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So here I am, week 4 of Spring Term, with two to go after this. I'm rapidly losing motivation to do work in my class, but I'm pushing it through anyway, mainly because I love Doc Merchant and don't want to dissapoint him.

Sistwerp is in town for the week, and she's enjoying her vacation in Lex Vegas. She's off poking around the downtown shops right now and having a grand old time, while I do my laundry. *ugh*. I hate doing laundry. Mainly because it's three flights from here to the washing machine. Laundry won't be nearly so bad when I have an apartment with laundry INSIDE the apartment. I hope.

Not much going on here. Got the pictures back from Paparazzi night a few days ago, and I must say they came out well.

Chapter 8 of Defining Moments is into the final stages of Pre-betaing. So, hopefully, it'll go up in a couple of weeks. I have an outtake that should be going up shortly. And another one in the works, but there's going to be some administrative changes before that all comes together.

I should really, really, be doing some reading. Esp. b/c I have Chapter tonight, and the House, M.D. at 9, but the motivation just isn't there. I'm going to try and force it a little bit later on.

Campbell Out.
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So, I'm just about all packed to go. This will be my last 12 hour trek to Virginia, with only one more return trip to go. I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow moring, and I'm going to try to use up all the daylight I can. Really and truly not looking forward to the drive itself. It's a pain in the neck to drive 12 hours, all alone.

But what's waiting at the end will be worth it. I get to see Sara, which is good. I'm also thinking about stopping in Philedelphia to see my sister, who's at school at St. Joseph's.

The last term starts Monday - seminar on Reconstruction, with Dr. Merchant, my favorite prof. He's pretty funny.

Anyway, I'm planning on being up early tomorrow, so I'll wrap this up.

Rogue Leader out.


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