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"Our long national nightmare is over..." among the more famous quotes of Gerald R. Ford, 38th President of the United States. He helped the country heal when we were at our worst. Rest in peace, and Godspeed Mr. President. 

Sara and I have arrived safely in Virginia. Presidents seem to pass away when I'm in Virginia. I was a junior, just packing up to leave Lexington when Reagan passed away. I'm looking into the possibility of stopping in DC on the way home since he'll be resting in state at the Capitol. I really wanted to go for Reagan but I was leaving before he arrived in DC. 

Anyway.  We're here, and looking forward to C&Q's wedding. I'll post more later. For now, off to the Green Leafe for food.
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Sara is off to Germany. According to the flight tracker I'm using, she's about half and hour from Paris, and then she has an hour in Paris, and then it's on another plane for Berlin.

I'm spending the night at my 'Rent's house, and heading back to Leb tomorrow. I'm debating staying up till I know she's on the ground in Germany, but I don't think that's a really good idea.

I'm off to try and get some sleep. Sara hopes to be emailing me around 6 am our time, if all goes well she should be arrived and settled in her quarters in Berlin by then.

Prayers folks, for me and her.

I realize of course, that really, I don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to being upset that we're apart, because people do it for much longer periods, (and here I'm thinking of you, DADAGinny and you do it, I don't know, but you have my respect, and my sympathy) but this still sucks. Three weeks from our first anniversary too. :-(
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Well, it's been a couple days, so a quick update for y'all.

1.) Sara leaves for Germany on the 6th. All good thoughts and prayers in her direction please. To say I'm nervous about seeing my wife off for a week and a half would be an understatement. I haven't slept alone since last December, and I'm sure I'm not going to enjoy it.

2.) No word yet on my MPA application, but seeing as my boss still hasn't done my recomendation, I'm not holding my breath yet. I am, however, going to hit him with something hard until he fills it out.

3.) Had the police at the theater the other night. An employee walked out in the middle of his shift, leaving a drawer that was 70 dollars short. Had to fill out forms and give statements, etc. Not fun.

4.) I need to shop for Christmas. Please, oh wonderful F-list of mine, do not let me procrastinate. I've shopped before on the day before Christmas, it's not fun. Don't let me forget to shop.

5.) Sunday I go off to Plymouth for the Grafton County Republican caucus, where I may be elected to serve on the State Committee. I'm really hoping I get elected.

I think that's about it for now. Until next time...

Home Again!

Jan. 2nd, 2006 02:56 am
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Before you click the links, be warned, this is a very long post. Click at your own risk!

“Well )
“The )
“All )

Okay, so that’s about it for now. Look for pictures coming up on Two Roads soon. I’ll post again when they’re up. Happy New Year Everyone!


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