May. 25th, 2007 05:39 pm
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Happy 30th Birthday, Star Wars!

I celebrated by playing Star Wars music during class changes at school, and showing George Lucas In Love to some of my classes today.

The Friday before Memorial Day weekend, they weren't paying attention to anything I said anyway.

May the Force Be With You!

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Appropirate icon for today, because it was so artistically done. At least, for the first time around.

Today, George Lucas turns 63 years old. 

Happy Brithday, George. For your birthday, go make Zahn's books into movies, and redeem yourself for Ep. 1,2, and 3.


May. 4th, 2007 08:38 pm
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Happy Birthday

[profile] magnolia_mama

If I had some, I'd totally be lifting a glass of Jack for my fellow General, on Derby weekend no less! May your birthday be happy, with mint julip to spare. 



Nov. 27th, 2006 10:45 pm
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Hey all!

Yes, it's my birthday. Thanks to all those who sent me good wishes today. I got some really nice things. My wife gave me the orginal Capitol Steps: Live at the Shoreham album, with all the great classics, like Hark! When Gerald Ford Was King, and Immense Expense is Mainly In Defense. Also got some new shirts, and new pair of pants, sorely needed for work. My 'rents got me a new trench coat, which makes me happy. My sister gave me a singing Snoopy that sings Snoopy vs. the Red Baron. My wife is ready to kill my sister (in a good way...she's more or less just plotting revenge by threatening to give her future children really noisy toys).

The theater has been BE-SERK. We did over 40g's in business over the Thanksgiving weekend. We had our best day of the year on Black Friday, when we did 1957 people, blowing away our previous high of 1811, set back in June. We've had some personel issues too, but I think those are about to resolve themselves.

Today, my first day off since before the Holiday, I had to get myself out of bed at 7:30 to get my car inspected at 8. Pain in the neck, but at least it passed, so that's at least some consolation. Put up Chirstmas lights on the outside of the house. Annoyed Sara when she discovered that I'd crawled out on the porch roof to hang lights while at home by myself.
Put up our tree and did some general decorating today. Our tree is gorgous. Pictures to come as soon as I get new batteries for the digital camera.

My application for the Norwich University MPA program goes out in the mail tomorrow, so wish me luck.

Our house is going to resemble a Holiday Inn this month, with several houseguests in the coming weeks. "Welcome to Bernie and Sara's Bed and Breakfast. Complimentary wake up call?"

Later folks!
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I'm really not much one for the HTML tricks and the sparklies, but Happy Birthday nonetheless to the love of my life, my darling wife, Sara.

Many, many, many more.

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Happy Birthday, Kelleypen!

And many more!
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To [ profile] bringandfly!!!

Hope you enjoyed your present Baffy!


Nov. 27th, 2005 04:31 pm
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Well, now, I've had an exciting day.

My birthday technically started yesterday, when my family celebrated and gave me all my presents. I got a couple of nice DVDs and some new books. My subscription to Sports Illustrated was also renewed for another year, yah!

My sister flew back to Philly today, which was why we celebrated early. Sara and I drove up here (Sara's soon-to-be-ours apartment up in West Leb.) I sat down last night, and shortly after midnight this morning, I completed my NaNo quest! The story itself is NO WHERE NEAR finished, but I got 50k words, which means I can now take a break and head back to my fics over on PS. I've been rereading what I've written so far to get my head back in the game. I've also been roped into doing a join fic with Sara for someone's birthday coming up...shhh....and I couldn't resist the Alphatbet challange over on [Bad username or site: @].

It's good to be back in the fandom!

And of course, it's my birthday today, which means the birthday wishes have been coming in from several quarters. Thanks to all who have sent me good wishes this day, you all rock!

Sara's panfrying a steak for dinner, with a cream sauce made with Irish Whiskey. One of my favorite dishes. Highly recomended, and we have the recipie if anyone wants it.

That's about all for today.

Days till Wedding: 26


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