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Among the new year's resolutions I will be making this year (added as of last night)

NEVER, EVER AGAIN turn off a football game before the clock reads double zeros.

I missed possibly the greatest non-championship bowl game ever last night. I turned off Boise State-Oklahoma last night after the Broncos threw a pick six to put Oklahoma up by 7 with a minute left. I was dissapointed, because I was rooting for Boise.

I woke up this morning to find out that Boise took the kickoff, marched down the field, score a TD with seven seconds left in regulation, and then proceeded to win on a dramatic two point conversion in OT. 

And I missed the whole thing. Doh.

And the guy who ran in the two point conversion? Ran over to the sidelines and proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend post game on national TV. I missed that too. Talk about insult to injury.

I am attempting to justify my turning off the TV by saying that they blew an 18 point lead while I was watching, so they never could have won if I had the TV on...

yeah, that's it.

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My goodness, it's been a while. Let's make a list, shall we?

1.) Campbell for State Rep

The campagin is an uphil slog. Republicans are not exactly popular in this area of the Upper Valley, filled with plenty of folks who work at the liberal mecca of Dartmouth College. But I make the best of it. My candidate profile comes out in tomorrow's Valley News, and I'm hoping that they print my website address, so I can get some more traffic to it. I attended a candidate forum this morning, where I discussed my views on taxes and Education Funding, and made a clear distinction between myself and the other candidates attending, so we'll see if that pays off.

2.) Welcome to Adulthood

Life continues to throw curveballs at me. Last week I was in Concord for a political function when I blew out a power steering line on Sara's car. That's right, Sara's new car. Her brand new, warranty protected car. Had it towed, but when I tried to get the work authorized under warrenty, they told me my account hadn't been activated yet. Ended up calling the dealership, which promised to resovle the problem (which they did, and very politely, so small points for them), but I'd already paid the bill on the repair, which means I have to file a retroactive claim under our protection agreement. This, according to the person I talked to at the 1800 number, is problematic at best. Now, this was a minor repair, with less than 2 hours of work required for repair, but the part was 175 freaking dollars, so the bill came to nearly 400 bucks.
And on top of that Dartmouth decided to bill us for two month of rent at a time this billing cycle (they do that occasionally for no rhyme or reason that I can deterimine. Somebody in the billing office probably flips a coin and says "okay, no bill this month, two months rent next month). And not only that, but our health insurance renewal is on this bill. Bringing the total to somewhere between OUCH and BOING.
And the car repair
And the car payment
and the rest of our bills.
Oh, and the next quarterly payment of my student loan is due.
This is a bad month. Welcome to adulthood Campbells.

3. Spaceballs II, the Search for More Money
Brining me to my last point. I'm attempting to find things to do to help bring in a little extra cash. I'd like to do something I could do in my spare time, such as freelance writing, or even photography, something that have an average aptitude for and enjoy doing. I'm trying out this website I've seen advertised on LJ called, where you can write articles and get paid a percentage of the ad revenue based on how popular your articles are. I've sumbitted two scholarly works (I recycled a couple of term papers from college -they're mine, I can do what I want with them, is my theory.), and I'm going to see how this works. I'm also attempting to look into other avenues. If anybody knows about somebody looking for a freelance writer (fiction, or non-fiction), let me know. I'm holding off on looking for an actual second job until after November, just in case I do win the election. After that, we'll see.

4. Movie Theater Stuff

Very slow, lately. Man of the Year didn't pick up like we expected it to. Grudge 2 is a total bomb in our area, I don't care what they say nationwide. We're opening Flicka this weekend, which I expect to do poorly as well. Saw III the weekned after that. We won't pick up again seriously until November, when we start getting things like Santa Clause 3, Flushed Away, Happy Feet and Casino Royale (yay Bond!).

Well, other than that, life is good. Tired a lot lately, trying to do too many things, and staying up too late. (Speaking of which, I really feel for Matt Leinart today. Talk about a suck punch on MNF last night. I like the Bears, don't get me wrong, but man, Arizona really BLEW IT last night)

Till next time!


Jan. 4th, 2006 11:34 pm
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I don't know who's doing the commentary for the Rose Bowl game with Keith Jackosn on ABC, but Reggie Bush just lept into the endzone, flying through the air, and Keith Jackson's partner just said "Reggie Bush think's he's playing Quidditch!" Judging from the long silence from Keith Jackson, I don't think he knew what the heck his partner was talking about...
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Not related to the wedding at all. All systems still a go for that, more tommorrow!

Bad News: Johnny Damon was seduced by the Evil Empire and he succumbed. He wears pinstripes now. Damnitalltohell.

Good News: At 79 years young (his birthday is actually tommorrow (Wed)), the Associated Press College Football Coach of the Year, voted by a huge margin, is Joe Paterno.

And they thought the game had passed him by...ha! WE ARE...PENN STATE!
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Good morning everyone,

It was with a great deal of delight that I arose this morning to discover that the Earth had been blanketed in a layer of white snow, making the whole thing look very much like a Courier and Ives Print. It's still snowing a bit now, I'm not sure how long it's going to go on. It's quite beautiful however, and I've no wish to see it change to rain and get turned into mush.

And now, in honor of Thanksgiving, a list of things I am thankful for.

What else is there to say? I'm marrying the girl in less than a month. For six years now, she's been a constant presence in my life, a counterpart, a balance. Someone who loves me unconditionally and without question. How can you not be thankful for that? How on earth do you express that thanks? I'm not sure, but I'm trying.

My Family
Despite some of the issues I've had with them over the last several months, particually Mum, the truth is that they have been incredibly supportive of everything this fall. They're funding a good portion of the wedding, and they've been nothing but sympathetic to my attempt to find steady employment. My Dad has done me some incredible honors this fall, particually allowing me to join the SHS football TV broadcasts, a dream I'd been harboring since childhood. And I couldn't ask for a better sibling in my sister, who loves both me, and Sara, to death.

My Job
Yes, I hate subbing. But the fact is, without it, I'd really be broke, so I'm thankful for every day that sucks.

My Friends
(You knew I was going to get there eventually, didn't you?) I'm thankful for all my friends, both the live and in person friends, like Erin (who is working 9 to 9 on Black Friday. We're meeting her at 9:30 to take her our for a drink), and Justin, and Kern (who's going to come up for a visit next winter!), and all the rest. And of course, there's all my PS, friends, and my f-list friends. You folks have been remarkable in putting up with my ranting over the course of the last couple of months, and you've helped keep Sara and I sane. I also want to thank all of you folks who have made writing for PS such a joy in my life. I can't wait to get back to it once NaNo is over.

There are many other things, I'm thankful for, I'm sure, but this is the highlight reel. I hope all my American friends have an excellent Thanksgiving, and those of you abroad, I hope you have a good weekend.

Rejoice and Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!


Nov. 19th, 2005 10:37 pm
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Well, the Praxis test this morning was a bit rocky. The sections on Econ, Sociology, Psych, and Anthropology kind of tripped me up. Here's hoping I did well enough in the history sections to make up for that.

And my Beloved Blue Devils continued their long tradition of impotenance against the Pinkerton Acadamy Astros today, losing 7-0 in the NH Division One Superbowl. Salem's record all time against Pinkerton is now 3-18. (A dismal .143 percentage)
*large sigh*

For a day that got of to such a rocky begining, it ended on a relative high note. Hugs go out to [ profile] dancinginmagic for cheering me up when I got home from the game. After I sought out food, as I was ordered too, my better half showed up here to give me a back rub and snuggles. I love my Sara! After that, we went out to dinner with our friend Erin, who needed a night out after her own lousy day working at Sprawlmart.

Bedtime. Night all.
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Okay. I'm off to take my Praxis Test. *chews fingernails nervously* Really worried about this.

When it's over, I drive directly to Pinkerton to cover the football game. I don't think there's room for us in the press box, since there's more than one TV crew coming. This is bad, because it means we'll be broadcasting from the stands. And it's cold. Like, late November cold (after being unseasonably warm for most of the month).
I'm bringing my long johns to my Praxis test and I'm going to change into them before I leave.

Go Blue Devils!
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Well, I finally got a sub gig today. I was in phys ed class.

Umm...yeah, cuz I can teach phys ed. Oh well. The coach teaching the class only left one worksheet, which was optional. And the gym was closed to set up something that was going on this evening at the school. So I three periods of gym students who had nothing better to do than twiddle their thumbs. *THAT* was the bad part.

Does the phrase *hell on wheels* mean anything to you?

Anyway, it's over

Tomorrow I get to sub for one of my all time favorite English teachers at the old stomping grounds. Jack Brouse! woot! Which also means, I get to work with one of my all time favorite history teachers during the period that they team teach together. Double woot! I can't wait.

Saturday, I have to take the Praxis II in social studies. I'm getting kind of nervous about it, actually. It's been a while since I had Econ, and I haven't kept current. It's been a while since Sociology too, oh wait, I never took sociology. *Nervously chews fingernails*

Saturday is also the NH Div I football Superbowl, between Salem and Pinkerton. 1pm Pinkerton. Be there. I'll be in the booth, with the call.

And it's a big rivalry day in College Football, what with the Big Game, the OSU/Michigan Game, the Land Grant Trophy Game between PSU and Michigan State...while ND gets to beat up on hapless Syracuse.

Anywhoo, that's all for now.
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Well, the counter gage meter thingy is a non-starter now, so I'll just give it to you in text. 30,040 words. Whohoo! I may be over the hump now, in terms of writing. I'm going to hit 50k and keep right on rolling. There's no way this finishes in less that 60k. I'm not even close to what I consider "half way" in terms of the plot.

A shout out to anyone else doing this, what's your NaNo name? I need more writing buddies.

Exactly six weeks from *right this very moment*, I will be preparing to leave my wedding reception. How sweet is that?

Oh, and on a funny note, saw a bumper sticker the other day. It was one of those "Don't Drill in the Alaska Wildlife Reserve" ones. It was on a Chevy Tahoe...hypocrites make me laugh.

Salem High vs. Manchester West, NH Div 1 football Semi-Finals, tomorrow 1 PM. Yours truly with the call of the game! Rock on SHS!
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I'm not sure where to begin. It's been a while.

Subbing is still sucking my very will to live. I had a class this afternoon who refused to obey the simplest commands. And the worst part was, they weren't nasty about it, they just treated me as if I wasn't there. I told them you must work independantly, with no talking. In a matter of moments, they pushed all the desks together and were talking up a storm. I told them, they had to work independantly, and to move the desks back, and they just kept talking as if they hadn't heard me. I'm sure there's plently of people who are reading this, and are like, well you should have done this, or that. But I was just so blown away, I decided to save my breath, and wrote a long note to the teacher. I happen to know this particular teacher, and she will not be pleased, I'm sure. But it just blows me away....where are these kids learning to disrespect authority like that? How on earth are these people going to be productive members of society?

On another note, I had a nice weekend with Sara up in Hanover. On Friday we cleaned the apartmnet, and on Saturday we hosted for the first time. We had another couple over for a dinner and games night. In the afternoon, we played Settlers of Catan, and then had a lovely dinner of beef stroganof (cooked by Sara), with fresh baked bread which John and Angela brought. For desert, Sara had attempted and succeded to make a pumpkin pie, which was enjoyed by all. After dinner we played a rousing game of 3 on 1 Trivial Pursuit. I would have won if I hadn't been giving out outragous hints to the three of them. After that, a round of Cranium closed out the night. It was the most fun I've had since the summer. Sunday, Sara and I went to church, and then just hung out and watched football while Sara did homework. I stayed thru till Monday, and took several hours to drive around and gather up subsitute applications for area schools. Now I have to fill them all out. *sigh* I really didn't want to leave Hanover, we had such a nice weekend. I really can't wait for the wedding so I can be up there all the time. I was so nice to be on my own with Sara, out from the 'Rents. I love them dearly, and for the most part we get along, but it's been so hard living at home after being in my own apartment last year at school.

 New England Sports Rant )

Another large disspointment from the weekend was my NaNoWriMo progress. I haven't updated my word count yet, because to do so would be highly embarassing. After a roaring start, the story completely stalled. While I'm slowly overcoming the hump, it's been a struggle, but one I'm determined to push on through.

Wedding planing is slowly starting to grind together. I need to book a limo, and I also need to hire a team of bounty hunters to hunt down my groomsmen and haul them bodily into tux shops to be measured. Once that's done, my responsibility for the most part is over, except for helping to make sure all the bills are paid on time.

So, to review: Subbing sucks. I can't wait for the wedding to be over. Indy sucks. SHS football and CTV6 rock. My groomsmen need to get their act in gear. And NaNo needs help. That about sums up my life in a nutshell.

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Was very pissed off at the officiating in the ND/USC tilt. Even more pissed off when it caused ND to lose.

PSU lost on last play of game too.

*Sigh* Well, both these teams will be good again next year, so maybe there'll be a national title in the offing.

Gotta hand it to those kids from ND, though, they certainly did "Play Like Champions Today" even if they did lose. Damn officals.
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Came up to see Sara this weekend. It rained most of the weekend, and because it rained today, and there's no school (no possibility of subsituting today), I played hooky from the golf course and stayed up the extra day. I'm going to head home sometime this afternoon. Sara's off at class now. I think she's turned a corner in terms of her classes, and while I won't necessarily be all down hill, it at least won't be the tough sledding that the last week was.

We did a bit of exploring in downtown Hanover Saturday inspite of the rain. Found a nice used book store where we found a couple of books. Notre Dame had the weekend off, so there was no afternoon football that we were interested in. Penn State was on at 7:45, and we got back in time to watch the Nittney Lions knock off the Buckeyes. Whohoo! I love JoePa. Penn State is BACK! Next weekend, should be interesting week. Penn State and Michigan, and Notre Dame against USC. That game in South Bend will be one of the biggest of the year, I think. Let's go Notre Dame!

Sunday we checked out St. Dennis's, the local Catholic parish. It was nice service. Lots of kids, which made Sara coo and awww. Then the Patriots made it far too exciting against the Falcons. I love Adam Vinitieri, but it would be nice once or twice to not need him to kick last second field goals for a change. The defense needs serious help. Got to get some people healthy on the D, or things will be tough sledding.

All the good football this weekend has made me almost forget that the White Sox swept out the Red Sox. *sigh*. I can't complain too much after last year's series, so I guess it's See You In April for the Beantown boys. Football is the main course from now forward.

Sara's shower is next weekend, and here's hoping that everything is all set and going okay.
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I subbed at my old HS today. That was funny. Many of the teachers did double takes upon seeing me. "You've graduated??" was a familiar refrain. It was a much better day than the last time. High School kids are much more subdued than middle schoolers. Not much to tell, fortunetly.

THere may have been a major breakthru on the wedding front this afternoon. When I got home from school, I forced myself to sit down and start down the list of photographers referred to us by the reception hall. About the fourth call down the list, I may have hit the jackpot. I found a gentleman who charges reasonable prices, has the services we want, and is very amiable. We had a 15 minute conversation about Virginia schools because his daughter is thinking of going to school down south. I always like to make a personal connection with people. It's how I picked the jeweler who sold me the engagment ring, and we went back to him for the wedding rings. My jeweler is a Polish immigrant, and when I was first looking for an engagment ring, I got into a 40 minute conversation about Pope John Paul and his impact on the fall of communisim. That's when I knew I had to go back. So I told Sara about the photographer guy, and his prices, and we're going to try and make an appointment to see his portfolios. So there's some *good* news about wedding planning for a change.

And now I'm watching football. Let's go Saints!

And is anyone nervous about this new storm, Rita, that might hit the gulf again? They're cancelling all further reopenings of New Orleans, and issuing warning orders about possible new evacuations. When it rains, it pours. Literally.
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Oh so many things to talk about.

“Patriots )

“Saturday” )

“Mother-Out-Law” )
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Which is really a misleading title. Normally, I love Sunday. I just hate leaving Sara all alone. And the thesis defense is tomorrow, which means she's extra stressed. But I'm back in Lex Vegas, and she's in the Burg, and we're three hours apart. Sadness.

Weekend was fun. King and Queen was exciting on Friday, even though they moved it inside. They should have left it out side. It was beautiful night. Sara and I left the dance early and sat out under the moonlight on a park bench for some *ahem* quality quiet time.

Saturday we watched the NFL draft and Sara worked on the powerpoint for her defense. I helped her do the animation. When that was done, we went over and hung out with some freinds and played Cranium. During said game playing, I managed to hurt myself somewhat severly playing charades. I was supposed to be acting out the words "Low Rider", and I was crouched as if riding a big Harley hog, and I went over backwards and caught my back on the corner of the end table. I bled a little, and I'm sure I have a massive bruise that I can't see, and it hurts like the devil. Yeah...just call me Tonks.

Slept in Sunday and watched more of the Draft. ESPN is the greatest TV network ever. Period. Althought I wish we got the NFL network on basic cable. Left the Burg around 4ish with two VMIs in tow who needed a lift back to Big Lex.

This week should be intresting. I have at least two free meals coming my way this week, both with Doc Merchant, so I'm looking forward to that. Friday is Blowout at William and Mary (last day of class), so I'll be headed over there to make sure Sara finds her way back to her dorm at the end of the day.

Shower's calling my name.

Campbell Out.


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