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Subject line is a quote from a star wars book that is a particular favorite of mine.

I should be going to bed, but I just wanted to hop on a point out that for once, a school board from an uber conservative southern state got it right. Apparently, a woman in Georgia was trying to get her local school board to ban the use of the Harry Potter books in the class room because they quote "promote witchcraft". Well, the school board told her to take a hike, fortunetly. I don't have the link to the article handy, I closed that window, sorry.

I really don't understand the problem some folks have with HP. The same folk who rail against HP are the same folk who embrace Narnia. Maybe the fact that Narnia is a Christian allegory somehow makes the magic in those books more palatable, I don't know.

And the folks who claim HP causes kids to question authority and defy adults...? Have these people never HAD kids of their own? Kids do that without any help from HP, thank you very much. So Harry, Ron and Hermione break every rule in the book, and Fred and George break rules that haven't been made yet. So what? Just about every kids book out there has somebody breaking the rules.

I didn't mean to rant...well, actually, i did. I just didn't mean to go on this long about it. My higher brain functions shut down about, oh, say, six hours ago. I'm off to bed.

Catch you all on the flip side
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So...not to make light of anyone who may have gotten hurt, but was I the only one to think it's kind of weird to see a tornado in London, and wonder if that's really what happened?
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I'm not really sure whether to laugh or be freaked out about this, but apparently one of my faternity brothers (he's a senior this year), is actually the hinterlands of Thailand right now.

Thailand, you know? The place where they had the coup d'etat  yesterday?

So far, the coup has been entirely bloodless, which is the part that's good, and making it more humorous than scary. I'm having visions of him treking across the jungle to the next nearest US Embassy (in Burma, maybe? Cambodia?)...or being plucked out in the middle of the night by US Army rescue teams, dangling rather comically from the landing skid of a Huey.

I genuinely hope nothing bad happens to him, because he's a nice guy, but it would be nice if he got some funny stories out of this because well...let's just say, for all your HP fans out there, he reminds me of Percy. Very uptight, occasionally prissy, and I'm not sure he knows how to have a good time. I'm sure he'll come home with an incredible tale of woe about how this interrupted his studies, and he'll be so serious and intense about it, the guys couldn't help but laugh.
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I just wanted to drop a little note to say "thank you" to all the veterans out there, for making the world a better place.

I had a long thing I was thinking about writing, but in the end, I think "thank you" works just as well, probably better.

God, why?

Nov. 8th, 2005 10:12 pm
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Finished watching House and caught part of the 10 O'clock news.

There's been a school shooting in Tennesse. An assistant principal is dead, another is in critcal condition, and the building principal is in serious condition, at least according to reports on the AP wire.

The suspect is, according to the TV news, a 14 or 15 year old high school frosh, who was called into the office to answer questions about rumors that he was carrying a gun on school property. He opened fire with a .22

The suspect is in police custody.

My God, why? What is the problem with our nations children? Where have we gone wrong? How have we failed these kids? It just breaks my heart. Every year, so much potential is wasted. It doesn't even have to be a school shooting. Drugs, petty crime, gang related issues. Our nations young people are entering the wrong side of the criminal justice system at an alarming rate. How do we turn it around?

And, speaking as a high school teacher, not get killed in the process?

Deus Misereatur
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It's been a while since I've updated about anything besides my new website and NaNoWriMo...oh, there was that post about HP questions, and all of them have since been answered.

Life goes on, I suppose. I'm still subbing. Day in, day out, I have no idea where, who, or what subject I'll be. Monday, I taught sixth grade math. I made a mistake while subtracting, and I'm fairly sure there were 25 sixth graders laughing at me behind my back. Okay, so they weren't doing out loud, but still. Math was never my strong suit, and I was pretty much ad libbing in a subject I never cared for. Still, I was beet red.

Today I was a computer teacher. That was easy, I sat around while the kids did their computer things, and worked on NaNo. Tomorrow, I'm giving a history test. Friday? Who the hell knows?

My kingdom for the slightest peice of permanance. I NEED A JOB!

There's that Christmas wish meme going around, and I'm probably going to do it eventually, but number one, numero uno Christmas list? A HISTORY TEACHING POSITION.

And of course, the whole time change thing is throwing me off, although it's probably in a good way. I've discovered through the years that I'm a very sunshine oreiented person. If it's up, I'm up. When it's not up, I feel like sleeping. It means I find it very easy to get up in the morning, but I'm finding it really difficult to stay up much past 10 these days. Not that I should be anyway, but I'm really starting to feel tired much earlier in the day. Like now. It's six thirty. I could go to bed now.

On the plus side, the subbing thing gives me lots of time to Novelize for NaNo. And also I'm reading an incredibly facsinating book on the construction of the Panama Canal. The Path Between the Seas, by David McCullough. HIGHLY reccomended. I want to go see the Culbera Cut (Gailliard Cut) now. Unfortunetly, Panama vacations are really expensive. Trust me, I looked.

There are 50 some odd days until wedded bliss. Crunch time! With a little bit of luck, it won't fall apart, and we'll both still love each other when it's over. Okay...*WE'LL* still love each other. The chances of our families getting through this without killing each other is getting smaller...can't wait to get to the Bahamas the Monday after Christmas.

Oh, what the heck, I'll do the Christmas meme now. I've got nothing better to do. I just feel like a heel doing it, because I've searched and searched through my f-list, and I couldn't find anything for me to do for anyone else. I feel guilty posting it knowing that I can't find anything to do for someone else.

Christmas Wish Meme )

See, now I feel like a complete stodge because someone will probably find something the can help me with, and I've not been able to find a single thing to do for someone! Somebody go do this meme and list something I can help you with, so I don't feel so bad!


Oct. 25th, 2005 09:19 pm
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Wind and Rain, Wind and Rain.

Don't it ever stop?

Last year, October was the Month of Dreams.

This year it's the Month of Rains.

It's been raining for niegh on three weeks now, off and on, with only spurts of sunshine. I'm really missing it tonight. I NEED SUNSHINE! I'm all off balance these days.

Part of it, I think is not having anything to do. Writing fanfiction only occupies me so far, and the mental stimulation I get from subbing could fill a thimble, maybe. I need a challange.

I want to play some war games. Digging out some old history books and rereading At Dawn We Slept, and Miracle at Midway, has rekindled the bug. But I've got no one to play with. I always used to play with Dad as a kid, but nowadays, Dad's never home. And computer games only take you so far. They don't tend to smack talk, or at least make conversation.

I miss the male companionship of the frat house. Monday Night Football isn't as much fun when there's no one to help you throw popcorn and ice chips at the TV after a bad call, or scream "he got JACKED UP" after somebody gets leveled. I used to live with 18 other guys. Now, I'm down to Dad, and as I said before, he's out almost every night this fall (buisness is booming, and the local Budget Committe needs to be hung from the highest tree, but that's a subject for another rant). My best friend from HS is still in college, and my cousins are in school. Most nights, it's me and Ma. I'm hoping that when I move up to Hanover with Sara, I'll try and meet some grad school guys to hang with, or something. Or find a job and make freinds at work. That's the other problem.

As a Sub, I'm like a wandering Minstral, or a Gleeman (for all you RJ fans), wandering from town to town, and never settling down. I never get a chance to meet anyone for more than a couple days at a time. I'm like the invisible man. There one day, gone the next, and who the hell cares?

Wow. I've just incredibly depressed everyone on my f-list. Sorry about that. I needed to get it off my chest.
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So, the 'Rents went away for a night or two. (I think it's only one night, but I'm not precisely sure). Meaning that tonight, I'm here alone. Tomorrow night, I'll be up with Sara, so it won't matter if the 'Rents are here or not. Did I mention I'm alone at the moment?

I hate being in the house alone at night. I suppose that makes me a big ol'wimp. It's just...the house is big, and I can't hear from one end to the other, and there always seem to be more noises (like the house settling, etc) when I'm here by myself. God, I'm such a dork. I'm 23 years old, and I get unnevered by the thought of being alone in my own home.

Oddly, staying alone in my apartment at school never bothered me. In fact, sometimes, I prefered it. (Big git of a roomie...) Of course, I was never broken into twice at my apartment at school. That might have something to do with it.

I've discovered a wonderful thing in the past several days. DosBox. It's a computer program that simulates a DOS interface, and allows you to play all those old, glorious DOS based games on your suped up Windows computer. Carriers at War, oh how I missed you! TIE fighter, my old friend! Oh happy day!

On a sour note, I've discovered these things because my muse has abandoned me. DTR has unfortunetly, for the moment, spun into a talespin of awkward phrasing and stalled ideas. I've got multiple characters screaming for time on the page, and new ones creeping in like invasive water vines and choaking out the rest. Hopefully, Sara will get me straightened out over the weekend.

Anyway, I'm off to see if I can get SimFarm running on DosBox. Later all!
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Hey all, I'm back. It's been an eventful weekend, I suppose.

Click Here for The Big Move )

A Tale of Two Uncles )

Moving Day

Sep. 2nd, 2005 08:43 am
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That's actually tomorrow. Today would more appropriately be refered to as "loading day'. Loading what, you ask?

A large, commerical Chevy pickup, currently loaded with: Washer, Dryer, Queen size matress and box spring, bed rails, two end tables, coffee table, four kitchen table chairs and the wheeled dolly to unload same.

A HUGE-A$$ white trailer that's wider than the pickup by a signifigant factor and just as long, currently loaded with: sofa, loveseat, kitchen table, recliner, rocking chair, desk chair, large TV, DVD/VCR, componant stereo, several lamps, fans, boxes upon boxes of books, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, posters, pictures, games.

Left to pack: Desk, A/C units (2x), computer supplies, Sara's clothes, more boxes of books, more kitchen supplies, more pictures, TV, and other assorted sundries in packing boxes.

Did I mention that I get to drive this behemoth? Adventures in momentum! (Also in REALLY lousy gas milege)

Sara picked up the key to the apartment yesterday. THings are not off to an auspicious start. The blueprint we obtained online is *not* quite accurate. It appears that the original stove in this apartment was one of those smaller, narrow jobs, that has since been replaced. Unfortunetly, the new stove didn't fit in the space alloted to it, apparently, so they put in extra counter space, and put the new stove where the washing machine is *supposed* to go. And if you put the dryer where you're supposed to, where the plug and vent are, the backdoor won't swing open. Go figure. We have a major jigsaw puzzle ahead of us in the kitchen.

That, and the whole place is wall to wall linolium, living room and bedroom included. I see area rugs in our future. They waxed the floor this week too, and the sign on the door said it was supposed to by dry by 9/1...Well, with all the rain and humidity, it wasn't. Sara said she was sticking to the floor, and the smell was awful.

And she couldn't even open a window, because they painted the windows shut, because someone was too lazy to do it right. She had a screwdriver in her car, and managed to pry them open, but then they would only open 4" because there were safty locks on them. How are you supposed to get air? Safty locks are the first thing commin off on Saturday.

But it's ours, and we'll make it work. It's only for a year. I'm begining to understand why the building is scheduled for demolition in June.

Meanwhile, back to packing.
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My buddy in New Orleans told me he thinks the flooding didn't hit his area too badly. But since his family's in Texas, and he's in Virginia, he doesn't know for sure. And, as he told me, "of course, I don't know if the tree fell on dad's house, or if the wind pulled off the roof or not." But they're all ok, obviously. Some people aren't.

My boss, Ken, (the one I've been refering to as IdiotBoy all summer, and now feel incredibly bad about), got a phone call this morning at work, telling him that one of his very good friends was killed in Iraq.

It makes everything I think is wrong with my own life seem very petty.

Everybody on my F-list rocks, btw. Just thought I'd let you all know. Life's too short to forget to mention things like that.


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