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" question please?"

"Mr. Campbell, can you tell us where you've been the last several weeks?"

"Well, I can tell you that I've been very busy. This is a very busy time of year for me, with job listings being posted. I had a job fair interview last week."

"How did it go?"

"It went very well. It was for a position at my old high school, so I'm hoping I have a good chance of getting called back for a second interview. I aslo have an interview lined up at Woodsville High School at the end of the month."

"What about substituting, how is that going?"

"No comment. Next question, please."

"How is Sears?"

"Sears is going fine. We've just completed a major store realighnment, and I spent several days moving the paint department. The result of moving all those gallons of paint has me sore in places I forgot I had."

"How about your personal life, Mr. Campbell?"

"In general it's good. I entertained my sister and my parents at my house this past week, and both visits were very sucessfully."

"The important part, Mr. Campbell, your writing. Your readers want to know when you're going to be back."

"I'm currently working on two projects right now, the next chapter of Redefining and the next chapter of DTR. I hope to have both finished before the end of the week."

"So, in general, you'd say things are going well."

"I think that about sums it up. No more questions, please."
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My life proceeds apace.

Subsitutiting is the bane of my existance. I've been in a middle school the last two days, and these kids give new meaning to hell on wheels. I had one swear at me. A middle schooler! I told him to move his seat, because he was talking to the kid next to him, and looks up at me and says "What the hell for, I ain't done sh-t." "Office! NOW!" I roared, and the class went dead silent so as for pin to drop, but the kid just sat there, pleased as punch, and then sauntered off to the office. Arrogant little peice of...*ahem*. Oh dear Lord, I pray thee for the ability to snap my fingers and land anyone of my choosing in US Marine Boot Camp. Hoo-rah.

Sears is going better. The final body count climbed to 9 firings and four arrests. And it's funny, the store runs just as efficently now as it did before. Overstaffed much? Well, at least I'm getting paid by the hour. I actually enjoy the work, which is good, since it means I no longer have a day off. I work 7 days a week. I realize of course, lots of people do, because they have to, and they don't complain, so I shouldn't go round feeling sorry for myself, but man, I'm tired lately. No rest for the weary, I suppose.

Think I picked up a mild cold. THat's not helping. And I've done *Something* to my right leg. I can't seem to lift it above my knee. Like, when I go to get in my jeep, it sets off excruciating pain. Must be a muscle pull, or worse, tear. I hope its just a pull and it will fade in time. It's lingered long enough though, that I'm seriously thinking of seeing a Doc.

Trying to hook Sara on Sherlock Holmes. Read her Scandal in Bohemia last night at bedtime. She seemed to enjoy it.

Enough about me. How about the rest of y'all?

New Life

Jan. 5th, 2006 12:39 pm
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Well, things are new and different.

I'm here, in my own home, rather than in my parents. It's different, yet nice. Being with Sara everyday is incredible, and I love every minute of it. It's a bit strange though. I still have this nagging feeling I should be getting home, or that this can't last. But it can, and it will. :-D

Unfortunetly, I haven't been called to sub yet, so I haven't earned any money yet. I'm also getting bored, sort of. I have my writing, and I have the history channel, but I'd like to have something to do durning the day while Sara's at class.

On the plus side of the ledger, I found a part time job, and I start next week somtime. I'm going to be a Lawn and Garden Salesmen at Sears. I'm going to sell on commission, which I once swore I would never do again after a bad experiance selling computers at Circut City, but I feel better about this, because I feel Craftsmen lawnmowers are a much better product than the crappy computers they had me selling at CC. Of course, I'm older too, and I might be a better salesmen this time around.

Anyway, that's about all for now.
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Good morning everyone,

It was with a great deal of delight that I arose this morning to discover that the Earth had been blanketed in a layer of white snow, making the whole thing look very much like a Courier and Ives Print. It's still snowing a bit now, I'm not sure how long it's going to go on. It's quite beautiful however, and I've no wish to see it change to rain and get turned into mush.

And now, in honor of Thanksgiving, a list of things I am thankful for.

What else is there to say? I'm marrying the girl in less than a month. For six years now, she's been a constant presence in my life, a counterpart, a balance. Someone who loves me unconditionally and without question. How can you not be thankful for that? How on earth do you express that thanks? I'm not sure, but I'm trying.

My Family
Despite some of the issues I've had with them over the last several months, particually Mum, the truth is that they have been incredibly supportive of everything this fall. They're funding a good portion of the wedding, and they've been nothing but sympathetic to my attempt to find steady employment. My Dad has done me some incredible honors this fall, particually allowing me to join the SHS football TV broadcasts, a dream I'd been harboring since childhood. And I couldn't ask for a better sibling in my sister, who loves both me, and Sara, to death.

My Job
Yes, I hate subbing. But the fact is, without it, I'd really be broke, so I'm thankful for every day that sucks.

My Friends
(You knew I was going to get there eventually, didn't you?) I'm thankful for all my friends, both the live and in person friends, like Erin (who is working 9 to 9 on Black Friday. We're meeting her at 9:30 to take her our for a drink), and Justin, and Kern (who's going to come up for a visit next winter!), and all the rest. And of course, there's all my PS, friends, and my f-list friends. You folks have been remarkable in putting up with my ranting over the course of the last couple of months, and you've helped keep Sara and I sane. I also want to thank all of you folks who have made writing for PS such a joy in my life. I can't wait to get back to it once NaNo is over.

There are many other things, I'm thankful for, I'm sure, but this is the highlight reel. I hope all my American friends have an excellent Thanksgiving, and those of you abroad, I hope you have a good weekend.

Rejoice and Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!
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Well, I finally got a sub gig today. I was in phys ed class.

Umm...yeah, cuz I can teach phys ed. Oh well. The coach teaching the class only left one worksheet, which was optional. And the gym was closed to set up something that was going on this evening at the school. So I three periods of gym students who had nothing better to do than twiddle their thumbs. *THAT* was the bad part.

Does the phrase *hell on wheels* mean anything to you?

Anyway, it's over

Tomorrow I get to sub for one of my all time favorite English teachers at the old stomping grounds. Jack Brouse! woot! Which also means, I get to work with one of my all time favorite history teachers during the period that they team teach together. Double woot! I can't wait.

Saturday, I have to take the Praxis II in social studies. I'm getting kind of nervous about it, actually. It's been a while since I had Econ, and I haven't kept current. It's been a while since Sociology too, oh wait, I never took sociology. *Nervously chews fingernails*

Saturday is also the NH Div I football Superbowl, between Salem and Pinkerton. 1pm Pinkerton. Be there. I'll be in the booth, with the call.

And it's a big rivalry day in College Football, what with the Big Game, the OSU/Michigan Game, the Land Grant Trophy Game between PSU and Michigan State...while ND gets to beat up on hapless Syracuse.

Anywhoo, that's all for now.
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I'm not sure where to begin. It's been a while.

Subbing is still sucking my very will to live. I had a class this afternoon who refused to obey the simplest commands. And the worst part was, they weren't nasty about it, they just treated me as if I wasn't there. I told them you must work independantly, with no talking. In a matter of moments, they pushed all the desks together and were talking up a storm. I told them, they had to work independantly, and to move the desks back, and they just kept talking as if they hadn't heard me. I'm sure there's plently of people who are reading this, and are like, well you should have done this, or that. But I was just so blown away, I decided to save my breath, and wrote a long note to the teacher. I happen to know this particular teacher, and she will not be pleased, I'm sure. But it just blows me away....where are these kids learning to disrespect authority like that? How on earth are these people going to be productive members of society?

On another note, I had a nice weekend with Sara up in Hanover. On Friday we cleaned the apartmnet, and on Saturday we hosted for the first time. We had another couple over for a dinner and games night. In the afternoon, we played Settlers of Catan, and then had a lovely dinner of beef stroganof (cooked by Sara), with fresh baked bread which John and Angela brought. For desert, Sara had attempted and succeded to make a pumpkin pie, which was enjoyed by all. After dinner we played a rousing game of 3 on 1 Trivial Pursuit. I would have won if I hadn't been giving out outragous hints to the three of them. After that, a round of Cranium closed out the night. It was the most fun I've had since the summer. Sunday, Sara and I went to church, and then just hung out and watched football while Sara did homework. I stayed thru till Monday, and took several hours to drive around and gather up subsitute applications for area schools. Now I have to fill them all out. *sigh* I really didn't want to leave Hanover, we had such a nice weekend. I really can't wait for the wedding so I can be up there all the time. I was so nice to be on my own with Sara, out from the 'Rents. I love them dearly, and for the most part we get along, but it's been so hard living at home after being in my own apartment last year at school.

 New England Sports Rant )

Another large disspointment from the weekend was my NaNoWriMo progress. I haven't updated my word count yet, because to do so would be highly embarassing. After a roaring start, the story completely stalled. While I'm slowly overcoming the hump, it's been a struggle, but one I'm determined to push on through.

Wedding planing is slowly starting to grind together. I need to book a limo, and I also need to hire a team of bounty hunters to hunt down my groomsmen and haul them bodily into tux shops to be measured. Once that's done, my responsibility for the most part is over, except for helping to make sure all the bills are paid on time.

So, to review: Subbing sucks. I can't wait for the wedding to be over. Indy sucks. SHS football and CTV6 rock. My groomsmen need to get their act in gear. And NaNo needs help. That about sums up my life in a nutshell.

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It's been a while since I've updated about anything besides my new website and NaNoWriMo...oh, there was that post about HP questions, and all of them have since been answered.

Life goes on, I suppose. I'm still subbing. Day in, day out, I have no idea where, who, or what subject I'll be. Monday, I taught sixth grade math. I made a mistake while subtracting, and I'm fairly sure there were 25 sixth graders laughing at me behind my back. Okay, so they weren't doing out loud, but still. Math was never my strong suit, and I was pretty much ad libbing in a subject I never cared for. Still, I was beet red.

Today I was a computer teacher. That was easy, I sat around while the kids did their computer things, and worked on NaNo. Tomorrow, I'm giving a history test. Friday? Who the hell knows?

My kingdom for the slightest peice of permanance. I NEED A JOB!

There's that Christmas wish meme going around, and I'm probably going to do it eventually, but number one, numero uno Christmas list? A HISTORY TEACHING POSITION.

And of course, the whole time change thing is throwing me off, although it's probably in a good way. I've discovered through the years that I'm a very sunshine oreiented person. If it's up, I'm up. When it's not up, I feel like sleeping. It means I find it very easy to get up in the morning, but I'm finding it really difficult to stay up much past 10 these days. Not that I should be anyway, but I'm really starting to feel tired much earlier in the day. Like now. It's six thirty. I could go to bed now.

On the plus side, the subbing thing gives me lots of time to Novelize for NaNo. And also I'm reading an incredibly facsinating book on the construction of the Panama Canal. The Path Between the Seas, by David McCullough. HIGHLY reccomended. I want to go see the Culbera Cut (Gailliard Cut) now. Unfortunetly, Panama vacations are really expensive. Trust me, I looked.

There are 50 some odd days until wedded bliss. Crunch time! With a little bit of luck, it won't fall apart, and we'll both still love each other when it's over. Okay...*WE'LL* still love each other. The chances of our families getting through this without killing each other is getting smaller...can't wait to get to the Bahamas the Monday after Christmas.

Oh, what the heck, I'll do the Christmas meme now. I've got nothing better to do. I just feel like a heel doing it, because I've searched and searched through my f-list, and I couldn't find anything for me to do for anyone else. I feel guilty posting it knowing that I can't find anything to do for someone else.

Christmas Wish Meme )

See, now I feel like a complete stodge because someone will probably find something the can help me with, and I've not been able to find a single thing to do for someone! Somebody go do this meme and list something I can help you with, so I don't feel so bad!
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Came up to see Sara this weekend. It rained most of the weekend, and because it rained today, and there's no school (no possibility of subsituting today), I played hooky from the golf course and stayed up the extra day. I'm going to head home sometime this afternoon. Sara's off at class now. I think she's turned a corner in terms of her classes, and while I won't necessarily be all down hill, it at least won't be the tough sledding that the last week was.

We did a bit of exploring in downtown Hanover Saturday inspite of the rain. Found a nice used book store where we found a couple of books. Notre Dame had the weekend off, so there was no afternoon football that we were interested in. Penn State was on at 7:45, and we got back in time to watch the Nittney Lions knock off the Buckeyes. Whohoo! I love JoePa. Penn State is BACK! Next weekend, should be interesting week. Penn State and Michigan, and Notre Dame against USC. That game in South Bend will be one of the biggest of the year, I think. Let's go Notre Dame!

Sunday we checked out St. Dennis's, the local Catholic parish. It was nice service. Lots of kids, which made Sara coo and awww. Then the Patriots made it far too exciting against the Falcons. I love Adam Vinitieri, but it would be nice once or twice to not need him to kick last second field goals for a change. The defense needs serious help. Got to get some people healthy on the D, or things will be tough sledding.

All the good football this weekend has made me almost forget that the White Sox swept out the Red Sox. *sigh*. I can't complain too much after last year's series, so I guess it's See You In April for the Beantown boys. Football is the main course from now forward.

Sara's shower is next weekend, and here's hoping that everything is all set and going okay.
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After months of stalling, we have FIANALLY engaged a photographer. I think it was fate/kismet/divine intervention, what have you.

I went up to see this guy's portfolio, and we exchange a little small talk, blah blah, kind of thing. I mentioned that I was trying to be an American history teacher. We're watching his photo slideshow and he asks me what my specialization is, I tell him military history. We then proceeded to spend the next half hour talking about the Civil War, how Jackson was a genius, trench warfare at Petersburg, the whole shebang.

We had such a great personal rapport, and his pictures were dynamite. Things do work out after all.

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of subbing. Mainly at Middle Schools, which is NOT my chosen field, and with good reason. Middle schoolers, I've found, with a few exceptions, are far harder to control than high schoolers. Middle schoolers are just plain too rambunctious. *Sigh* But it pays, and it keeps us in the black, temporarily.

I'm too excited about the photographer to get down on my current state of employment though.
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Too lazy to do cuts, so I'll try and keep this short to save my f-list from long rambles.

I hurt. All over. I worked today at the golf course, and did two irrigations heads, all by myself...alone, and apparently forgotton, because when I got on the radio to ask for someone to turn the water back on, the response was "You're still here!?!" *Grumble*

And then I took the trash to the dump. It's been over two weeks, so there was quite a bit here at the house. Then I went to church. (Dad, being the Chairman of the Trustees, is responsible for making sure someone takes out the trash. Generally that means he does it himself...or I do it.) The shed was full to overflowing. I knew this was going to be the case, and Mum told me I should only take out some and come back on Saturday for the rest.

Being genetically incapable of leaving a job half finished, I did two loads from church and emptied the shed. My back and arms are killing be, between digging holes and heave-hoing bags.

My first sub experiance on Tuesday was uneventful I suppose. Kids were loud, but that's too be expected, I guess. Subbing is not really all that much fun, because you have very little authority to do anything. And the teacher I subbed for didn't leave any discipline program, short of kicking a kid down to the office. Nobody was being *that* bad, fortunetly, but I would have liked to hand out a few mid-grade punishments to take out a few of the noisiest chatters.

I've previously ranted about the kids map skills over in the coffeehouse at PS, but sufficiet to say, the map skills were bad. My sister thinks I have too high of a standard, though. She accused me of quote "eating an atlas" at some point, and knowing far more about geography than any normal person should. Still, I don't think it's too much to expect the average 8th grader to know where Chesapeake Bay it? ~.^

Anyway, I'm off to rest my tired muscles.


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