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As requested, I have provided some pictures of the Star Destroyer build.


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May. 25th, 2007 05:39 pm
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Happy 30th Birthday, Star Wars!

I celebrated by playing Star Wars music during class changes at school, and showing George Lucas In Love to some of my classes today.

The Friday before Memorial Day weekend, they weren't paying attention to anything I said anyway.

May the Force Be With You!

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Tagged by my lovely spouse.

that changed your life: The Courtship of Princess Leia. The first Star Wars book I read, and discovered the whole universe of Post-Movie fiction. That arguably changed my life forever.

you have read more than once: Heir to the Empire, by Timothy Zahn.

you would want on a desert island: hmm. Red Storm Rising, by Clancy. (I'd say the Heir, but it's the first book in a triology, and I couldn't do without the other two)

that made you laugh: The Starfighters of Adumar by Allison makes me crack up.

that made you cry: The Last Command, by Timothy Zahn

you wish had been written: Anything where Thrawn didn't die.

you wish had never been written: The Crystal Star, by Vonda McIntyre.

you are currently reading: A History of the KGB the Mitoyken Archive.

you have been meaning to read: Les Miserables.
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…somebody goofed. It snowed here today. Not, much, I’ll grant you, but snow nonetheless, and there are actually several inches…INCHES…in the forecast for tonight. Where did Spring go?

My life has been a mess of confusion lately.

Job Situation #1: Salem has reposted the vacancy I applied for. Now, I was told this was going to happen, so that in itself didn’t mean anything. I spoke with the Humanities Director, who said, and I’m quoting roughly “We have one candidate from the first batch we’re interesting in moving on with, and the rest are going back into the pool and as we get new people we’ll be setting up second interviews for some people when the time comes.” And THAT delightful piece of bureaucratic double-talk was in response to the questions “So when will I hear something definite?” Tell me, did he answer my question? Didn’t think so. Sara has taken to calling this particular administrator, “Mr. Poopypants” for his inability/unwillingness to communicate clearly. Personally, knowing him as I do, I’m leaning towards inability. It seems to me he’s probably thinking he IS being helpful, rather than deliberately obtuse. So, we’re in a wait and see mode. I’m also trying to figure out what I can find out “unofficially” through my contacts in the district so I can find out WTF is going on down there.
I wish I knew what was going on, really, because if I’m not going to get the job, I want to call up or visit one of the teachers who was on the interview committee and find out what I did wrong, or how I can get better at interviewing. He’s an old friend and I really think he could help. But I don’t want to contact him while I’m still pending, you know?

Job Situation #2: The Woodsville High School interview went well. I like the people in the department I’d be working with (all two of them). They’re both young, and excited. The school itself is much smaller than I anticipated (total enrolment: 300 students). But I think I could like it there. Even if a part of me feels like I’m being exiled to the back of the beyond because I’m not good enough for the big leagues yet. (Sorry, kid, you’re being sent down.) They told me they expect to hire in mid-April, so THEY at least gave me a time frame.

Job Situation #3: My boss at Sears told me they’ve got a Lead position opening up at the end of April, and he wants me to go for it. Half of me wants to laugh in his face, half of me is slightly intrigued. Half of me says, I didn’t waste four years of American History and Education studies to be the Receiving Manager at the West Lebanon Sears. The other half wonders if God’s trying to open a window for me, or something. I just don’t know.

In other news, the Sox opened the season with a win for the first time in like…forever. I’ve been missing my favourite baseball buddy, Doc Merchant. I should give him a buzz, or something.

Timothy Zahn’s new book, “Outbound Flight” is out in stores. I’ve already finished it, it was very good. I hesitate to say spectacular, but definitely very good. [ profile] kadath, you need to read it, it gives some very good background on our favourite Grand Admiral. [ profile] jedione you will enjoy it also, if you’re reading this.

I’ve purchase the complete three volume set of “Lee’s Lieutenant’s” by Douglas Southall Freeman. Finding them fascinating. Yeah, I’m that much a history nerd.

That’s about it, I guess. My frustration level with the Salem School District is high, but I’m trying not to lose hope. Really, really, trying.
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And now for[ profile] kadath's present.

Title: Journy's Begining
Words 1,306
Setting: ANH+8 (Shortly before the Thrawn Campagin begins.)
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It's here.

It's GOOD.


Go see it.

So I can talk about it. I'm not spoiling it for you.

Go see it.

That's an order.


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