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That's right folks, in exactly four months, Sara and I will become Mr. and Mrs. Campbell. I can't wait! :)

Okay, a moderate amount to talk about.

Sara's Car: Apparently, the mechanic has finally decided what's wrong. The problem is, he's not sure how much it's going to cost us to get the car back, seeing as he's been working on it for a week. He did say, though, that he can't see justfying some of that time, since he didn't know what the hell was wrong. Both fuel pumps are gone, apparently, for those wondering what *was* wrong.

Wedding: Four months to go! That's the good news. The iffy news is we don't have a photographer, still. The worse news is some our bills are going to start coming due soon, which brings us to...

Job: Something I still don't have. I'm applying today for a position teaching community college classes. The ad says they want someone who has a Masters, but it can't hurt to apply. Right? And, it's not like I'd been incapable of teaching a community college class on the Civil War...please, don't make me laugh.

Other intersting notes: I was suprised by the mixed reaction to the latest chapter of DTR over at PS. I mean, I suppose I knew that some people don't like having song lyrics in stories, but doesn't it add something? I mean, don't you read a story and imagine the soundtrack? Maybe they would have prefered to think of their own song, but I thought the one I used was perfect. Well, to each their own, I suppose.

I'm still plinking at that Semi-autobiographical work, Summer in MacPherson's Valley. Sara had a look at it the other day for the first time, and thinks I should drop everything and finish it, because she sees it as publishable, and pictured it on somebody's AP Lit reading list someday. I think she's biased. ;-) Then again, who knows?

Work was a rough day today. We were aerating the greens, and I got stuck using the walkbehind aerator. I must have walked 10 miles today. My feet are killing me. But I did put in a nine hour day.

More required pre-marital counselling tonight for Sara and I. Tonight we're going over the answers to the quiz we took last time. Should be an interesitng evening...

All right. Gotta get this applicaiton in the mail. Later all.
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As if I needed more proof I'd gone round the bend:

Casawarta, a Parody
by the Govinator
Words: 698
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...this is healthy )
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That's today, right?

Anywhoo. Tommorrow is the big day. My hair is now Weasley Red. Seriously, someone should have marketed a temp color in that name during the run up to this. Make a fortune. Everything is go for fun tommorow night at the local Barnes and Noble.

Work has been painful. Physcially, I mean. The course just turned 10 years old, and most of our irrigation heads have been in the ground that long. Consequently, they're starting to go. This summer's major project is to replace as many of them as we can. I've done two this week.

I didn't really doubt it before, but this week removed any doubt as to why New Hampshire is called the Granite State. I've dug through packed clay and rock for three days. Today I dug a hole as long as me, as wide as golf cart, and as deep as my waist, through riverbottom clay and rock. The areas immediately around the mainline and the head were sandy, which wasn't so bad, but there surface around this head had sunk down so deep, we needed to dig a wide area around the head to raise it back up. I'm going to feel it in the morning, for sure. On the plus side, I had resolved to get more exercise and try to loose a little weight this summer. Mission very much being accomplished. Oh, my aching arms and back.

Reports from the Front:

Job Front: Nothing yet, but I'm considering another back up option, and that is to try and get into radio broadcasting, possibly, since I enjoyed it so much at the College radio station. The market is starting to pick up a little. The volume of new postings is increasing everyday, even if there's nothing in my field yet.

Wedding Front: Some what stalled, althought I'd call it more of a regroup and refuel stop, rather than a bogging down. I was *supposed* to try and book a photog this week, but for a variety of reasons I haven't had the time in the afternoons to do any research. Tomorrow maybe I'll do some looking, and hopefully get that sorted around by the middle of next week. I did put the deposit down on the Honeymoon, so that is some progress, I guess. And the wedding invitation proof should be in by the begining of next week too. So, as I said, we stoped the column to regroup, refuel and plan the assult on the next target, just like the good little Field Marshalls we are.


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