Aug. 15th, 2005 12:31 pm
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It's raining.

I am dry now. I was not previously.

Had to work this morning, in the rain. Not terribly fun.

But enough about that.

I'm now the proud owner of a used lazyboy, which, of course, I will have to fight my fiancee for the right to sit in during football season.

Wedding bands are in, and they're gorgous. I've picked out tuxes for my side of the bridal party. We're doing tails and white gloves. Nice and classy.

My Kingmaker game arrived, I'm very excited about it. Now I just have to teach Sara to play.

Oh yeah...still no job.

Okay, I was worried before, and now, I've moved onto minor panic. Give me another 5 days, and I'll be into full blown panic. It's August. I don't have a job. We're broke. Sara's car has been in the shop for days and we still don't know what's wrong with it. We have wedding expenses yet to cover, and as of September 1, Sara's gotta pay utilities, food and rent.

Oh, and I called to confirm that my application arrived at one of the places advertising for a social studies teacher. The position has been filled.

Trying not to scream. Trying not to scream.

Hoping for a window to open, wishing my blessings didn't always come in disguise.
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Well, vacation is rapidly slipping away form me. Highly dissapointing, if I do say so myself. I've enjoyed sleeping in, and all that jazz.

Sara and I added to that china collecting by buying up a dozen or so peices on E-bay for about 18 bucks. We're pretty pleased with that. The pattern is really pretty.

I spend most of Tuesday on a wild goose chase for an old Avalon Hill board game called Kingmaker, based on the War of the Roses in England. I played it a couple times when I was younger, and really wanted to lay my hands on it again. Little did I know how difficult that was going to prove. It seems as though it's something of a rare commodity. Finally found a reasonably priced copy over at BoardGamesGeek.com. Fun site, drop by sometime. My new game should be in the mail by the weekend, I hope.

The BAD part of the week was Sara's car. She called me at quarter of 7 Wednesday morning, to say she'd broken down on a highway onramp on her way to work. EEEEK! Had to go get her, and get the car towed, all in morning rush hour traffic. AHHHHHHHHHH! Boston = not fun. Had the car towed. My usual place said they didn't want it, because they're not equipped to do a Benz. Damn. Had it towed home to my place. Car seemed to be working, intermitanttly. Had my uncle listen to it, he said he thought it was a fuel line issue. Tried to pull fuel filter off to check for obstructions. Couldn't get it off. Decided to try driving it to Sara's house. Discovered I'd loosened the filter enough to cause car to leak gasoline like Titanic. Swore. A lot. Fixed filter, attempted to drive to Sara's house. Car died again half way there, towed for second time that day to a place my Grandmother knows. Went there this morning, they said they'd get to it eventually. BIG SIGH

And Oh yeah. Sara's mum was supposed to have knee surgery today. That didn't happen. Their dog had pulled her over, and skinned up the knee they were supposed to be operating on, so they couldn't risk an infection. Which means that Sara has now missed two days of work in a row, and will miss yet another next week when her mum goes back for the surgery again. Sara is NOT having a good week.

Anyway... time for some meme stuff.

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I'm packing...which means my apartment resembles something out of a war zone, like London during the Blitz. My walls are now bare, which is really depressing, and boxes and bags are stacked everywhere. This is really depressing.

I'm excited about graduation, though. Praying hard for sunshine on Thursday...hope everybody will pitch in on that. I would much prefer to graduation outside, on my campus, rather than INSIDE, at SOMEONE ELSE'S campus. (Our fieldhouse isn't big enough).

Saying goodbye to Lexington is going to be hard/easy at the same time. I'm going to miss some people, and as for the rest, I just want to blow this popsicle stand.

The reality of the real world is pressing in, though. When I get home, it's time to start the wedding plans in earnest, as well as get serious about getting employed. I do have an interview lined up, and my resume is off to about six differant schools now, so we'll see.

The end of an era, the closing of a book, the twilight of the gods...that reminds me of another comparison to my room...Berlin, '45. How very Wagnarian.

I must be playing too much Panzer General 2 lately. For anyone who cares, I've swept across France, routed the British in North Africa, and I'm currently closing on Moscow. Wunderbar! Rommel? He's a piker compared to me...Gureidian? I ate his book for breakfast.


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