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I told you it was JFKish...tongue is firmly planted in cheek here people.


Apr. 22nd, 2007 08:52 pm
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Been a while since I updated, so I figure I'll give it a try.

Lebanon doesn't want me, they sent me a nice little form letter saying they have reviewed my application, and they're not interested at this time. Kind of ruined last weekend. Screw em.

Still looking for teaching job. Still looking for what the hell I'm doing with my life. People tell me I'm still young enough to figure that bills say otherwise. I've got options, certainly, but I'm still waiting for that one door to open. Maybe it won't ever, who the hell knows? Time will tell.

Let see, things that aren't depressing. SPRING has at long last, at long, finally, last, broken out over much of New England. Which is good, because we were begining to resemble Seattle.  I could never live there. I need sunshine. We lost some school because of flooding.

Mother-in-law's basement flooded in recent deluge, made a nice mess. There is so much accumulated junk down there that is now ruined, we think we're going to need a dumpster to get rid of it all. The sooner the better in my book. It's becoming a health hazard, probably. 

Anyway...things are good. I'm singing again, in Faculty Chorus at School and in church choir. Faculty chorus bring so much more satisfaction, which isn't to say choir isn't fun, but everybody in choir except me is over 70, and their voices aren't what they used to be. The organist is the same age, and probably arthritic. Nothing has any zip, and I like zip in my music. They don't have much in terms of music selection either. I'm trying to figure out what I can do to help in that department. I may try to import some music, easy music, but something more peppy.

In terms of writing, I'm enjoying writing new stuff, but I'm desperatly trying to discipline myself to finish Redefining and Defining the Relationship. DTR may actually go straight to Epilogue from where it sits now, but there's still a couple chapters left to run in RE. I need somebody to stand over me with a whip and force me to write it. I need to finish this, even if I'm not feeling like it. Because I know I won't finish post July, mainly because anything JKR writes about the post-war era is better than anything I can come upwith and my stuff will pale in comparison.

But for now, I'm screaming obscenities at the television, watching the Sox lose to the Yanks (at present), and trying to put off work and other things I should be doing. At least it's vacation, and I've got the week off. Going to visit my sister this week, very much looking forward to that. (Manny just jacked one over the Monster, whohoo!) Philly should be fun. (JD Drew just went yard, as well, back to back for the Sox! Got it within 1 now. Finally getting to this whippersnapper nobody the Yanks got on the mound) HOLY SH** LOWELL JUST PUT IT ONTO LANDSDOWN STREET, GAME TIED! OMFG, THERE GOES TEK! BACK TO BACK TO BACK TO BACK...Hmmm...there's action in the Yankees bullpen, wonder why?...Pena just struck out to end the inning...but holy mother of God what an inning...I'm glad I got to see that live and not just on sportscenter. 

And now for some random memage before I go back to the game. 

Comment to this post and I will:
1. Tell you why I friended you. Assuming I can remember
2. Associate you with something. A fandom, a song, a color, a piece of fruit. SOMETHING.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character or pairing.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you. (Or else I'll just ask a random question)
7. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
8. In return, you must spread this disease in your LJ.

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My God, it’s been a long while.
School goes well, actually. My discipline issues are fading with time, which is a positive sign. For the most part I like my students. There are a few, but then, there always are.
As Sara mentioned a bit back, there is an opening for an American History teacher at Lebanon High School for next fall. I’m hoping and praying that I’ll have a good shot at it.
Overall, I am happier, I’ve discovered. Days seem brighter, and I don’t feel quite as drained at the end of the day. Yeah, I’m tired, sometimes extremely tired, but it’s a <I>good</I> kind of tired, ya know? I feel accomplished, and like I’m actually DOING something with my life. Not so worthless…
Couple of fun stories. Last weekend, we here in the US of A, we changed our clocks on Saturday night. We moved them forward, so if you forgot to change them, well, you’d be late. So Sunday morning, Sara and I hustle off to church, and when we get there, the ushers meet me at the door with: “Oh, good, you’re here. The Ministers aren’t here yet, and you might have to pinch hit.” And the Chairwoman of the Pastor Parish Relations committee comes over and says: “Will you lead us in a hymn sing?”
So, I lead church on Sunday. At about a quarter of 10, the door opens and in walk the ministers, and I give them a hearty “Good morning!” that makes everyone turn and look, and poor Pastor Lori is still oblivious, she looks around and says “No wonder we couldn’t find a parking space!” They didn’t even realize the clocks had changed. Granted, we did it early this year, thanks to some damnfool act of Congress, but still, it was funny.
And today, I met Senator John McCain. He was in town for a campaign event, and I got to shake his hand and everything. I’m the Co-Chair of his campaign for West Lebanon, which makes me something of a mucky-muck. Exciting stuff.
And I’m watching my March Madness bracket fall apart. Louisville was my Cinderella to get to the Final Four this year, and they lost today. Georgetown has pulled it even with BC, but they were losing. That would have been very bad, I have them in the national title game. Fortunately, I don’t have any money on it this year.
Anyway, that’s what’s going on in Gov-Land lately. DTR is coming along very nicely, and the next chapter is getting very close to being finished, and actually, the story it self is actually very close to being finished, so that’s a little bittersweet. I’ve poured more than two years into it, and it’s hard to believe it’s almost over.
Anyway, I’ve taken up enough space on your friends page for now. I’ll try to update more often. Later all!

First Day

Feb. 5th, 2007 08:19 pm
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I got in early this morning. Early like woah...I was the first freaking car in the staff lot. Tomorrow, I guess I don't need to get up right at four am, but I was pretty much too keyed up to sleep. 

1st Period, Basic Geography  is okay, small group, mainly comatose, so i don't a have too many problems to deal with. Second period is a Study Hall. Quiet study, it's like a prep period where I can't leave the room. Third Period is the first of my two world history groups, and they're good kids. Fourth period is my second Basic Geo. They're a little rowdier, but we'll get along okay. Fifth period is my prep, and lunch, six is my other World History, and Seventh is my Class from Hell. It's Regular Geography, and Ive got about 25 kids who want to be anywhere but at school. You'll be hearing from this group a lot, methinks.

Anyway, I've got a TON of work to do, so this is short.  [profile] katieay, I was going to use your Icon, but LJ ate it. *follows [personal profile] aggiebell90's example and sporks LJ*. 

My wife totally rocks. She made me steak for dinner, AND a cake. 

The next chapter of DTR is off to the beta (It went to the prebeta before all heck broke lose in my life, and is now finally getting around to the beta)

And did I mention my fablously fantastic wife bought me an X-box as a Valentine's Day/OMG you got a teaching job present? :D:D:D:D:D:D Too bad I'm too busy to use it. 

And [profile] kit_the_brave, I blame you, because a Beth/AJ plotbunny was gnawing on my ankles last night as I was trying to sleep. ;-) 'S all good. I might even write it this weekned, if the opportunity comes up

Later y'all, I'm off to write overheads.


Jan. 24th, 2007 01:23 pm
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Well, it ate my life for a period of about 24 hours, but I got rid of a plot bunny. Sort of. It's not exactly fanfiction in the true sense of the word, but I had fun with it, in a way. Therefore, I present to you, in an abridged form, (until I get the urge to start adding more details), the seminal historic work:

Thoughts are welcome.


Jan. 14th, 2007 11:25 pm
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So yeah. [profile] kit_the_brave  who is awesome, and fantastic and more adjectives that I have handy at the moment, just posted a picture she drew based on Chapter 1 of my Defining Moments fic. I had asked in the Christmas wish meme for someone to illustrate a scene from my fic, and she did it. And what a spectacular job she did. Please, everyone go tell her how fantastically awesome she is.

Second, apparently, I was recced recently on [profile] crack_broom . Can I just say that I'm blown away by that? I wondered where the new reviews were coming from, but I had no idea. Special thanks to [profile] magnolia_mama  for pointing it out to me. 

Those two evens helped cheer me up after a long, hard day. They cheered me up even more that the Pats win did, actually, and that's saying a lot. My joy at the Pats win is kind of tempered by the fact I didn't see it, owing to the fact that I've been at work. All. Freaking. Day. Damn holiday means the theater was open late tonight. In fact, I'm still here. 

Lately the job has been getting to me. It's been pointed out to me that my talents are wasted here. True dat. However, I'm skitish about looking for a new job in the immediate term because I left Sears after six months, and I don't want to leave another job after six months. I don't want to look like a job hopper when someone reads my resume. That being said, this job is really starting to grate on me, my boss is giving me these mixed signals like he's upset about something, and I'm bored out of my freaking skull. I want my weekends back, I want my holidays back, and I want something that's slightly more mentally stimulating. 

Anyway, that's what's been going on in my life. Anyone got anything interesting going on?
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I lied to my wife today. I told her I was going straight to bed when I got home from work...

but see, there was this cute little plot bunny...and I leaned down to pet it.

And it bit my arm.

It wouldn't let go!

And now chapter nine of Redefining is finished.

*falls asleep at keyboard*

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...snzks...don't forget to give us your address for holiday cards, or ask for a drabble for Christmas (see previous posts)....snksz...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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It may just be me, but being able to load a version of the ESPN ticker onto my comptuer so I constantly get score updates and news updates is pretty awesome if you ask me. But that could just be me.

I'm very pleased with the reviews I'm getting for the latest chapter of DTR. So pleased in fact, that my muse has decided to come out of whereever it's been hiding for the last several months. I'm already working on the next chapter.

I've also made some important decisions about my future. I've decided to apply to an online masters of public administration program, offered through Norwich University, right across the river in Vermont. An MPA is far more interesting to me than an MBA, and may fit where my life is leading me better than an MBA.

For example. I'm still tossing around the idea of running for City Council in March. Saying I'm working toward an MPA might give me an added edge. I'm still thinking of applying to the planning board too, to get some name recognition. I'd have to leave the planning board if I was elected to city council. I'm also worried about overloading myself, but the fact is I've just been BORED lately, and this would certainly be a cure.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled day. I'm off to look for a news ticker to add to my sports ticker.


Nov. 1st, 2006 10:09 am
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Well, November is here. We're into the home stretch of the year. I celebrated the arrival of November at midnight last night by puting on Vince Vance and Valiant's All I Want For Christmas is you (mainly because it get so overplayed on the radio it drives my wife every so slightly nuts, and I like to tease her.)

I know that some people think it's early for Christmas music, but so much of it is so very good, it deserves more than one month for playing time. I won't put up decorations until after Thanksgiving, so at least let me have my music.

Halloween was cool. We saw so many cute little kids. There are more in our neighborhood this year, I think. Our friends came by with their little one, all dressed up as a puppy, she was adorable. I want one.

Don't tell Sara I said that.

A week to go to election day. I'm hoping and staying positive, but also realizing that the chances of me winning are about as good as me winning the lottery.

Oh, I'm having so much fun at Kit's virtual Halloween party! Even if no one knows who I came as...doesn't anyone beside me read Jack Higgins? ;-)

Anyway, back to work on DTR 25.

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Okay, so it's been a while, but really, there hasn't been all that much in my life worth reporting on at the moment. I gues..

Work is good. I still like my job, which is a bonus. Movies we've been getting are better as of recently, which is good, because our revenue had been way down. But we're getting into horror movie season, so that should draw the college crowd. (Texas Chainsaw Massacere, the begining opens tomorrow, followed by Grudge 2 on the 13, and Saw III at the end of the month.)

I'm still kind of floundering around trying to get some kind of campaign underway. I'm struggling a little bit with my ideology, which doesn't help. Well, maybe not my ideology as much as my current utter embarassment in being publically associated with the Republican party, which at the moment, bears little resemblance to what the Republican Party should look like. Nationally, I think we're going to take a bath in November, and in some cases, we deserve to, but the backlash is coming down on the local level politicians (like me) who have nothing to do with the war in Iraq, the Federal budget disaster, or God help me, Mark Foley, but simply because we use the name Republican to identify ourselves, that somehow makes us cuplable in the eyes of voters. Example. On primary day, a woman came up to the polls and looked at me and the other guy holding signs at the polls. "Which one is which?" she wanted to know. When I told her I was the Republican side, she turned away from me, saying "I hate Dick Cheney." Excuse me? Do I look like DIck Cheney? Am I even holding a sign for him? No. This is a state/county election. It has nothing to do with him. Gah. With all this noise, it's hard to get the message of lower taxes, less government, and more local control out and be heard.

Okay, that rant turned out a lot longer than I intended.

I'm going to be attending a dinner for the country Republican parties of Orange County, Vermont, and Grafton County, NH. Looking foward to that, because I'll meet some movers and shakers. I'm also going to a rally where I'll get to meet Rudy Guiliani, so that's pretty cool.

Anyway. The weather is beautiful here today, perfect fall weather really. Nice and crisp. I'm working on DTR 24, it's almost done. Had some friends over last night, and got to play with their little one. She's quite the squirmer, but it was fun. Babies are so cute.

There was something else...but I've lost it, it's gone. Maybe it'll come to me later.
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Howdy all,

Couple things going on in my life right now.

Primarily, my internet acess has been limited. Sara's already gone over the reason's Dartmouth is disconinuing wireless internet acess in our apartment complex, but on top of that, due to the continue construction there, most of the acress points have already been torn down. So...we're without reliable internet. Until next Wendnesday or so, when supposedly, Verizon claims our DSL line will be provisioned and I can plug in the equipment...which hasn't arrived yet...and we'll be good to go. (Right now, I'm over on Datmouth campus, hiding in Sara's office mooching offical use internet.)

Secondly, I'm now full time at the theater, and I'm loving it. I've always enjoyed enterainment, been secretly fascinated by Hollywood (the production side, not the actors), and people at the theater seem to have a hell of a lot more fun than the folks at Sears. Maybe it's because the folks at Sears know they're all in dead end jobs with no hope of advancement. Most of the folk at the movie theater, at least now, are high school and college kids on break, who are looking forward to going back to school and getting an education, and eventually looking back on this as a fun summer job that got them free movies and gas money. I don't know exactly who will be left working for me in a month, but I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Due to above mentioned internet problems, the next chapter of DTR is delayed somewhat...(more than it has been already). It is DRAFTED, which is a damn sight improvment from a week ago. I have to sit down with Sara and do the first round of pre-beta, but due to the above mentioned JOB, (where I leave before she gets home in the evening, and get home after she's asleep), that hasn't happened yet. When it does (Saturday), I'm sending it off to Dancinginmagic for Brit picking.

On the teaching job front, no news yet. I'm still searching. That is all.

Howdy all!

Jun. 18th, 2006 08:18 pm
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Yep. Me again. Bruised battered, and really tired, but Sears inventory is over for this year. 

It went down on Wednesday, and went pretty smoothly. 

If you discount the part where I grabbed the inventory control seal on our delivery truck and slit my finger open, requiring two stitches. 

I hurt still. But aside from that. We had a wonderful weekend, just kicking around, hiding in the air conditioning of our bedroom...(it's BLOODY HOT UP HERE), and watching some TV.
We have discovered Firefly, and man, why didn't they make more shows??? This is a great series. We don't want to wait inbetween Netflix discs, so we ordered the whole shebang, including the movie Serenity, from Amazon, and we're anxiously awaiting it's arrival. 

Other than that, I'm having trouble with fanfiction motivation, hopefully an issue that will be resolved this week now that inventory is over. 

But life is good, I guess. We're moved in and settled. 

I'm still looking for a real job for the fall. Something...anything, other than staying in retail through the holidays. 

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" question please?"

"Mr. Campbell, can you tell us where you've been the last several weeks?"

"Well, I can tell you that I've been very busy. This is a very busy time of year for me, with job listings being posted. I had a job fair interview last week."

"How did it go?"

"It went very well. It was for a position at my old high school, so I'm hoping I have a good chance of getting called back for a second interview. I aslo have an interview lined up at Woodsville High School at the end of the month."

"What about substituting, how is that going?"

"No comment. Next question, please."

"How is Sears?"

"Sears is going fine. We've just completed a major store realighnment, and I spent several days moving the paint department. The result of moving all those gallons of paint has me sore in places I forgot I had."

"How about your personal life, Mr. Campbell?"

"In general it's good. I entertained my sister and my parents at my house this past week, and both visits were very sucessfully."

"The important part, Mr. Campbell, your writing. Your readers want to know when you're going to be back."

"I'm currently working on two projects right now, the next chapter of Redefining and the next chapter of DTR. I hope to have both finished before the end of the week."

"So, in general, you'd say things are going well."

"I think that about sums it up. No more questions, please."
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So...somebody was complaining I hadn't updated in a while. So here's an update.

Got some snow this week, which was nice. It temporarily hides the fact that it was all brown and muddy before. I had school vacation, so I worked some extra hours at Sears.

That job is actually turning into something that approches enjoyable, depending on the day. The people are nice. The store manager, Gene, is a bit of a tyrant, but he's a NICE tyrant. He has that talent where he can tell you to go to hell and make you feel good on the way. My immediate superior, Frank, is really cool, and fun to work with. Thursday this past week was inventory, and I was at Sears from 6:45 am, to 6:30 PM. LONG day, but we got a lot accomplished, and I got some compliements on my work ethic.

This past Saturday, I got to drive the big shuttle truck back and forth from the store to the warehouse with stock up goods. It started out as a "quick job, just two or three lawn tractors". It turned into an all day project where I brought stuff and assembeled it and put it out on the floor. THat's okay though, I like working with my hands. Although, it was snowing, and that made driving the truck a bit dicey.

My neice's postponed birthday party was Sunday, so I got to go back to Southern NH for the day. Saw my folks. They're repainting my old room, that was a bit of a shock. In a good way, I guess. I didn't really want them to erect a monument to my memory anyway. Had a good time at my sister-in-law's for the party. Wiped the floor with my 8 year old newphew at Madden 2004 on the PS2. This is a remarkable accomplishement, because he cheats like there's no tomorrow. He alters players stats and so forth, and doesn't warn you ahead of time. But I got the better of him this time, with the ARIZONA FREAKING CARDINALS whomping the Kansas City Cheifs 42-21. He was really nasty about it in the end. Didn't want to play after the 2 minutes warning. Almost shut the machine off, but Sara snapped at him to play to the end, so he just started hitting random buttons. I could have scored again, because he wasn't paying attention, but I just the knee. Something he wouldn't have done, had the roles been reveresed. My newphew needs good sportsman lessons.

I've dissapeared from PS again, but with DTR 18 in the pipeline and well on it's way to being posted, I'm going to try to get back in again.

That's it for now.
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Post a snippet (sentence, paragraph, whatever) from every in-progress fic you have at the moment.

Okay, here goes...

-- -- -- --
Summer in MacPherson's Valley )
-- -- -- --
The Admiral and the Schoolteacher )
-- -- -- --
Lawson's Luck )
-- -- -- --
Untitled WOT fic )
-- -- -- --
Break down Here, Chapter 2 )
-- -- -- --
Defining the Relationship, Chapter 16 )
-- -- -- --
Redefining, Chapter 2 )
-- -- -- --

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And now for[ profile] kadath's present.

Title: Journy's Begining
Words 1,306
Setting: ANH+8 (Shortly before the Thrawn Campagin begins.)
kadath's Present )
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It has only just now occured to me that as I am moving, I'm packing up this computer this weekend and it will be unacessable to me until after January 1. Well, actually, it hasn't just occured to me, I've known it for a week. What *hadn't* occured to me is that I need to post up the Christmas presents people asked me for before I pack up this machine, or you won't get them until January.

Ergo, it's early Christmas. Today's Christmas giving features [ profile] dancinginmagic's present, and [ profile] kadath's presents. [ profile] kelleypen, Sara is still polishing your present, and we'll be posting it on her LJ, since she'll still have her laptop into the early part of next week.

For DM Title: Lily Evans and the Mad Quaffle

1,200 words (aprox.)

 Pairing: L/J DM Christmas Present )


Nov. 27th, 2005 04:31 pm
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Well, now, I've had an exciting day.

My birthday technically started yesterday, when my family celebrated and gave me all my presents. I got a couple of nice DVDs and some new books. My subscription to Sports Illustrated was also renewed for another year, yah!

My sister flew back to Philly today, which was why we celebrated early. Sara and I drove up here (Sara's soon-to-be-ours apartment up in West Leb.) I sat down last night, and shortly after midnight this morning, I completed my NaNo quest! The story itself is NO WHERE NEAR finished, but I got 50k words, which means I can now take a break and head back to my fics over on PS. I've been rereading what I've written so far to get my head back in the game. I've also been roped into doing a join fic with Sara for someone's birthday coming up...shhh....and I couldn't resist the Alphatbet challange over on [Bad username or site: @].

It's good to be back in the fandom!

And of course, it's my birthday today, which means the birthday wishes have been coming in from several quarters. Thanks to all who have sent me good wishes this day, you all rock!

Sara's panfrying a steak for dinner, with a cream sauce made with Irish Whiskey. One of my favorite dishes. Highly recomended, and we have the recipie if anyone wants it.

That's about all for today.

Days till Wedding: 26
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Our (Sara and I) copy of Order of the Phoenix has gotten lost. It's probably in a box somewhere betweeen here and her place. Unfortunetly, I need it. While I'm supposed to be starting NoNoWriMo in a few hours, I'm trying to nail down some details concerning the physcial structure of the Ministry of Magic building for the next few chapters of DTR. I've drawn a few conclusions, if anyone can refute them, let me know.

1. According to the Lexicon (my primary source with the book missing), the Vistor's phone booth takes you down eight levels underground to the atrium. You then climb back UP to get to levels 7-1, with the first level (Presumably the Minister's office), closest to the surface. To get to Dept. of Mysteries, and the Level 10 courtrooms, you go deeper underground.

2. Based on the theoretical location of the MoM facility, (near the Strand, S. of Covent Garden) the Picadilly Branch of the London Underground runs nearby.

3. The wizard at the front desk catelogs vistors wands only, he does not confiscate them.

4. As near as I remember, or could tell, the Atrium is the only place within the ministry which you can Apparate in and out of(?) this is the fact that I'm least sure of.

If all this is true, I should be all set. Please let me know if you think I'm wrong.
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The results are in, and Defining the Relationship has won the "Best WIP" award for Phoenixsong's Best of the Best Awards.

I'm honoured. I really am. This is more than I ever expected when I got started.

I want to thank all my readers, my Betas: DPR, and Arnel. And especially Sara.

I should stop before the orchastra starts and cuts me off.

Thanks again!


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