Adventures in momentum! (Also in REALLY lousy gas milege)

Sara picked up the key to the apartment yesterday. THings are not off to an auspicious start. The blueprint we obtained online is *not* quite accurate. It appears that the original stove in this apartment was one of those smaller, narrow jobs, that has since been replaced. Unfortunetly, the new stove didn't fit in the space alloted to it, apparently, so they put in extra counter space, and put the new stove where the washing machine is *supposed* to go. And if you put the dryer where you're supposed to, where the plug and vent are, the backdoor won't swing open. Go figure. We have a major jigsaw puzzle ahead of us in the kitchen.

That, and the whole place is wall to wall linolium, living room and bedroom included. I see area rugs in our future. They waxed the floor this week too, and the sign on the door said it was supposed to by dry by 9/1...Well, with all the rain and humidity, it wasn't. Sara said she was sticking to the floor, and the smell was awful.

And she couldn't even open a window, because they painted the windows shut, because someone was too lazy to do it right. She had a screwdriver in her car, and managed to pry them open, but then they would only open 4" because there were safty locks on them. How are you supposed to get air? Safty locks are the first thing commin off on Saturday.

But it's ours, and we'll make it work. It's only for a year. I'm begining to understand why the building is scheduled for demolition in June.

Meanwhile, back to packing.


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