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Dear Bernie,

im in ur livejournal. postin the day away.

OBAMA 2008!!



P.S. Sign out next time!! :)

ETA: Megan, I'm going to get you for this.

"I will not let the American people be misled by an empty call for change."
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Of the quadrannual cycle!

Quiet visits, and feeling out supporters started *MONHTS* ago, but I actually got out to see my first candidate of the primary season here in NH. I went as a courtesy representative of the Grafton County Republican Committee to a meeting held by Congressman Duncan Hunter.

Who? I can hear you ask. Don't worry, he won't last past NH, anyway. Congressman Hunter is from California, and recently deposed as chair of the armed services committee. He has some interesting ideas, but his charisma is non-existant, and he really just acts like one of a dozen congressmen who love to hear the sound of their own voice. I don't know whether he deliberately doged questions, or just didn't understand them (Or couldn't hear them...the man's not young...), but he really failed to conclusivly answer anything during the Q&A. I leaned over to Lud Flower, the Chair of the GCRC and said, "I could be a better presidential candidate than this guy."

Anyway, I love NH. I love that we get all the crackpots, the vanity candidates, the people who take themselves so seriously but never have a prayer in hell. 

It's so much fun. :-)
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Well, it's been a couple days, so a quick update for y'all.

1.) Sara leaves for Germany on the 6th. All good thoughts and prayers in her direction please. To say I'm nervous about seeing my wife off for a week and a half would be an understatement. I haven't slept alone since last December, and I'm sure I'm not going to enjoy it.

2.) No word yet on my MPA application, but seeing as my boss still hasn't done my recomendation, I'm not holding my breath yet. I am, however, going to hit him with something hard until he fills it out.

3.) Had the police at the theater the other night. An employee walked out in the middle of his shift, leaving a drawer that was 70 dollars short. Had to fill out forms and give statements, etc. Not fun.

4.) I need to shop for Christmas. Please, oh wonderful F-list of mine, do not let me procrastinate. I've shopped before on the day before Christmas, it's not fun. Don't let me forget to shop.

5.) Sunday I go off to Plymouth for the Grafton County Republican caucus, where I may be elected to serve on the State Committee. I'm really hoping I get elected.

I think that's about it for now. Until next time...
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I like signs that I've got my foot in the door. I got an email today telling me I'm being nominated to be a Grafton County Representative on the NH State Republican Committee.

That's me...making a name for myself. :-)
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I keep hoping I'll wake up, and it will all be a bad dream, but no. Life is still here.

There were so many things I hoped we would accomplish. So many important things. The appointment of judges who would roll back judical activism. The balancing of the budget. Paying down the deficit. Creating privatized retirement accounts to shore up Social Security. Permanently cut taxes. Strengthen our military at home and overseas.

And that's all gone now. Because we couldn't seem to get beyond Iraq. Because the nation has no patience for nation building. Because too many legislators shot themselves in the foot. (I swear, they all acted like a bunch of keystone cops this year). Because instead of holding true to our principles, Congress gorged itself on spending, and lost touch with the base.

I'm not sure I understand the world's anger at Donald Rumsfeld, but I know one thing...he became an issue because of his unpopularity, and Bush should have fired him ages ago, simply for the good of the party.

*Sigh* And you know, this wouldn't bother me nearly so much if the landslide hadn't tossed the NH Senate and House over too. I just pray to God that they can't find a way to pass an income tax within two years, and we can take it back in 08.

McCain '08 = the Restoration Begins Now

(PS: Dear Liberal Friends, While you're busy tearing things down, do make sure you take apart NCLB and eliminate standardized testing for all time. Thanks.)
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Well, friends, it was a fun ride.  But facts are facts. I got slaughtered. Click Here for My Town's Results. You will find me listed in the State Representative Category. I'm easy to find, I'm the one with the lowest vote total.

Charlie lost, I'm incredibly saddened. I'm hoping he'll stick around and have another go. I'm going try to see if he needs any campaign staff for the next time around.

The Dems have a real chance of flipping both the Senate and the State House here in NH, something that has me terrified. I'm petrified this means we're going to end up with an income and or sales tax. Governor Lynch said in his victory speech that he would veto either, but I'm still nervous. The man has no real spine.

Anyway...on the plus side, I went to the "Victory Party" that turned into a "OMG WE GOT SCREWED" commiseration session/what can we fix strategy session. As it turns out, due to redistricting, there's going to be an Open Seat race for my Ward's City Councilor slot in March.

I was told encouraged to run for it. So we'll see.

I'm exhausted, going to bed now. Thanks to all of you for your support. *hugs*
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Well, this is it, friends. This time tomorrow, I'll know a little bit more about what the next several years will look like.

I'm fairly certain I know the answer anyway, but stranger things have happened.

I'll be outside all day, holding my signs at the local polling station, but leave me some good wishes anyway.

*hugs* all around.
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I'm not really sure how I feel about this.

My theater got "Death of a President" this weekend. Mainly because our chain owners are a bunch of money grubbers who grabed it when everyone else in our area refused to show it. I'm not sure if this is to be admired or not.

Frankly, I'm not sure how I feel about the film myself. On one hand, I'm morbidly curious. On the other, I think it earns the Low Taste Award of the year. I really wouldn't have a problem with it if they'd "fictionalized" it. I mean, I'm not saying you have to make the whole story up, but just start changing the names around. "Al W. Baker", for example. A thin veil, but I think one that would have made the movie a little easier to swallow.

And before anybody squawks at me because of my party affiliation, I'd feel the same way if we were talking about Bill Clinton. I just think it's really low taste to do this with a sitting president.

A counter factual piece on what might have happened if John Hinkley suceeded...I could stomach that. Reagan's not in office anymore.

And why not relase after Nov. 7th? I ask you. I know the makers claim the movie isn't politically motivated, or skewed, but I'm a little suspicious on the timing.

And of course, I've heard from our share of local nutjobs who can't wait to see the movie. One guy this week said, "I want to see it three and four times."

To which I went, "Huh?" Because, correct me if I'm wrong, friends of the left leaning persuasion...wouldn't you rather have Bush than Cheney? Even I'm iffy on Cheney.

Anyway, off to bed. Night all.
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My goodness, it's been a while. Let's make a list, shall we?

1.) Campbell for State Rep

The campagin is an uphil slog. Republicans are not exactly popular in this area of the Upper Valley, filled with plenty of folks who work at the liberal mecca of Dartmouth College. But I make the best of it. My candidate profile comes out in tomorrow's Valley News, and I'm hoping that they print my website address, so I can get some more traffic to it. I attended a candidate forum this morning, where I discussed my views on taxes and Education Funding, and made a clear distinction between myself and the other candidates attending, so we'll see if that pays off.

2.) Welcome to Adulthood

Life continues to throw curveballs at me. Last week I was in Concord for a political function when I blew out a power steering line on Sara's car. That's right, Sara's new car. Her brand new, warranty protected car. Had it towed, but when I tried to get the work authorized under warrenty, they told me my account hadn't been activated yet. Ended up calling the dealership, which promised to resovle the problem (which they did, and very politely, so small points for them), but I'd already paid the bill on the repair, which means I have to file a retroactive claim under our protection agreement. This, according to the person I talked to at the 1800 number, is problematic at best. Now, this was a minor repair, with less than 2 hours of work required for repair, but the part was 175 freaking dollars, so the bill came to nearly 400 bucks.
And on top of that Dartmouth decided to bill us for two month of rent at a time this billing cycle (they do that occasionally for no rhyme or reason that I can deterimine. Somebody in the billing office probably flips a coin and says "okay, no bill this month, two months rent next month). And not only that, but our health insurance renewal is on this bill. Bringing the total to somewhere between OUCH and BOING.
And the car repair
And the car payment
and the rest of our bills.
Oh, and the next quarterly payment of my student loan is due.
This is a bad month. Welcome to adulthood Campbells.

3. Spaceballs II, the Search for More Money
Brining me to my last point. I'm attempting to find things to do to help bring in a little extra cash. I'd like to do something I could do in my spare time, such as freelance writing, or even photography, something that have an average aptitude for and enjoy doing. I'm trying out this website I've seen advertised on LJ called, where you can write articles and get paid a percentage of the ad revenue based on how popular your articles are. I've sumbitted two scholarly works (I recycled a couple of term papers from college -they're mine, I can do what I want with them, is my theory.), and I'm going to see how this works. I'm also attempting to look into other avenues. If anybody knows about somebody looking for a freelance writer (fiction, or non-fiction), let me know. I'm holding off on looking for an actual second job until after November, just in case I do win the election. After that, we'll see.

4. Movie Theater Stuff

Very slow, lately. Man of the Year didn't pick up like we expected it to. Grudge 2 is a total bomb in our area, I don't care what they say nationwide. We're opening Flicka this weekend, which I expect to do poorly as well. Saw III the weekned after that. We won't pick up again seriously until November, when we start getting things like Santa Clause 3, Flushed Away, Happy Feet and Casino Royale (yay Bond!).

Well, other than that, life is good. Tired a lot lately, trying to do too many things, and staying up too late. (Speaking of which, I really feel for Matt Leinart today. Talk about a suck punch on MNF last night. I like the Bears, don't get me wrong, but man, Arizona really BLEW IT last night)

Till next time!


Oct. 11th, 2006 03:51 pm
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Campbell for State Rep
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Okay, so it's been a while, but really, there hasn't been all that much in my life worth reporting on at the moment. I gues..

Work is good. I still like my job, which is a bonus. Movies we've been getting are better as of recently, which is good, because our revenue had been way down. But we're getting into horror movie season, so that should draw the college crowd. (Texas Chainsaw Massacere, the begining opens tomorrow, followed by Grudge 2 on the 13, and Saw III at the end of the month.)

I'm still kind of floundering around trying to get some kind of campaign underway. I'm struggling a little bit with my ideology, which doesn't help. Well, maybe not my ideology as much as my current utter embarassment in being publically associated with the Republican party, which at the moment, bears little resemblance to what the Republican Party should look like. Nationally, I think we're going to take a bath in November, and in some cases, we deserve to, but the backlash is coming down on the local level politicians (like me) who have nothing to do with the war in Iraq, the Federal budget disaster, or God help me, Mark Foley, but simply because we use the name Republican to identify ourselves, that somehow makes us cuplable in the eyes of voters. Example. On primary day, a woman came up to the polls and looked at me and the other guy holding signs at the polls. "Which one is which?" she wanted to know. When I told her I was the Republican side, she turned away from me, saying "I hate Dick Cheney." Excuse me? Do I look like DIck Cheney? Am I even holding a sign for him? No. This is a state/county election. It has nothing to do with him. Gah. With all this noise, it's hard to get the message of lower taxes, less government, and more local control out and be heard.

Okay, that rant turned out a lot longer than I intended.

I'm going to be attending a dinner for the country Republican parties of Orange County, Vermont, and Grafton County, NH. Looking foward to that, because I'll meet some movers and shakers. I'm also going to a rally where I'll get to meet Rudy Guiliani, so that's pretty cool.

Anyway. The weather is beautiful here today, perfect fall weather really. Nice and crisp. I'm working on DTR 24, it's almost done. Had some friends over last night, and got to play with their little one. She's quite the squirmer, but it was fun. Babies are so cute.

There was something else...but I've lost it, it's gone. Maybe it'll come to me later.


Sep. 12th, 2006 10:23 pm
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Well, I stood outside my Ward polling place from 8 am till 7 pm, and waited around for a while for the results. I got 9/32 write-in votes in my own ward. City-wide, I got 23/65, good for first place among all the write-ins, and above the 10 vote threshold that should put me on the ballot. Got a lot of interesting comments..."Oh, are you the mystery candidate the Republican's found?" was the most popular, since I kind of appeared out of nowhere.

I also received several write-ins on the Democratic ballot for state rep, but those won't count. I got one write-in for State Senate on the Republican side, as well as one write-in for US Congress. How that happened, I don't know. It wasn't either of us, because it wasn't in our Ward.

So, all in all, a successful day, I think. Time to get down to real work, now that I'm a real candidate.


Sep. 8th, 2006 09:40 pm
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Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for coming tonight. I want to start by telling a little story.

A few weeks ago, I was standing in front of the community bulletin board that hangs at my usual gas station, when I noticed someone had tacked up a sample primary ballot for public viewing. Naturally, I go to peruse the list of names to vote for on the Republican ballot (my party affiliation, for those not in the know).

There are four seats for State Representative in the city of Lebanon, so the Republicans can nominate four candidates for the general election in November. The ballot says "Vote for Up to Four". And my finger scans down.

All two names. Two people, running for four slots.

For a while, that just kind of sat there in my head, turning over randomly. Up until several days ago when I placed a call to the Chairwoman of the local Republican committee.

As of yesterday, I am an official Write-In candidate for the Republican nomination for State Representative.

(No, this is no joke)

I have made stickers using name badge stickers you can print on your computer, and have spray painted some yard signs using the backside of some of my father's old school boards signs.

This evening I attended my first campaign event, in Lyme, NH, at a Barn Party. It was a rally to energize the Republican voting base, and I got to address the event briefly. My wife says I need to stop moving quite so much when I speak. Must be the actor in me, I need blocking.

So, if I get enough write in votes on Tuesday (9/12), I will be on the General Election ballot in November for real. The chances of me actually winning in November would be very slim, but stranger things have happened, I suppose.

I'll take questions now, if you have them.
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It is with a great degree of sadness that I noted the passing of Senator Eugene McCarthy over the weekend.

As a historian from New Hampshire, I've always felt a special connection to the Senator, despite the fact that we came from different parties, different viewpoints and even different time periods.

Despite all that, I think Eugene McCarthy ranks in my own personal list of top 15 politicians of the 20th Century. McCarthy was not afraid to say what he thought was right, even when he was shouting nearly alone. He is the father of the modern grassroots campaign, in some respects, the direct political descendant of William Jennings Bryan's Populist movement. He changed the face of the Democratic Party forever. He also can be given the lion's share of the credit for making the New Hampshire primary famous. His legions of students, "Clean for Gene", shaved and washed, canvassing the state, and knocking a sitting president out of the race gave home to generations of fringe candidates who's influence and presence has helped keep so-called "main stream" politicians honest.

And on the very weekend of his passing, the Democratic Primary chooses to 'honor' his memory by suggesting that the NH Primary should have it's influence curtailed. They claim NH isn't 'diverse' enough to properly reflect the party. Well, New Hampshire has advantages over big, diverse states. Our involved electorate, as well as our small size, make it possible for someone like Eugene McCarthy to succeed. McCarthy could not have afforded to sustain an effort in say, Michigan. New Hampshire is the last bastion of local politics where money isn't everything, and sometimes you just have to own up to who you are and what you say. Eliminate the influence of NH, and we may as well go back to smoke filled back rooms.

That's what the bosses of both parties would prefer, I'm sure. Because there's nothing that terrifies them more than an informed electorate. God forbid we people have a say in who is in Government, because after all, you can't trust the people to protect what's most precious to them: their jobs.

Senator McCarthy is probably already rolling in his grave.
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One of my US senators comes from a very prominent family. The Greggs have been active in New Hampshire politics for years and years. They also are very wealthy.

And now, apparently, Lottery Winners.

According to AP sources, Senator Judd Gregg matched 5 of 6 numbers on his Powerball ticket, and won roughly 850,000 dollars.

How is that fair?

To his credit, he has stated he will give most of the money to charity.

Still, *so* not fair.
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I am:
"To you, Fox News really is 'Fair and Balanced'."

Are You A Republican?


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