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My goodness, it's been a while. Let's make a list, shall we?

1.) Campbell for State Rep

The campagin is an uphil slog. Republicans are not exactly popular in this area of the Upper Valley, filled with plenty of folks who work at the liberal mecca of Dartmouth College. But I make the best of it. My candidate profile comes out in tomorrow's Valley News, and I'm hoping that they print my website address, so I can get some more traffic to it. I attended a candidate forum this morning, where I discussed my views on taxes and Education Funding, and made a clear distinction between myself and the other candidates attending, so we'll see if that pays off.

2.) Welcome to Adulthood

Life continues to throw curveballs at me. Last week I was in Concord for a political function when I blew out a power steering line on Sara's car. That's right, Sara's new car. Her brand new, warranty protected car. Had it towed, but when I tried to get the work authorized under warrenty, they told me my account hadn't been activated yet. Ended up calling the dealership, which promised to resovle the problem (which they did, and very politely, so small points for them), but I'd already paid the bill on the repair, which means I have to file a retroactive claim under our protection agreement. This, according to the person I talked to at the 1800 number, is problematic at best. Now, this was a minor repair, with less than 2 hours of work required for repair, but the part was 175 freaking dollars, so the bill came to nearly 400 bucks.
And on top of that Dartmouth decided to bill us for two month of rent at a time this billing cycle (they do that occasionally for no rhyme or reason that I can deterimine. Somebody in the billing office probably flips a coin and says "okay, no bill this month, two months rent next month). And not only that, but our health insurance renewal is on this bill. Bringing the total to somewhere between OUCH and BOING.
And the car repair
And the car payment
and the rest of our bills.
Oh, and the next quarterly payment of my student loan is due.
This is a bad month. Welcome to adulthood Campbells.

3. Spaceballs II, the Search for More Money
Brining me to my last point. I'm attempting to find things to do to help bring in a little extra cash. I'd like to do something I could do in my spare time, such as freelance writing, or even photography, something that have an average aptitude for and enjoy doing. I'm trying out this website I've seen advertised on LJ called, where you can write articles and get paid a percentage of the ad revenue based on how popular your articles are. I've sumbitted two scholarly works (I recycled a couple of term papers from college -they're mine, I can do what I want with them, is my theory.), and I'm going to see how this works. I'm also attempting to look into other avenues. If anybody knows about somebody looking for a freelance writer (fiction, or non-fiction), let me know. I'm holding off on looking for an actual second job until after November, just in case I do win the election. After that, we'll see.

4. Movie Theater Stuff

Very slow, lately. Man of the Year didn't pick up like we expected it to. Grudge 2 is a total bomb in our area, I don't care what they say nationwide. We're opening Flicka this weekend, which I expect to do poorly as well. Saw III the weekned after that. We won't pick up again seriously until November, when we start getting things like Santa Clause 3, Flushed Away, Happy Feet and Casino Royale (yay Bond!).

Well, other than that, life is good. Tired a lot lately, trying to do too many things, and staying up too late. (Speaking of which, I really feel for Matt Leinart today. Talk about a suck punch on MNF last night. I like the Bears, don't get me wrong, but man, Arizona really BLEW IT last night)

Till next time!
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The heat finally broke up here, and the last several days have been wonderfully pleasant. I've been getting out of the house more, getting that all important sunshine quotient.

Our friend Justin has been visiting the past few days too, which has been a lot of fun.

My inspiration and my muse have been starting to creep back towards me. The next chapter of DTR is in validation as we speak, and will probably be available online soon. That makes me excited. Those reviews should help push me over the hill I'm stuck on.

Job goes well. We're busy. My GM suspended the other ASM last week, for a number of very valid reasons. It's been nice not having to deal with him, and this weekend, we're getting a new Part time ASM who will work only weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. This is really nice because it means the GM and I might actually get to take some weekends off! Time off at the same time as Sara! w00t!

Other than that, the car discussion has stalled out (no pun intended), partially because none of the teaching jobs I was looking at are panning out, and we're looking at another at least half year of local driving vs. highway commuting. The need is not as urgent.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to go take this thing outside into the backyard where it's sunny, and I can type there!


Aug. 7th, 2006 11:25 pm
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Sara and I have been semi-seriously pondering the idea of trading in her current vehicle (an 1989 Mercedes Station wagon, 17 MPG) for something slightly more fuel efficient.

(Just as a side note, doing so would also make theoretical road trips more feasible.)

Personally, I've been looking at VW Cabrios....yes, a convertible, but one that gets pretty good gas mileage,(30 mpg) actually. My thinking on this is as follows:

We do not have kids, therefore, we only really need one car with four doors.
On the whole, they're not really any more expensive than a hardtop car with roughly the same miles.
Convertibles are fun. And Sara won't settle for anything less than a sunroof after driving the Mercedes, so I'm thinking, hey, let's go whole hog.
And depending on the model, some Cabrio's have an overhead roll bar. Which would make my mother happy. Her cousin was killed when his convertible rolled.

The downside is I'm not sure how well they heat in the winter. And I don't really know anything about VWs (are they expensive to maintain, etc.)

So, I'm tossing this out to all y'all.

1. Anybody ever owned a VW? How are they to maintain?
2. Anybody ever owned a convertible? How are they in wintertime?


Oy vey

Aug. 2nd, 2006 10:37 am
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So...I got away for two whole days. The nice thing about the theater is that our GM tries to schedule us with a "weekend"...two days off in a row, even though they don't necessarily fall on Saturday and Sunday. 

Monday, we visted E and wished her a happy birthday. We went out to TGI Fridays, and she flirted with the waiter, eventually leaving her number on a napkin. 

Spent the night at my parents house, all by ourselves, since they were on vacation, and Tuesday we were able to go up to Camp and join them for an afternoon. My sister was there too, and we had a great afternoon splashing in the brook, and playing horseshoes. And then we all got ready to head out to dinner...

and my sister backed into my car. 

In all honest, Sara and I were fooling with the radio and distracted her, and my car hadn't been there all week, so she wasn't expecting it to be there, and, well...yeah. My parents were already pulling out the driveway, and we all get out of the car and look at the damage, and my parents keep driving because they don't know what's happened....all in all the damage wasn't bad, but it was my sister's first time hitting somebody else, and she got a little upset, so I had to go chasing after my folks in my car and bring them back to the house.

Everything turned out all right in the end, and we did make it to dinner.  Now I just have to have a tensy bit of body work done my jeep. Slightly more on my sister's car is required. 

After dinner, Sara and I came back (we were loathe to leave. I wanted to stay all week)...and I got a phone message from Hillboro-Deering. They went with the other guy :-(

Despite it all, it was still a nice couple days off.
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That's right folks, in exactly four months, Sara and I will become Mr. and Mrs. Campbell. I can't wait! :)

Okay, a moderate amount to talk about.

Sara's Car: Apparently, the mechanic has finally decided what's wrong. The problem is, he's not sure how much it's going to cost us to get the car back, seeing as he's been working on it for a week. He did say, though, that he can't see justfying some of that time, since he didn't know what the hell was wrong. Both fuel pumps are gone, apparently, for those wondering what *was* wrong.

Wedding: Four months to go! That's the good news. The iffy news is we don't have a photographer, still. The worse news is some our bills are going to start coming due soon, which brings us to...

Job: Something I still don't have. I'm applying today for a position teaching community college classes. The ad says they want someone who has a Masters, but it can't hurt to apply. Right? And, it's not like I'd been incapable of teaching a community college class on the Civil War...please, don't make me laugh.

Other intersting notes: I was suprised by the mixed reaction to the latest chapter of DTR over at PS. I mean, I suppose I knew that some people don't like having song lyrics in stories, but doesn't it add something? I mean, don't you read a story and imagine the soundtrack? Maybe they would have prefered to think of their own song, but I thought the one I used was perfect. Well, to each their own, I suppose.

I'm still plinking at that Semi-autobiographical work, Summer in MacPherson's Valley. Sara had a look at it the other day for the first time, and thinks I should drop everything and finish it, because she sees it as publishable, and pictured it on somebody's AP Lit reading list someday. I think she's biased. ;-) Then again, who knows?

Work was a rough day today. We were aerating the greens, and I got stuck using the walkbehind aerator. I must have walked 10 miles today. My feet are killing me. But I did put in a nine hour day.

More required pre-marital counselling tonight for Sara and I. Tonight we're going over the answers to the quiz we took last time. Should be an interesitng evening...

All right. Gotta get this applicaiton in the mail. Later all.

Calmer Now

Aug. 18th, 2005 04:41 pm
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Still no job, but I've decided I'm doing everything I can to get one, and I just have to trust the good Lord to do the rest. That, and asking my former Middle School pricipal/High school principal/district superintendant to put in a good word for me in a couple places can't hurt either.

Sara's car is still a mystery. This guy has spend 50+ years working on Benzs...he still can't figure out what's wrong. THis is a problem. We're starting to look at backup options.

I've worked at the golf course for 10 years now, and today was the first time I've ever been hit with a golf ball. Ricocheted right of the steel toe of my boot. Thank the Lord for small favors. Tomorrow, I might actually get to mow fairways, something I've always wanted to do. It helps that I'm like the last person from the summer crew to leave. Probably going to quit around Labor day weekend.

I've decided that if I don't get a job, I'm going to put my name in and subsitute teach in every district within driving distance. It's a good resume builder, and it gets me out of the golf course before the weather goes bad.

I'm getting positive responses to Defining the Relationship over at PS. My beta, Arnel, says that the next chapter coming out is possibly my best yet. I can't wait to see the reviews. It should be up tommorow sometime, so go have a peak if you get a chance.

Patriots on TV again tonight. They're looking solid so far, and we've got high hopes for the season. Sox are looking iffy all of a sudden. I'm concened that the pitching will fall apart down the stretch. I don't care if we don't win the Series again, just please stay ahead of those damnyankees.

Anywhoo, I'm feeling better.


Aug. 15th, 2005 12:31 pm
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It's raining.

I am dry now. I was not previously.

Had to work this morning, in the rain. Not terribly fun.

But enough about that.

I'm now the proud owner of a used lazyboy, which, of course, I will have to fight my fiancee for the right to sit in during football season.

Wedding bands are in, and they're gorgous. I've picked out tuxes for my side of the bridal party. We're doing tails and white gloves. Nice and classy.

My Kingmaker game arrived, I'm very excited about it. Now I just have to teach Sara to play.

Oh yeah...still no job.

Okay, I was worried before, and now, I've moved onto minor panic. Give me another 5 days, and I'll be into full blown panic. It's August. I don't have a job. We're broke. Sara's car has been in the shop for days and we still don't know what's wrong with it. We have wedding expenses yet to cover, and as of September 1, Sara's gotta pay utilities, food and rent.

Oh, and I called to confirm that my application arrived at one of the places advertising for a social studies teacher. The position has been filled.

Trying not to scream. Trying not to scream.

Hoping for a window to open, wishing my blessings didn't always come in disguise.
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It's been a terrible day.

First of all, one of my cousin's is sick, so we're shorthanded at work.

Second, I had to do bunker edges this morning. That's where you tilt the trimmer sideways to trim the grass growing into the bunker from the edge. By 7am I was covered in sand and grit.

Third of all, we put two new irrigation heads in the ground today, filled in the holes, laid down the sod, nice and neat. Turned on the valves.

They didn't work. They won't turn off. They just keep running and running. Two BRAND NEW HEADS. Arg. It's enough to make me scream.

Went home, took a breif nap. Auto place called. Sara's car is fixed. Drive 40 minutes to pick it up. Pull out of the driveway, it stalls dead in the street. Mechanic is stumped. Drive 40 minutes home, sans car. Shoot me now.

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Yep, it's over. I spend this weekend up at the lakehouse too, and had a lovely time. Not much to say except that I did a whole lot of not much.

Our *new* wedding invitations came in. They're right this time! Hal-le-lu-jah! And we've ordered flowers. Still looking for a Photographer we like. This is turning into the thorn in an otherwise, so-far, knock-on-wood, smooth process of wedding planning. I'll keep you all updated as further bulletins warrant.

Back to work tomorrow. Heat is back too, so it's bound to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Sara's car is still at the shop, they haven't got to it yet. I'm going to call and check on it tomorrow.

And that physical description meme is kind of spooky! Two of three people who responded to mine pretty much described me perfectly. And [ profile] jedione compared me to Han Solo, which is rather flattering. Sara got a big kick out of it. Thanks to all who played!

That's all for now.
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Well, vacation is rapidly slipping away form me. Highly dissapointing, if I do say so myself. I've enjoyed sleeping in, and all that jazz.

Sara and I added to that china collecting by buying up a dozen or so peices on E-bay for about 18 bucks. We're pretty pleased with that. The pattern is really pretty.

I spend most of Tuesday on a wild goose chase for an old Avalon Hill board game called Kingmaker, based on the War of the Roses in England. I played it a couple times when I was younger, and really wanted to lay my hands on it again. Little did I know how difficult that was going to prove. It seems as though it's something of a rare commodity. Finally found a reasonably priced copy over at Fun site, drop by sometime. My new game should be in the mail by the weekend, I hope.

The BAD part of the week was Sara's car. She called me at quarter of 7 Wednesday morning, to say she'd broken down on a highway onramp on her way to work. EEEEK! Had to go get her, and get the car towed, all in morning rush hour traffic. AHHHHHHHHHH! Boston = not fun. Had the car towed. My usual place said they didn't want it, because they're not equipped to do a Benz. Damn. Had it towed home to my place. Car seemed to be working, intermitanttly. Had my uncle listen to it, he said he thought it was a fuel line issue. Tried to pull fuel filter off to check for obstructions. Couldn't get it off. Decided to try driving it to Sara's house. Discovered I'd loosened the filter enough to cause car to leak gasoline like Titanic. Swore. A lot. Fixed filter, attempted to drive to Sara's house. Car died again half way there, towed for second time that day to a place my Grandmother knows. Went there this morning, they said they'd get to it eventually. BIG SIGH

And Oh yeah. Sara's mum was supposed to have knee surgery today. That didn't happen. Their dog had pulled her over, and skinned up the knee they were supposed to be operating on, so they couldn't risk an infection. Which means that Sara has now missed two days of work in a row, and will miss yet another next week when her mum goes back for the surgery again. Sara is NOT having a good week.

Anyway... time for some meme stuff.

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