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Ran across something hi-larious today while doing my grading. 

(What? I was doing grading. Online. Honest. Stop looking at me like that!)


X-Wing Succumbs to the Force (Of Gravity)

Video available here


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 Anybody else having trouble getting comment notifications lately? I just got one from Saturday...


Aug. 20th, 2007 08:07 pm
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Every so often, I go in to clean out various spam folders, and double check for things that might have gotten picked up by accident.

Has anyone else noticed that spammers are now taking subject lines from works of fiction? Twice within the past three days I've noticed spam subject lines that are direct quotes from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books. 

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They're not really ebil, but they obviously missed the boat, cuz they seem to ship Harry/Hermione.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled preseason football

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I love this! Apparenlty, 7-11 has tranformed a hand full of it's stores into Kwik-E-Marts,  to help pitch the new Simpson's movie coming out this month. 

As side from this being hysterically funny, in it's own right, my favorite part is the bit at the end about corperate America being able to laugh at it self, despite the heavy stereotypical overtones of Apu and the Kwik-E-Mart. I'm glad we're able to see the humor in this.

Maybe there's hope for America after all.
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So good to be back! 

We've been without electricity for much of the afternoon, thanks to some moron who took out one of the poles at the end of our street, so it's nice to be connected with the world again.

Then again, after reading through some of the stuff that's come down with the LJ flap, maybe not.

It does not appear that anyone I know has been "purged" (and I use the verb "purged" in the Stalinist sense of the word), which is good. 

I understand that LJ is just covering their corperate rear ends, but surely there should have been a better way to do this other than summary execution.

For shame, LJ, for shame.

ETA: If anyone's interested in standing up to be counted, go ahead and join 

[profile] fandom_counts

 and be part of sending a message to LJ.

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I'm not sure what to say. I've been busy. I just finished a request fic from my wife, it'll be going up over at  [profile] no2ticonderoga shortly. It was fun to write, because I did it in the present tense for a change, a nice challenge. 

Anyway, I decided to talk about this program which is so cool, I can't even begin to describe it. It's a book cateloging program, where you can input the ISBN number of your books, and it will retrieve all the information via the internet, and build you a catelog for your private library.  I want it so badly, I can taste it. I'm saving up my spare change and putting away my spare dollar bills until I can afford it. Sara and I have SOOOOO many books, that being able to catelog them would be indescribably awesome. And to be able to do it with a simple scan of a barcode. 

Some versions come with a free barcode scanner, but I've got my eye on a cheap used one on ebay, that's better than the freebie that's being offered. I might buy it in anticipation of getting the program.  I WILL have this program. (And by that I mean I will have it in a budget concious way, even if I have to go out and pick up 75 hundred pennies.)

I'm just spilling geekishness all over today.
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Does anyone actually use Gizmotalk for LJ? or whatever it's called? I'm tempted to try it out, but I don't know who I'd talk to.
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My God, it’s been a long while.
School goes well, actually. My discipline issues are fading with time, which is a positive sign. For the most part I like my students. There are a few, but then, there always are.
As Sara mentioned a bit back, there is an opening for an American History teacher at Lebanon High School for next fall. I’m hoping and praying that I’ll have a good shot at it.
Overall, I am happier, I’ve discovered. Days seem brighter, and I don’t feel quite as drained at the end of the day. Yeah, I’m tired, sometimes extremely tired, but it’s a <I>good</I> kind of tired, ya know? I feel accomplished, and like I’m actually DOING something with my life. Not so worthless…
Couple of fun stories. Last weekend, we here in the US of A, we changed our clocks on Saturday night. We moved them forward, so if you forgot to change them, well, you’d be late. So Sunday morning, Sara and I hustle off to church, and when we get there, the ushers meet me at the door with: “Oh, good, you’re here. The Ministers aren’t here yet, and you might have to pinch hit.” And the Chairwoman of the Pastor Parish Relations committee comes over and says: “Will you lead us in a hymn sing?”
So, I lead church on Sunday. At about a quarter of 10, the door opens and in walk the ministers, and I give them a hearty “Good morning!” that makes everyone turn and look, and poor Pastor Lori is still oblivious, she looks around and says “No wonder we couldn’t find a parking space!” They didn’t even realize the clocks had changed. Granted, we did it early this year, thanks to some damnfool act of Congress, but still, it was funny.
And today, I met Senator John McCain. He was in town for a campaign event, and I got to shake his hand and everything. I’m the Co-Chair of his campaign for West Lebanon, which makes me something of a mucky-muck. Exciting stuff.
And I’m watching my March Madness bracket fall apart. Louisville was my Cinderella to get to the Final Four this year, and they lost today. Georgetown has pulled it even with BC, but they were losing. That would have been very bad, I have them in the national title game. Fortunately, I don’t have any money on it this year.
Anyway, that’s what’s going on in Gov-Land lately. DTR is coming along very nicely, and the next chapter is getting very close to being finished, and actually, the story it self is actually very close to being finished, so that’s a little bittersweet. I’ve poured more than two years into it, and it’s hard to believe it’s almost over.
Anyway, I’ve taken up enough space on your friends page for now. I’ll try to update more often. Later all!
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To begin, a little background. 

Some of you may be aware that New Hampshire is one of those states where the State is the only entity allowed to sell liquor. Beer and wine you can get at any supermarket, but hard liquor must be purchased from the State. This is a revenue measure.

Now, in order to squeeze a few drops more revenue out of liquor sales, NH has made it convenient for out of staters and vacationers to find and by liquor.

By putting State Liquor stores in Interstate Highway Rest Areas. No joke people, you can pull off the highway, use a payphone, use the bathroom, get candy from a vending machine, and buy a fifth of Jack. (Or any other beverage of choice.)

Now, the funny story. I'm on my way home from work today, and sitting at a red light in front of a strip mall in Laconia. I'm browsing at the mall while I wait, looking to see what stores are there, when I notice a state liquor store in one of the store fronts. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? That is up until I read the sign on the storefront next to the liquor store.

"New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles: Licensing Division."

Yes, folks, you can get your license, celebrate,  and lose it in one easy, convenient stop. 

I love New Hampshire.


Jan. 30th, 2007 11:26 pm
govcampbell: (Default)'s one for all your science people out there...[personal profile] kadath that means you. You WILL love this one. Sara got it from a friend of hers. Feel free to share.

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So...not to make light of anyone who may have gotten hurt, but was I the only one to think it's kind of weird to see a tornado in London, and wonder if that's really what happened?
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It may just be me, but being able to load a version of the ESPN ticker onto my comptuer so I constantly get score updates and news updates is pretty awesome if you ask me. But that could just be me.

I'm very pleased with the reviews I'm getting for the latest chapter of DTR. So pleased in fact, that my muse has decided to come out of whereever it's been hiding for the last several months. I'm already working on the next chapter.

I've also made some important decisions about my future. I've decided to apply to an online masters of public administration program, offered through Norwich University, right across the river in Vermont. An MPA is far more interesting to me than an MBA, and may fit where my life is leading me better than an MBA.

For example. I'm still tossing around the idea of running for City Council in March. Saying I'm working toward an MPA might give me an added edge. I'm still thinking of applying to the planning board too, to get some name recognition. I'd have to leave the planning board if I was elected to city council. I'm also worried about overloading myself, but the fact is I've just been BORED lately, and this would certainly be a cure.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled day. I'm off to look for a news ticker to add to my sports ticker.


Nov. 1st, 2006 10:09 am
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Well, November is here. We're into the home stretch of the year. I celebrated the arrival of November at midnight last night by puting on Vince Vance and Valiant's All I Want For Christmas is you (mainly because it get so overplayed on the radio it drives my wife every so slightly nuts, and I like to tease her.)

I know that some people think it's early for Christmas music, but so much of it is so very good, it deserves more than one month for playing time. I won't put up decorations until after Thanksgiving, so at least let me have my music.

Halloween was cool. We saw so many cute little kids. There are more in our neighborhood this year, I think. Our friends came by with their little one, all dressed up as a puppy, she was adorable. I want one.

Don't tell Sara I said that.

A week to go to election day. I'm hoping and staying positive, but also realizing that the chances of me winning are about as good as me winning the lottery.

Oh, I'm having so much fun at Kit's virtual Halloween party! Even if no one knows who I came as...doesn't anyone beside me read Jack Higgins? ;-)

Anyway, back to work on DTR 25.

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So, I informed Sara: "I'm going downstairs to watch the college football game while you watch Gilmore Girls."

To which she asked me why, and I said I had no intrest in it, and she says, "But you always ask me what happens!"

"I don't want to sit through the whole episode, I just want the highlight reel, like on Sportscenter."

And then I decided that would be pretty cool. Stuart Scott: "And look at this smackdown on Emily Gilmore! Booyah!"

Chris Berman: "Look, it's Luke "I wanna"Dane"ish!"

Tom Jackson: "I want you to pay close attention to this scene, look at how Richard Gilmore completely ignores the argument going on around him, and how closely he holds that newspaper. That is skill right there, people."

Micheal Irwin: "And right here, Paris gets JACKED UP."

Ron Jaworski: "And here, Logan tries to overcome his spoil rich brat image, but he just hasn't matured enough to do that. His coaches need to give him more time to read the field and make more intelligent plays. He's never going to make it in this league unless he can start making better decisions."

Amusing, yes?
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I'm not really sure whether to laugh or be freaked out about this, but apparently one of my faternity brothers (he's a senior this year), is actually the hinterlands of Thailand right now.

Thailand, you know? The place where they had the coup d'etat  yesterday?

So far, the coup has been entirely bloodless, which is the part that's good, and making it more humorous than scary. I'm having visions of him treking across the jungle to the next nearest US Embassy (in Burma, maybe? Cambodia?)...or being plucked out in the middle of the night by US Army rescue teams, dangling rather comically from the landing skid of a Huey.

I genuinely hope nothing bad happens to him, because he's a nice guy, but it would be nice if he got some funny stories out of this because well...let's just say, for all your HP fans out there, he reminds me of Percy. Very uptight, occasionally prissy, and I'm not sure he knows how to have a good time. I'm sure he'll come home with an incredible tale of woe about how this interrupted his studies, and he'll be so serious and intense about it, the guys couldn't help but laugh.
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I've been encouraged to do a couple of this Meme things...(If someone WOULD PLEASE tell me what that means, I'd be eternally grateful...)

Anyway, I'm not sure which of these Meme's [ profile] dadaginny wanted me to do, so here's both.

Book Meme )

Star Wars Meme - I'm Yoda )

And here's a fun story for you.

So, I'm Westbound on I-64 yesterday, and the highway is *literaly* crawling with cops of every shape kind and color. Just as I pass one of those highway cut throughs between the lanes, a cop car comes out behind me and stops traffic! I'm watching the highway close behind my in rearview. There are about 2 dozen or so cars an trucks in this group with me that got to continue on. We get to Exit 220, and there's a VDot truck parked ACROSS the exit ramp, and copcars across the highway. And this point, I start fiddling with my police radio to try and figure out what's going on. Just as I look up, there, up ahead, getting on the highway, about 400-600 yards away, three or four black limos, a bunch of black Suburbans and a bunch of vans. They zoomed on up the highway and out of sight. My brush with greatness. The president had been visiting a BioDiesel plant nearby, and was on his way back to D.C., as I discovered from the state trooper. THe highway was closed for about a half hour, and we all enjoyed chatting with the people parked with us while we waited. It was kind of neat.
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So, I got to play paparazzi tonight. Wags (My fraternity House president) was the star in the W&L theater department's new movie, and the premier was tonight. So dragged out the vest I keep all my camera equipement in, (My granddad left me a beautiful Minolta, with flash, wide and telephoto lenses and a 2x magnafier) and whipped up a couple of phony press badges from some events (the 2005 Oscars, the 2004 World Series, etc), and went to the red carpet ceremony. Had a blast. He had his pledge brothers in dark suites as his security men chase me around for a while, but I did end up taking 2 rolls between the red carpet and the cast party afterwards. The mother of the leading lady actually asked me if she could get copies of my pictures...she thought I was the *real* photographer. LOL!

Anyway...I'm off to Philly in the morning to pick up my sister, who's coming to visit Lex Vegas for a few days. Fun stuff!

Photog Out!


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