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Of the quadrannual cycle!

Quiet visits, and feeling out supporters started *MONHTS* ago, but I actually got out to see my first candidate of the primary season here in NH. I went as a courtesy representative of the Grafton County Republican Committee to a meeting held by Congressman Duncan Hunter.

Who? I can hear you ask. Don't worry, he won't last past NH, anyway. Congressman Hunter is from California, and recently deposed as chair of the armed services committee. He has some interesting ideas, but his charisma is non-existant, and he really just acts like one of a dozen congressmen who love to hear the sound of their own voice. I don't know whether he deliberately doged questions, or just didn't understand them (Or couldn't hear them...the man's not young...), but he really failed to conclusivly answer anything during the Q&A. I leaned over to Lud Flower, the Chair of the GCRC and said, "I could be a better presidential candidate than this guy."

Anyway, I love NH. I love that we get all the crackpots, the vanity candidates, the people who take themselves so seriously but never have a prayer in hell. 

It's so much fun. :-)
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To begin, a little background. 

Some of you may be aware that New Hampshire is one of those states where the State is the only entity allowed to sell liquor. Beer and wine you can get at any supermarket, but hard liquor must be purchased from the State. This is a revenue measure.

Now, in order to squeeze a few drops more revenue out of liquor sales, NH has made it convenient for out of staters and vacationers to find and by liquor.

By putting State Liquor stores in Interstate Highway Rest Areas. No joke people, you can pull off the highway, use a payphone, use the bathroom, get candy from a vending machine, and buy a fifth of Jack. (Or any other beverage of choice.)

Now, the funny story. I'm on my way home from work today, and sitting at a red light in front of a strip mall in Laconia. I'm browsing at the mall while I wait, looking to see what stores are there, when I notice a state liquor store in one of the store fronts. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? That is up until I read the sign on the storefront next to the liquor store.

"New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles: Licensing Division."

Yes, folks, you can get your license, celebrate,  and lose it in one easy, convenient stop. 

I love New Hampshire.


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