May. 16th, 2005 04:25 pm
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Sara's graduation went off without a hitch. Mostly. I spent a good chunk of the weekend playing chauffer for my future in-laws. Which was fine. My only regret about the weekend was not having enough time to spend with Sara, and Sara's freinds, because we had so much family to take care of.

I will miss everyone at William and Mary. I'm not sure I can put it all into words right this present moment. But I might give it a try later.

I'm back in Lex Vegas, alone, for the moment. Sara's coming down later in the week after she gets everything unpacked at home in NH. For me, it's back to work, back to class.

Later all.

Weird Stuff

May. 3rd, 2005 05:23 pm
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It's not exactly been a good day, all around.

Mary Baldwin College, which is the school that my education certification program is run through has misplaced my PRAXIS scores. Which is really annoying because I have to go track down another copy of them, and get them sent up there so they can license me. Pain in the you know where.

Of course, that's pretty minor, all things considered. Preston Hall burned down at William and Mary today, so they've got about 70 or so homeless students, in the middle of taking finals. Fortunately, Sara wasn't directly affected, and none of our close friends were either. But it's still a tragedy for all those folks who've lost pretty much everything. For details and pictures, you can head over to (the TV news station out of Norfolk, VA).

Makes my paper work problems kind of pale in comparison.

William and Mary has set up a way to donate to a Fire Relief fund, you can access it by going to

I can't imagine losing everything. I feel so bad for all of them.
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Whoohoo! Saw Fever Pitch today. Holy cow, it was wicked awesome. Sara and I pretty much had the theater to ourselves, too, so we sang along to all the songs, like Dirty Water and Sweet Caroline. If you even remotely consider yourself a member of Red Sox Nation, you need to see this film.

Weekend was good, yet sad. I had to say goodbye to a lot of folks at William and Mary who I won't see again until I get married in December. I'm not going out there next weekend, and graduation is the week after that, and I won't see anybody but the seniors then, everyone else will have gone home. Saying goodbye is tough.

My sister's coming down to visit next week, so that should be interesting. Looking forward to it.

Class is going well, but I need to go do some reading.

"It's a comebacker to the mound, Foulke stabs it, steps towards first, flips it to Mientkiewicz..."


Apr. 25th, 2005 02:57 pm
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Sara sucessfully defended her Honors Thesis this afternoon. We won't know what level of honors she received until the begining of May, but they didn't tell her that she had been awared "Senior Research Credit"...which would have been a nice way of saying..."Nice Try". The committe liked her presentation, and signed her thesis cover page, which means it was accepted. She's very excited, and her lab group is carting her off to the Greenleaf to celebrate. I heard something about "Irish Car Bomb" and "Margarita's all around" in the background when she called to tell me, so I'll call and check on her in a little while, make sure she's still standing. :-)

Whohoo! I love you Sara!
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Which is really a misleading title. Normally, I love Sunday. I just hate leaving Sara all alone. And the thesis defense is tomorrow, which means she's extra stressed. But I'm back in Lex Vegas, and she's in the Burg, and we're three hours apart. Sadness.

Weekend was fun. King and Queen was exciting on Friday, even though they moved it inside. They should have left it out side. It was beautiful night. Sara and I left the dance early and sat out under the moonlight on a park bench for some *ahem* quality quiet time.

Saturday we watched the NFL draft and Sara worked on the powerpoint for her defense. I helped her do the animation. When that was done, we went over and hung out with some freinds and played Cranium. During said game playing, I managed to hurt myself somewhat severly playing charades. I was supposed to be acting out the words "Low Rider", and I was crouched as if riding a big Harley hog, and I went over backwards and caught my back on the corner of the end table. I bled a little, and I'm sure I have a massive bruise that I can't see, and it hurts like the devil. Yeah...just call me Tonks.

Slept in Sunday and watched more of the Draft. ESPN is the greatest TV network ever. Period. Althought I wish we got the NFL network on basic cable. Left the Burg around 4ish with two VMIs in tow who needed a lift back to Big Lex.

This week should be intresting. I have at least two free meals coming my way this week, both with Doc Merchant, so I'm looking forward to that. Friday is Blowout at William and Mary (last day of class), so I'll be headed over there to make sure Sara finds her way back to her dorm at the end of the day.

Shower's calling my name.

Campbell Out.


Apr. 14th, 2005 09:24 pm
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Attention on Deck!

Commander, Pride of Carida Arriving.

::bosun's whistle::

Admiral's Log

Well, I've arrived in the 'Burg. Things are quiet here. It's nice to be back, to see everyone. My rear end is sore from sitting in the Cherokee for 12 hours. Conneticutt took four hours rather than two, which annoyed me greatly. But I'm here, one peice, and now off to get some well deserved rack time. Well, er...after Sara finishes watching The Donald on tv.

Adm. Davis

Commander, Parkpia Sector

Commadning Officer, ISD Pride of Carida.

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So, I'm just about all packed to go. This will be my last 12 hour trek to Virginia, with only one more return trip to go. I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow moring, and I'm going to try to use up all the daylight I can. Really and truly not looking forward to the drive itself. It's a pain in the neck to drive 12 hours, all alone.

But what's waiting at the end will be worth it. I get to see Sara, which is good. I'm also thinking about stopping in Philedelphia to see my sister, who's at school at St. Joseph's.

The last term starts Monday - seminar on Reconstruction, with Dr. Merchant, my favorite prof. He's pretty funny.

Anyway, I'm planning on being up early tomorrow, so I'll wrap this up.

Rogue Leader out.


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