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The new Princeton ranking are out, and surprisingly enough, my Alma Mater ISN'T on the top 20 party schools.


We are...
#1 For Most Hard Liquor
#7 For Most Beer
#2 For Best Frat/Srat Scene

Yeah, W& rock on.

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Wow...where to begin.

I graduated from college a week ago tommorrow. Conincidently, I have a job interview tomorrow. More on that later.

Graduation, was, well, all in all, it was fine. I have to admit the day started out as a dissapointment, as many of you may have gathered from my angry post the moring of the ceremony. It rained, so we could not hold commencment on the Lawn in front of Lee Chapel, instead, we had it indoors, at Cameron Hall, the large basketball arena at VMI. Very annoying. Had a good laugh though, looking at the banners hanging from the rafters. Poor little VMI is still claiming bragging rights to making the Sweet 16 in the early 70's. I guess they haven't had much luch since then. Graduation speaker was Tom Wolfe, a WLU alumni. He was hysterically funny. Made fun of Paris Hilton, that was cool. Got my diploma, real sheepskin!

After the ceremony it was time to finish up the packing. We managed to get everthing in the two vehicles, and trundled home to NH on Friday, getting in very late. Saturday was spent unpacking. Most of my stuff still isn't unpacked, as I'm trying to clean my room, and start packing to move out all at the same time. Not working really well, in fact, my computer isn't even unpacked yet. I'm updating from my Dad's.

That doesn't stop me from working on Fanfiction! The Prolouge to DTR is back from the beta, as of today. I'm going to go have a look at that next.

I've been working at the golf course. I'm now nicely sunburned to deep lobster red, but that's okay, because once that peels, I'll brown up to a nice farmers tan. Sara's crazy about that. She also think's that I look sexy driving a tractor, so it's all good. We've been areoating,(sp?) this week. On Tuesday, the small areoater blew a spring, and was down most of the day, so we were behind, but Bob, the mechanic, managed to fix it. Today, worse, the big areoater blew a drive shaft. Glenn, my boss, the course super, had ordered a spare, because he knew it was wearing out. That was two month ago, the part's been backordered. Bob took the broken one to a machine shop to see if they can create a new one. That's won't be cheap.

Job interview tomorrow at John Stark Regional High School. It's a temp position, one year only, and it's the school furtherst away from where I want to be, so I may not take it, even if they offer it to me. But it's a place to start, we'll see.

Anyway, time to go do some editing, catch ya on the flip side.
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I'm packing...which means my apartment resembles something out of a war zone, like London during the Blitz. My walls are now bare, which is really depressing, and boxes and bags are stacked everywhere. This is really depressing.

I'm excited about graduation, though. Praying hard for sunshine on Thursday...hope everybody will pitch in on that. I would much prefer to graduation outside, on my campus, rather than INSIDE, at SOMEONE ELSE'S campus. (Our fieldhouse isn't big enough).

Saying goodbye to Lexington is going to be hard/easy at the same time. I'm going to miss some people, and as for the rest, I just want to blow this popsicle stand.

The reality of the real world is pressing in, though. When I get home, it's time to start the wedding plans in earnest, as well as get serious about getting employed. I do have an interview lined up, and my resume is off to about six differant schools now, so we'll see.

The end of an era, the closing of a book, the twilight of the gods...that reminds me of another comparison to my room...Berlin, '45. How very Wagnarian.

I must be playing too much Panzer General 2 lately. For anyone who cares, I've swept across France, routed the British in North Africa, and I'm currently closing on Moscow. Wunderbar! Rommel? He's a piker compared to me...Gureidian? I ate his book for breakfast.
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Well, Sara's back in town here in Lex Vegas. We're having a wonderful time so far. I'm into my last week of class, and it's going by quickly. Hard to beleive I'll graduate in only a week or so. I'm meeting up with an old prof this week for lunch, which will be fun. And there are all kinds of senior activities this week too. I'm looking foward to the end really.

This year has been a series of countdowns, actually. First was the end of Student Teaching, then the Sara's graduation, then the Star Wars movie, now my graduation, and then HBP, and eventually my wedding day. The year seems to be flying by.

Speaking of flying by, I've got a job interview set up for early June. Hopefully something will pan out.

Anyway, now that I'm posting, I have my Arthur/Molly ficlet for [ profile] kelleypen. It's total fluff, but then that's what she asked for. Hope you're having a good day my friend!

August 2000                                                                                                                                                                      A story from the Defining Moments Universe: 1,430 Words

August 2000 )

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The good news is I got my grades in from student teaching finally. A-! Which puts my cumulative GPA at 3.255. Pretty damn remakable when you consider I had a 2.001 after my first term freshman year. Dug myself out of nice little hole, and will probably graduate cum laude.

Other good news...they've received my resume at the schools I sent them to, and nobody's told me that the job's been filled yet, so I'm hopeful.

And the bad news...

Regular readers will remember a few weeks ago when some vandals did some damage at the Golf Course. Just got a call from home today. They were back last night, and managed to damage about 12 golf carts before they were noticed and someone called the police. I don't know how badly they were damaged, or what kind of damage they did to the turf, but still, this is a pain in the ass. Probably kids with not enough supervision....out to be taken out and hung by their toes, where we can throw rotten fruit at them.

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Here it is, Wednesday, and I'm already pining for Friday. It's been a long week. I'm tired, and whiney right now. I miss Sara, who has been more than a little incommunicado this week, with the thesis and all. I'm not really upset, because I know how important this is to her, but I'm feeling a bit alone over here.

Class is going well. Doc is piling on the praise in class, which is highly embarassing. Don't know what's gotten into him lately. The senior history majors have been invited out to dinner at his house next Tuesday, I can't wait.

Finished my first paper (of six) for the class today. Had to write a speech defining freedom. Could either be from the point of view of a northern conservative, northern radical, white southern, or southern freedman. I chose northern radical. Go figure.

I'm dissapointed I won't make it out for Sara's thesis defense, but participation is 50% of my grade in my class, and I'm stockpiling absences for the off chance I get a job interview. ::crosses fingers::

Doc did a great job with my letter of recomendation, but messed up a little, I discovered. He put Parry McClure High School, instead of Rockbridge County High School, when he was talking about my student teaching. An honest mistake. County has two schools.

Between Sara's issues with her roomie, and her issues with MY roomie (who invited his girlfreind to out wedding without checking first) and my issues with my roomie (how hard is it to do dishes once in a while), I'm thinking the time has come to graduate and move on. Only a few weeks now. May 15th, for Sara. You need tickets to get into that one. June 2nd for me, and if you're in the Lexington area, come on down.

Speaking of graduation, ran into Cash Koeniger today. He's a VMI prof who graduated from W&L and was a visiting professor for a year at W&L while Barry Machado was on sabbatical. He and I took an immediate liking to one another when I had him for Populism, Progressisim and the New Deal, and I've kept in touch now that he's back over at the Prison...I mean VMI. He told me we should do lunch sometime before I head back to NH. Have to take him up on that. Rule #1 of College Students. Never turn down free food.

Anyway, I'm going to go get ready to hit the rack. Although I might play the interview game first...we'll see.

Campbell Out.
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Okay, here for the last six weeks.

Doc Merchant paid me some nice compliments this morning in class, mentioning my papers as examples to emulate to the rest of my seminar. Talk about embarassing. Still, nice to know he likes them.

The seminar is on Reconstruction. By and large, it is a depressing topic, filled with racism, violence and misplaced dreams. On the other hand, it is a period of American History that I know relativly little about. Which is why I decided to take the course.

Sara's still plugging away at the dreaded thesis. A week from today, and it will all be over, one way or another. Personally, I'm looking forward to that moment.

Back to my old tricks at the radio station, WLUR 91.5 FM. Had a decent show today. Got tired toward the end, need to get more sleep. Note to self: SLEEP.

Killed the afternoon by reading for class and playing Halo. Tomorrow, I work on Job apps. (Doc Merchant finished my letter of rec today). And do the next round of edits on Defining Moments, Chapter 7: A Very Wedding Episode.

Anyway. Back to Eric Foner's Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution.

The Governor out.
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So, I'm just about all packed to go. This will be my last 12 hour trek to Virginia, with only one more return trip to go. I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow moring, and I'm going to try to use up all the daylight I can. Really and truly not looking forward to the drive itself. It's a pain in the neck to drive 12 hours, all alone.

But what's waiting at the end will be worth it. I get to see Sara, which is good. I'm also thinking about stopping in Philedelphia to see my sister, who's at school at St. Joseph's.

The last term starts Monday - seminar on Reconstruction, with Dr. Merchant, my favorite prof. He's pretty funny.

Anyway, I'm planning on being up early tomorrow, so I'll wrap this up.

Rogue Leader out.
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Another day, another dollar. They all seem to roll together these days. I'm starting to look forward to getting home for break in April, or home for the summer in June. I hope my fiance finds work she'll enjoy this summer, and I hope its at home. If not, well, I'll just have to find something to do with all that free time.
Maybe I can occupy it by repairing that old Mustang from the 80s she has sitting on her lot. It would really sweet if I could turn it into a convertible.

Prof. Merchant is soooooooooo boring sometimes. But then, I knew this class would be boring when I signed up. The history of the Early Republic is not my favorite period in American history. I'm much more comfortable in the period starting in 1850, and running pretty much to the present. Before that, I could really care less. Except for the Revolution, that was pretty cool. Andrew Jackson, Millard Filmore? Not so much.

Prof. Koeniger and I continue to get along great. We both seem to have a soft spot for Truman, which is interesting, and I think he's one of the better lecturers on campus.

Don't know why I'm so tired today. Thought I slept great last night. Humph.

Heard from an old friend today. We talked for a while about Star Wars. I miss RPGing with the old crowd from SHS. I wish there were people interested in RPGS here in Fratastic Land. Where I come from, we don't care so much what people think. Then again, where I come from, we're not descended from 8 generations of Southern Aristocratic Planters who owned slaves for years. We're just humble New England yankees, (not to be confused with DamnNYYankees...more on that some other time) who work hard and make our living the old fashioned way, we earn it.
Rural folk, not pretentious.

My 9th Graders were fun today. They're doing presentations on Native American civilizations, Incas, Mayas, Mound Builders, etc. They don't know it, but they have an open notebook test Friday. They think I'm doing a notebook check on Friday. They're so funny. A dollar says at least one doesn't have what he needs for notes on Friday. I think I enjoy working with them almost as much as I enjoy real classes.

I got a solo in the Hayden mass the chorus is doing. I'm really nervous about it. I'm not a classical singer. Ask me to sing Rogers and Hammerstein, I'd be fine. Hayden? Latin? Mass? I'm scared, I admit it. Its not like anything I've sung before. Fortunately, Jerry (Prof. Myers) is more than willing to help out. So hopefully, I won't embarrass myself.

You ever notice how country music has this coming of age theme to it? Growing up, going back to the old home? Where the Green Grass Grows, Red Dirt Road, Sweet Southern Comfort, When It All Goes South? They're all about people going back to where they grew up. How come no one sings about New England that way? I mean seriously, New Hampshire's not that much different from the rural come no one sings about us? Maybe its because we never seceded from the union.

I could probably keep typing for a while, but I think I'll go study for my Koeniger mid-term....till next time...


Feb. 22nd, 2004 11:04 pm
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Well, here we are. It seems like everyone is doing this, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Things in my life are going well. I'm engaged, I'm at a great school, and I think I've found my calling in life. So why do I seem so down sometimes? Can't figure that one out. Its like I sit here, and stare at the screen. I wonder, why are we here? Why is anyone here? Do we really know? I mean, I believe in God and everything, but why me? Why am I so lucky, when others aren't? Break is over, existentialism has set in, oh no. I HATE winter term. Too long and dark. Except for the snow, I don't much care for winter. Too dark, too early. I'm a very sunshine person. Probably a mild case of SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) here...

My Feb. school break is now ending, and I'm really depressed. I don't want to go back to classes. Getting up at 8 am for Prof. Merchant's Early American History 1801-1830 class is not my idea of a good time. Believe me, there are much better things I could be doing.

Had a good week last week. Got to hang out with one of my v. cool pledge bros, and my wonderful super finance, of course. Although aforementioned pledge brother could really use some help in the romance department. Totally inept would not be an unjust assessment.

Need to make a mental note to start going to church more often. Any suggestions on what I should give up for Lent? I'm thinking I might do Meatless Fridays with my fiance...but see, I don't eat a lot of meat to begin with...humm..something to think about anyway.

This is kinda fun. Could be therapeutic even. Anyway, for now, signing off...


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