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Aug. 2nd, 2006 10:37 am
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So...I got away for two whole days. The nice thing about the theater is that our GM tries to schedule us with a "weekend"...two days off in a row, even though they don't necessarily fall on Saturday and Sunday. 

Monday, we visted E and wished her a happy birthday. We went out to TGI Fridays, and she flirted with the waiter, eventually leaving her number on a napkin. 

Spent the night at my parents house, all by ourselves, since they were on vacation, and Tuesday we were able to go up to Camp and join them for an afternoon. My sister was there too, and we had a great afternoon splashing in the brook, and playing horseshoes. And then we all got ready to head out to dinner...

and my sister backed into my car. 

In all honest, Sara and I were fooling with the radio and distracted her, and my car hadn't been there all week, so she wasn't expecting it to be there, and, well...yeah. My parents were already pulling out the driveway, and we all get out of the car and look at the damage, and my parents keep driving because they don't know what's happened....all in all the damage wasn't bad, but it was my sister's first time hitting somebody else, and she got a little upset, so I had to go chasing after my folks in my car and bring them back to the house.

Everything turned out all right in the end, and we did make it to dinner.  Now I just have to have a tensy bit of body work done my jeep. Slightly more on my sister's car is required. 

After dinner, Sara and I came back (we were loathe to leave. I wanted to stay all week)...and I got a phone message from Hillboro-Deering. They went with the other guy :-(

Despite it all, it was still a nice couple days off.
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Vacation off to a good start. Spent the weekend up at the family vacation house, and wend to the local church fair with Gram on Saturday morning. Sara and I found a beautiful china set, 140 pieces, 25 dollars. Some of them are chipped and cracked here and there, but we don't really need service for 20 anyway. We may try and add to the collection via E-bay as well, since we found several examples of the pattern among the millions of items over there. Also picked up a few books (naturally) and some board games.

Saturday afternoon, we (my sister, Sara and I) spent baking (Gram had to come back home for something here in town). This week is my 'rents 25th Wedding Anniversary, and we baked a cake for dad, and an apple pie for mum (she doesn't like cake). We suprised them when they made it up late Saturday afternoon. (Dad had spent the morning in the office, finishing up a few things before his week off this week).

Sunday morning we went to church, and then Sara and I drove back home to celebrate our friend Erin's brithday. Before dinner though, my Gram called and said she found a drop leaf kitchen table at the Goodwill store, and did we want to go look at it? Yes, we went up, and yes we bought it. It's square with drop leaves on both sides, and with a little bit of wood polish, will look very nice. Now we need four matching chairs.

Had a lovely dinner with Erin and her current "flavor of the summer". After dinner, Sara and I came back home to watch Big Fat Greek Wedding, which Sara claimed was supposed to make me feel better about her family, because it's not as bad as the one in the movie...I'm still not sure it helped, but the movie was pretty funny. One thing though, that bugged me. Is Hollywood stupid? Because they insist on using the Greek letter Sigma to represent the capital letter E. Don't they know that Sigma is S?

And I don't have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning. Hal-le-lu-jah!
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So here I am, week 4 of Spring Term, with two to go after this. I'm rapidly losing motivation to do work in my class, but I'm pushing it through anyway, mainly because I love Doc Merchant and don't want to dissapoint him.

Sistwerp is in town for the week, and she's enjoying her vacation in Lex Vegas. She's off poking around the downtown shops right now and having a grand old time, while I do my laundry. *ugh*. I hate doing laundry. Mainly because it's three flights from here to the washing machine. Laundry won't be nearly so bad when I have an apartment with laundry INSIDE the apartment. I hope.

Not much going on here. Got the pictures back from Paparazzi night a few days ago, and I must say they came out well.

Chapter 8 of Defining Moments is into the final stages of Pre-betaing. So, hopefully, it'll go up in a couple of weeks. I have an outtake that should be going up shortly. And another one in the works, but there's going to be some administrative changes before that all comes together.

I should really, really, be doing some reading. Esp. b/c I have Chapter tonight, and the House, M.D. at 9, but the motivation just isn't there. I'm going to try and force it a little bit later on.

Campbell Out.
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So, I got to play paparazzi tonight. Wags (My fraternity House president) was the star in the W&L theater department's new movie, and the premier was tonight. So dragged out the vest I keep all my camera equipement in, (My granddad left me a beautiful Minolta, with flash, wide and telephoto lenses and a 2x magnafier) and whipped up a couple of phony press badges from some events (the 2005 Oscars, the 2004 World Series, etc), and went to the red carpet ceremony. Had a blast. He had his pledge brothers in dark suites as his security men chase me around for a while, but I did end up taking 2 rolls between the red carpet and the cast party afterwards. The mother of the leading lady actually asked me if she could get copies of my pictures...she thought I was the *real* photographer. LOL!

Anyway...I'm off to Philly in the morning to pick up my sister, who's coming to visit Lex Vegas for a few days. Fun stuff!

Photog Out!
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So, I'm just about all packed to go. This will be my last 12 hour trek to Virginia, with only one more return trip to go. I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow moring, and I'm going to try to use up all the daylight I can. Really and truly not looking forward to the drive itself. It's a pain in the neck to drive 12 hours, all alone.

But what's waiting at the end will be worth it. I get to see Sara, which is good. I'm also thinking about stopping in Philedelphia to see my sister, who's at school at St. Joseph's.

The last term starts Monday - seminar on Reconstruction, with Dr. Merchant, my favorite prof. He's pretty funny.

Anyway, I'm planning on being up early tomorrow, so I'll wrap this up.

Rogue Leader out.


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