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So, the 'Rents went away for a night or two. (I think it's only one night, but I'm not precisely sure). Meaning that tonight, I'm here alone. Tomorrow night, I'll be up with Sara, so it won't matter if the 'Rents are here or not. Did I mention I'm alone at the moment?

I hate being in the house alone at night. I suppose that makes me a big ol'wimp. It's just...the house is big, and I can't hear from one end to the other, and there always seem to be more noises (like the house settling, etc) when I'm here by myself. God, I'm such a dork. I'm 23 years old, and I get unnevered by the thought of being alone in my own home.

Oddly, staying alone in my apartment at school never bothered me. In fact, sometimes, I prefered it. (Big git of a roomie...) Of course, I was never broken into twice at my apartment at school. That might have something to do with it.

I've discovered a wonderful thing in the past several days. DosBox. It's a computer program that simulates a DOS interface, and allows you to play all those old, glorious DOS based games on your suped up Windows computer. Carriers at War, oh how I missed you! TIE fighter, my old friend! Oh happy day!

On a sour note, I've discovered these things because my muse has abandoned me. DTR has unfortunetly, for the moment, spun into a talespin of awkward phrasing and stalled ideas. I've got multiple characters screaming for time on the page, and new ones creeping in like invasive water vines and choaking out the rest. Hopefully, Sara will get me straightened out over the weekend.

Anyway, I'm off to see if I can get SimFarm running on DosBox. Later all!
govcampbell: (Default) sister is finally back at college in Philly. My parents took her down on Friday. Which means I've had the house to myself this weekend. Good and bad, I guess. Good, because I've had some time to myself without being nagged to pack, or clean, or paint. Bad, because rattling around the house when it's empty is very lonely. Can't win em all I suppose.

Sara and I had a long chat. Nobody's perfect, and there are still some things we're ironing out between us. But that's what building a good marrige is all about. Communication and compromise. The discussion mainly revolved around kids...not *if* of course, but rather *when* and *who will be primary caregiver*. We've got some time to figure those things out, since the *when* won't be for a few years anyway, that much we've agreed on.

Been all at odd ends lately. Mainly the job situation is bugging me, obviously. I mean, I didn't go to college and get my license to be a subsitute teacher...*sigh*. That's part of what was fueling the afortementioned conversation w/Sara, is my feeling to total uselessness as a potential husband/breadwinner/founder of the feast. I mean, I know I'm a recovering Neanderthal/Chauvanist, and I've learned to deal with the fact, that as a chemist, she will undoubtely make more money than I will as a high school teacher. But what bothers me is that thought that we *couldn't* live off my salary if we wanted/needed to. Sara working, and making more money than me? Doesn't bother me. The idea that she *needs* to work? Bothers me. Yes, I know, I'm a caveman. Just call me Og.

Well, to make up for long chat with Sara, we did a little candlelight dinner here at my house, since with my 'rents away, (especially mum), we were able to have the run of the kitchen. Sara made up a pork shoulder (which I bought for her, because she loves it), and I dug out a tablecloth, found some emergancy candles, and washed a couple plates from our recently aquired China set, and had a lovely candlelit dinner, at 4:30 in the afternoon. We were too hungry to wait for it to get dark. Afterwards we just kind of sat around and were lazy for most of the afternoon/evening.

And it seems as though my muse has deserted me for the moment. Sara promised to look at DTR Chp. 8 tomorrow, maybe she'll have some suggestions.

Oh, one final note. I'm keeping all the folks in NawLeans in my thoughts and prayers with Katrina bearing down on y'all. Hope everybody finds some good solid high ground, and maybe it'll turn away.
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Vacation off to a good start. Spent the weekend up at the family vacation house, and wend to the local church fair with Gram on Saturday morning. Sara and I found a beautiful china set, 140 pieces, 25 dollars. Some of them are chipped and cracked here and there, but we don't really need service for 20 anyway. We may try and add to the collection via E-bay as well, since we found several examples of the pattern among the millions of items over there. Also picked up a few books (naturally) and some board games.

Saturday afternoon, we (my sister, Sara and I) spent baking (Gram had to come back home for something here in town). This week is my 'rents 25th Wedding Anniversary, and we baked a cake for dad, and an apple pie for mum (she doesn't like cake). We suprised them when they made it up late Saturday afternoon. (Dad had spent the morning in the office, finishing up a few things before his week off this week).

Sunday morning we went to church, and then Sara and I drove back home to celebrate our friend Erin's brithday. Before dinner though, my Gram called and said she found a drop leaf kitchen table at the Goodwill store, and did we want to go look at it? Yes, we went up, and yes we bought it. It's square with drop leaves on both sides, and with a little bit of wood polish, will look very nice. Now we need four matching chairs.

Had a lovely dinner with Erin and her current "flavor of the summer". After dinner, Sara and I came back home to watch Big Fat Greek Wedding, which Sara claimed was supposed to make me feel better about her family, because it's not as bad as the one in the movie...I'm still not sure it helped, but the movie was pretty funny. One thing though, that bugged me. Is Hollywood stupid? Because they insist on using the Greek letter Sigma to represent the capital letter E. Don't they know that Sigma is S?

And I don't have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning. Hal-le-lu-jah!


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